Monday, June 07, 2010

First Harvest

Hi Knitters,
TC is pretty excited about her first homegrown strawberries. What pretty berries. She was going to eat two and give the last strawberry to her sister. Suddenly, as if beyond her control, she popped the third one in her mouth and started laughing. Oh well, how could she resist?
I've got some planting to do. I went with a sweet shell pink this year.
TC loves gardening and flowers. She picked all sorts of different varieties of flowers and vines and spikes and greenery. They were all in these separate containers which makes it hard to carry them around the yard. She had the idea to load them all up into her wagon. She is adding to her fairy garden big time this year. Last year we had construction going on so the yard was ripped up and muddy. This year is much calmer and she is taking advantage of it.

She has planted ferns all around her fairy house structure. Last night TC brought out all of her tiny ceramic fairies and placed them around in her fairy garden corner. She asked me to help her but really I just like to watch what she does. I let her take the lead for sure. It was cute. She has a story for each fairy and what she is doing which is why she places them in certain spots. It is fun. She has some of them hidden under leaves and ferns. I'll take pictures of her fairy corner to share with you as soon as she's set.
Our handmade life seeps out from our house right into our yard. In fact, we saved a cut stump from one of our big trees that was cut down last year. This summer we are going to sand, prime and then mosaic the top of the stump. It will go by her fairy house. She already has it planned out and I'm happy to follow her plan as directed.

What a fun age.
best, susie


Marilyn said...

You are such a good mom.

Lucy Chen said...

What a wonderful daughter you have!

cindy3232 said...

It's always enjoyable to check in on TC's adventures. Love the imagination!

Amanda said...

This Fairy Corner makes me think that your sweet girl might enjoy a new book called The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz. I read it a few weeks ago... not your typical fairy book, but very touching and imaginative. And the fairy makes a home in a birdhouse.

Kar said...

How fun! I love being out in the yard with my girls. They're so silly. You will have to show what TC came up with for the fairies.

Kekumukula said...

Great to see and hear about TC's diverse interests. She's so well-rounded. How were the strawberries? My friend has a yellow strawberry plant and said they were sweeter than the reds. I didn't get to try one b/c the kids kept eating them.

Ólöf said...

Love the color you picked.

I hope my children will like gardening as much as your daughter does.

knittergran said...

I always wanted a space for my own garden when I was a kid-never got one. I'm glad you let your daughter do this!

Miss Julep said...

Looking forward to lots & lots of fairy garden pictures!!Thnaks for sharing your family with us!

Rachel said...

May the fairy corner be blessed with pixie dust and many lightening bugs this summer!

YAY TC--love the stuff you picked.