Friday, July 27, 2007

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Hi Knitters,
Meet the newest addition to our little family. I finished this Alan Dart Yuletide Gnome early this morning after receiving the beard yarn yesterday afternoon. The pattern is from the Simply Knitting's Big Book of Family Knits.
It was a fun knit and pretty quick but it is all of that seaming that gets you in the end. I think I will make another gnome or two but I will be making these in the round from now on. It just seems like there is so much work to do after the knitting when you knit flat like that.
I made the gnome in Cascade 220. I used a very light shade of pink for the face and nose.
The beard is made from Foxy by Sirdar. The gnome is knit on US size 3 needles and the beard is knit on US size 10 needles. Boy, is that fur stuff not fun to knit with. Yucky but worth it
The hat is the best. To make it take the squiggly shape at the top you pin it into the form you like and then you spray it with hairspray. I put a towel over a pillow and pinned down the point and then I let loose with the Aquanet. That was pretty fun and a new experience. I waited until it was completely dry before taking out the pins.
See, you always learn something new with every project, even when you have been knitting forever. I never would have thought of the hairspray trick but now I am thinking about how I am going to use that Aquanet in future projects.
Alan Dart has many toy designs, not just gnomes. It is worth checking out his patterns if you get the chance. I googled him to see if he has a website of his own but I couldn't find anything. If you know of one please let me know.
He's as cute from back as from the front. I hate it when my beard gets stuck on bark like that.
The beard and hat I attached with needle and thread.
I love that there are no eyes. Perfect. The beard is really too good. I had to spend some time picking out the strands for the beard to look right. That yarn is tough I tell you. I put the purl side facing out. I thought the strands showed better on the purl side.
Lovin' the gnome!
This morning I read the article about the Old Guard in the 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting. I loved this article so much I can't even tell you. Trisha Malcolm interviewed Kaffe Fassett, Alice Starmore, Meg Swansen and Mari Lynn Patrick and it was wonderful. I admire these knitters/authors/designers/artists. They have such rich knitting history and experience to draw from. Can you imagine the completed projects between this group? Mind blowing. Their take on knitting issues old and new is so interesting to read. If you get a chance take a look at this article. We don't get to hear from these people enough. There is also an article on the New Guard, Vickie Howell, Shannon Oakey, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Deb Stoller. That's fun to read too. What a great edition of VK!


Cloudberry said...

He's adorable!
I have the pattern and I am planning to knit some of these before christmas.
have a great weekend :)

Adrienne said...

I LOVE his beard!!!! Too cute!

canuckknits said...

Hi Susan,
If you noticed in the August Simply Knitting, the "freebie" next month is a booklet full of Alan Dart creations, related to Noah's Arc, as I subscribe, I get it approx the same day it comes out in the UK, which is August 19 according to the mag.
Have a great weekend!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Canuckknits,
I'm all over that! Alan Dart and Noah's Arc will be a great combo. I have to get to bn to pick that up quick on that date. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

This month's Simply Knitting is supposed to have a pattern of his as well - cute little mermaid! The site is or just google Simply Knitting and it takes you there. I haven't found this magazine over here yet.

LOVE the new little man in your life! Hair spray - who knew? What a fun project.

Denise said...

Hi Susan, I love your little gnome, I'm so wanting to try these. I couldn't find the big book in b&n so I emailed my friend in the UK and she's bought it and will mail it to me next week:) I'm super excited. We have a mag swap and I send her the Mary Englebreit magazine that she can't get over there and she sends me the 'Knitting' Magazine. I wish I'd asked her to send SK mag instead but I thought with the extra 'gift' they include, it would make shipping cost more for her. I have the July issue of SK but the August one won't be out for a while in B&N (I thought) I just have to keep checking, cos they won't hold it for me.
I bought Knit Today yesterday which is another UK magazine.
Have a great Saturday.

Jane's Designs said...

Very, very cute. You did a wonderful job on your new family member and it didn't take nine months ;)

Knitterella said...

He's soooo cute! Nice work - love the hat!


Anonymous said...

Oh he's adorable! I love his little nose. Too cute!

Unknown said...

It's the August SK that should have the mermaid in it.

This toy talk made me look up an issue of SK from last summer, July06, and sure enough the little toys are an Alan D. pattern also. They are little beach bunnies - wearing swimsuits, holding beachballs, floating on rafts- so cute. I never made any but maybe now I'll give one a go.

Lovemook said...

He is too funny looking. I like the hat, but I love his round butt more :)