Monday, March 31, 2008

Flying Needles

Hi Knitters,
There has been a serious flurry of knitting around here over the past couple of days and I mean serious. I got a call late in the week from Candi Jensen, author/tv producer extraordinaire, who requested a project from me for her pbs tv show Knit and Crochet Today. They need these samples in hurry (a matter of days) so I fired up my needles immediately. Who wouldn't? They are doing a show dedicated to baby knit and crochet projects. I haven't had a chance to watch this show yet because we don't get it here in Madison but apparently it has been picked up like crazy in most major cities. They have been asked to produce a large number of new shows so that is great news for the knit and crochet community.

Anyway, the projects I made for the show will become available for free on the Knit and Crochet Today website after the show airs. I will keep you posted when the patterns become available. It was fun to revert back to hat knitting this weekend. I still love it hundreds and hundreds of hats later.

On to answer a few questions that were sent to me over the last couple of weeks. I lumped some of the questions together that had a similar theme or request.

Question #1: Where can I get the errata or corrections for Itty-Bitty Hats? (I can't believe how many requests I got for this. I really had no idea.)
Answer: Yay! I posted the errata page last week on my blog and I will keep it available on my left sidebar under "more favorites." Sorry for the brief time that it was unavailable while I have re-adjusted my online stuff. The book, Itty-Bitty Hats, is in its third printing and for the second and third printings the corrections are already in the book so you won't need this page if you have one of the later editions.

Question #2: What is the topic of your next book?
Answer: Toys, toys and more toys. I am doing a complete collection of knitted toys and I am in love once again. I have less than half (that's being generous) of the projects completed and let me tell you I am getting a bit nervous about that. It's going to be a fun and beautiful book and I am not holding back one bit. I am trying to stick to strictly knitting and not add any crochet. So far I have been able to keep true to this. What do you all think of that? Do you think I should add a little crochet in there? I'd love to hear. Now is the time to chime in if you have strong feelings about this topic.

Question #3: When are you coming back to NYC? (Seriously, 3 people asked me this. I thought that was a lot :) I love that.)
Answer: I want to come back soon, any day or time. I will be in NYC this summer for a family vacation, not to work, so that doesn't really count, right? My publisher knows how much I loved coming to this great, exciting city so hopefully they will schedule me again soon, soon, soon. I will definitely keep you posted.

That's enough for now on the questions. Thanks again and keep them coming if you'd like. I will plug through a few more later in the week.

I will be attending the Lexington Book Festival in May at Joseph Beth Booksellers. I will post more about this as soon as I get the details. Yay, I love going to Lexington. This will be my fourth visit to this beautiful city.

Jaime is getting the trunk show for Itty-Bitty Nursery set up and I am sending her the projects for the tour very soon. I can't wait for this to start up!

Take care, Knitters. It is a gloomy, dark, rainy Monday here is Madison. I know spring is coming and this rain will help wash away the remaining remnants of winter.
best, susie


Betz White said...

Weeee! Go Susan, GO! :) What a great opportunity. Let us know when we can watch it!

AndreaLea said...

I actually prefer crochet but wouldn't necessarily miss it from a knitting book. I did think it added a nice touch to some of the projects in your first two books.
Out of curiosity, why are you trying to exclude crochet from the book? Was there a negative response to the crochet finishing/embellishment in your previous books?

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie, I have both your books and just love them. I do think you should include some crochet on your projects. I don't crochet unless it is called for as a finishing for a knitted project, but I do think sometimes crochet adds the perfect "look" for finishing and it makes knitters like me stay current with crochet techniques. Just my preference. Can hardly wait for the show to air and for your next book to be available. Warm regards, Alison (can't remember my password!) wistromATstarstreamDOTnet

OrignalsbyAlissa said...

I don't mind a little crochet added to a project, I just would perfer no all crochet projects. Any chance there is going to be a giraffe in your toy book? I would love that!

Mary Heather said...

I love the idea of a toy book! I don't mind crochet (especially for toys!), but if you leave it out I wouldn't be disappointed! Maybe you should try your hand at a crochet toy book as well! :)

Thimbleanna said...

How exciting! That little hat in your picture sure looks cute. As to a book, I prefer knit only, except maybe, as anonymous has suggested, where it adds a cute little touch to the main knitted item. I'm hoping you'll have lots of cute bunnies, bears, and all kinds of cute little animals!

Anonymous said...

I think you should use crochet if it is what the item needs. But, if and when you do it would be good to remember that people who purchase books about knitting aren't always the best at following crochet instructions so they need to be very specific and easy to follow.

Also, can you tell me the date of the event in Lexington? I want to make sure I keep that date open and there is nothing on their website yet.

Sue said...

