Saturday, May 26, 2007


Hi Knitters,
Here she is, the finger knitting champion of the world, well maybe our neighborhood. This 7-year-old has completed finger knitting an entire ball of Red Heart rainbow yarn. The skein was 278 yards. I had the privilege of interviewing her about the experience.
Question: How long did it take you to knit this gigantic cord?
Answer: Well, I kind of stopped in the middle of it, but after that it didn't take that long because I kept working on it.
Question: What are you planning on doing with the cord now that you are done?
Answer: I am not really sure. When I play house with my sister I could bring it and I could carry it around everywhere. Right now it is rolled up in a big ball.
Question: Was it fun to make?
Answer: It was fun to see how long I could make it and I beat my old record.
Question: What's next for you as far as projects go?
Answer: I want to keep on knitting and I want to knit a hat with the same kind of yarn.

Thanks for your time, I know your interview schedule is tight with that championship title!

This morning I finished a large knitting (the kind with needles) project along with my daughter. I like to get some knitting work done early in the morning, then I feel like I can move on with the rest of the day knowing I already accomplished something.
Happy Saturday.
best, susie


peaknits said...

Congrats to the Champion! Looks like a lot of fun - and some really neat things in store for the longest i-cord ever! Can't wait to hear more about your big project! Take care!

Lain said...

Great photo! The interview cracked me up. I bet she could make a hat with that finger knitting!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Wow. Sometimes my 3 year old says that she is knitting a hat for her baby sister.

Unknown said...

Hi people

I think this is very unfair!!! I personally finger knitted a huge ball, bigger than a basketball, with over 10 skeins of yarn. Maybe I will get a picture of it one day. In case your wondering, it can go 2.5 times around my school, which is not small. I am 11.

Unknown said...

Hi people

I think this is very unfair. I personally finger knitted a huge ball, bigger than a basket ball, with OVER 10 SKEINS OF YARN!!! Maybe I will get a picture of it someday, as I am assuming you don't believe me. I am 11, in case your wondering.

Anonymous said...

hi i have used about 25 big balls of wool and have now made about 2000m (2km) so i think mine may be longer now as i have been doing it for the last 1.3 years

Rose :: said...

love it
love that kid
ok. we'll feature you tomorrow,
almost 5 yr later...
so, she's (almost) 12 now.
still knitting???

Anonymous said...

sorry to all of you weavers out there but i made one that is 10512 feet