Friday, December 01, 2006

45-Minute Mittens

Hi Knitters!
One more knitted Christmas gift in the can! I love these big chunky mittens because I can literally sit down and have them finished in no time at all. I have a few more pairs of these to go before the season is through. These also make wonderful teacher gifts because they are relatively inexpensive, they are heartfelt, and they are perfect for recess duty in the dead of winter. The felted balls are from (thanks to Betz White for this site-it is fabulous). I also ordered larger felted balls, felted rings, and felted flowers. These all can be used for a quick embellishment for any knitted project-it's a great find.

I am providing the pattern below so you can whip out some mittens of your own for family and friends. I wrote it up quickly, so let me know if you find any errors. I can finish a pair in about 45 minutes from start to finish. I know I am speedy, but I used to teach these to very new beginners and they could finish one mitten in an hour (I am talking about knitters who didn't even know how to purl when they sat down). So with any amount of knitting experience these will be fast for you, too.

You can vary the length of the cuff (some like it shorter or longer) and you can always add length to the thumb or hand if need be, try them on as you go. I had students do this who were knitting these mittens for their husbands with larger hands. Watch the yardage when adding length so you don't run out of yarn, if you make them much longer you may want to pick up an extra ball.

I also know someone at my old shop who knitted this pattern using worsted weight yarn and US size 7 needles and they were the perfect young child-size mitten. I am not sure about the sizing on those, but they would be worth a try if you are so inclined.

What about a mitten ornament using a dk, sport or fingering weight yarn? Just add a crocheted chain stitch loop for hanging. It could happen and it could be cute!
best, susie

The 45-Minute Mittens

1 ball Rowan Big Wool (I used Tricky #030 for the mittens above)
US size 15 needles (I used 24-inch circular needles, Addi Turbo)
2 balls Tahki Baby
US size 13 needles
Yarn needle
Felted balls (optional)
Sewing needle and thread (optional)

Size: Average-size adult, large child or teen

Gauge: 8 ½ sts to 4 inches

Right Mitten:
Cast on 22 sts. Begin with a knit row, continue in stockinette stitch for the entire mitten.
Work the cuff as follows:
Row 1: knit
Row 2 and all following even rows: purl
Row 3: k1, ssk, knit to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 (20 sts remain)
Row 5: k1, ssk, knit to the last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 (18 sts remain)
Rows 6-12: work in stockinette
Row 13: k1, m1, knit to last st, m1, k1 (20 sts remain)
Row 15: knit
Row 16: purl*
Shape for thumb:
Next row: k15 and stop. Cast on 5 sts using the backward loop method, and turn.
**Next row: Purl the 5 cast on sts, p5 more (10 sts total for thumb) and turn.
Work 6 more rows on these 10 sts only. End with a purl row.
Next row: (k3, k2tog) repeat across the row (8 sts remain)
Next row: (p2tog) repeat across the row (4 sts remain).
Cut the yarn leaving about a 6-inch end, and place on a yarn needle. Thread through the remaining 4 sts. Pull up tight and join thumb seam, using a mattress stitch or whip stitch.
note: The mattress stitch can leave a bulkier seam, so you may want to experiment with this.
With the knit side facing you, rejoin the yarn at the base of thumb (right where you left off when you started the thumb). Pick up and knit 7 sts from the base of thumb, being careful not to create holes, knit to the end of the row. (22 sts are on the needle).
Next row: Decrease 2 sts at base of thumb while purling across the row. (20 sts remain)
note: Do the decrease starting where you picked up the 7 sts from the thumb like this:
Purl to the base of the thumb, p2tog, purl 5 sts across the thumb, p2tog, purl to the end of the row.
Work a further 14 rows straight on these 20 sts, ending with a purl row.

Decrease for the top of the mitten as follows:
Row 1: (k3, k2 tog) repeat across the row (16 sts remain).
Row 2: purl
Row 3: (k2, k2 tog) repeat across the row (12 sts remain).
Row 4: purl
Row 5: (k2tog) repeat across the row (6 sts remain).
Cut the yarn leaving about an 8-inch end, and place on a yarn needle. Thread through the remaining 6 sts. Pull up tight and join side seam using the mattress or whip stitch (see the note above about seaming).

Left Mitten:
Work the same as for the right mitten to *.
Shape for thumb:
Next row: k10 and stop. Cast on 5 sts using the backward loop method and turn.
Complete the same as for the right mitten from **.

Embellishing Option:
Turn up the cuff and sew on felted balls around the edge with a sewing needle and thread.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan! I tried emailing you and for some reason it didn't go through. Thank you for commenting on the cherry cordial. It's hard to choose but I really think that's my favorite colorway!

I love your mittens!! Everytime I go into my LYS I stop to rub on the big wool. Maybe this time I'll actually pick up a ball. Thanks for posting the pattern!

peaknits said...

I was delighted to see Webs has Biggy Wool on sale today - I have 4 balls coming my way to try your pattern for me and all of my mitten wearing buddies!! Thank you!

Cara said...

I just whipped up a pair of these and now I have warm handies. They are AWESOME! Great pattern, thanks for sharing.

~ T ~ said...

Hi, there!!

I'm a fairly fresh knitter (and "blogger") - and I have been wanting to try these mittens for a while. They look great ;o)
I have now worked up the courage to try. I'm in the process of translating your recipe to Norwegian - so I'll be starting this project shortly. We still have some winter left over here.. ;o)

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe ;o)

~ T ~ said...

Sorry - pattern, not recipe!! We use the same word in Norwegian.. ;o)

Nina said...

I would love to see the Norwegian translation. I`m another Norwegian wanting to try this pattern.

Maud said...

As a new knitter and experienced cook, I keep wanting to say "recipe" myself. Thank you for this one - I just followed a pattern for the first time ever and I have a lovely mitten to show for it! Here goes for the second one!

Maud said...

As a data point for anyone else making these, I used chunky wool and 6.5mm circular needles and they came out just right for my 8yo son. They would just about fit me like this (small woman's hands) but if I made them for myself I'd probably add a few rows for a little more wiggle room.

Jeanne said...

I have completed the thumb, and now I am confused. I have 5 stitches on one side, then the thumb, and 15 stitches after the thumb. Is that correct?

Susan B. Anderson said...

jeanne ~ yes, i think so.

I haven't made these since 2006 so i'm trying to remember.


Unknown said...

Did you knit these flat and then sew them up or were they knitted in the round?

Unknown said...

Were these knitted flat and then sewn up the side or were they knitted in the round?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Knit flat and sewn up the side.