Hi Susan. I guess I had no idea that you were in Madison. (How did that not occur to me sooner?!). I work in Madison and live in southern Wisconsin. I have your latest book, Itty Bitty Nursery, and I love it. One of the reasons I bought it, in fact, was because of the little knitted toy patterns. So, that said, I'm very anxious for your new book! I have a lot of knit toy pattern books, but I enjoy them all ~ even if just to browse through. Thanks for the inspiration!

Opal said...

I like mary's idea of a crochet toy book. That would be great!


Susan B. Anderson said...

I did get a negative response from a few people here and there on the little bit of crochet I had in my first two books. I am trying to be mindful of this as I work on these new projects. I love to embellish or do a touch of crochet so I am always debating this topic in my head.

There are already lots and lots of animals finished for the toy book. I love animals in knitted form.

I haven't done a giraffe yet but giraffes are always on my list so hopefully I will get to that.

Lexington is, I think, May 17th.


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until you come back to Lexington!!! I so enjoyed meeting you!

Annie said...

You are the one to ask if you need something knitted quickly. You are sooooo fast. They look cute and somewhat familiar?? Hat??
Yes, I would love crochet in your book. I just finished another flower pacifier and was thinking how much I would like to learn more crochet techniques so when it's in a pattern then it forces me to learn something new!! PS I just saw at Borders a magazine published in England of Alan Dart's toys. Ooooo, now I'm so excited for your book! I didn't buy that magazine but I was so tempted. Fun stuff!!

coffeechris said...

Congratulations on the Knit and Crochet Today show...can't wait to see it. I heard on your podcast with Jennifer that your next book was toys...sounds great. I would be in favor of crochet, your crochet elements finish off projects nicely and it stretches us. Your interview was really cute. It's great that your enthusiasm and energy for knitting is always on and that you "fall in love" with what you are working on. Keep flying.

Tracy Batchelder said...

I'm looking forward to the hat pattern. I'm intrigued by the embellishment/cord (?)--I can't figure out from looking if it's part of the knitting or added later.

I'm also excited about the toy book. I prefer knitting over crochet, probably because I haven't taken time to learn how to crochet. I wouldn't mind a bit of crochet as long as there are how-to instructions included. Single crochet for edgings and such in not hard to do at all.

Anonymous said...

I both knit and crochet but I understand that some don't. I think you should do what feels best for you! Good luck with finishing the book!

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that if you did an all-crochet toy or two, that would be perfect--but not necessarily a knit toy with crochet finishing (and no knit alternative). I like the combination just fine myself; I'd love to see a couple of all-crochet toys from you because I know they'd be great.

I bet you can get Knit & Crochet Today! in your area if your station has the digital channel Create. I get Create on cable at my house, but you can get it over the air with a digital TV or converter box (which everyone without cable/satellite will need after February 17, 2009).

I just checked and yep, your station has Create.

Anonymous said...

As a newbie, I personally prefer no crochet to save my poor brain from confusion!
By the way, I just found out one of my dear friends is expecting a baby, so I just can't WAIT to grab one of your books and knit a hat for the new wee one - they're so cute! (The hats, I mean. Although the babies are awfully adorable, too!)

Anonymous said...

And we are excited to have you back!

Anonymous said...

I know I am in the minority, but I would prefer no crochet. I don't know how to crochet and therefore, I have avoided patterns with any mention...I know I need to learn, but I am happy with my knitting success. I just want to focus on that!
On another note, how do we purchase your leaflets that used to be on sale on the website?

SagePixie said...

I'm learning crochet because your patterns call for it. I'm still kind of ticked about the cupcakes using crochet on the top. It took me 3 weeks to find someone at a yarn store that could show me how to do it and even then it turned out too holey and the stuffing could be pulled out of it.(due I'm sure to my sad crochet skills) The whole thing has been a shambles for me. That said, I love your books and your creativity is indeed inspiring.
I look forward to your newest creation!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Sagepixie,
Oh no, don't be ticked about a cupcake! I posted a crochet circle video tutorial that is available on the left sidebar of my blog. I have heard from a few knitters that it has helped them crochet the cupcakes. I hope that helps a little:)

Anonymous said...

I am working on the felted flower child hat, cute pattern. I am having a problem with the decrease on row 2. Im doing the 6-12mo size, row 1 I end up with 173sts. Row 2, I p1, p2tog until last st, but I have 2 sts at the end of the row, which equal 88sts but I am purling the last 2sts. Seperatly. To get that # is that a mistake or am I reading the pattern wrong. Thank you for your help in advance

Susan B. Anderson said...

If you end up with 88 stitches then it is fine just keep going.

Rnd 2: p1 (p2tog to the last st) p1

You should have 88 sts. remaining.