Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Final Shalom Love

Hi Knitters,
Briefly, I simply love my Shalom. I love everything about it including the knitting of it, the buttons, adding the sleeves and two additional buttonholes, the pattern and finally and mostly, wearing it.
Pattern: Shalom (It's free!)

The original pattern doesn't have sleeves so I looked around and found some sketchy ideas on how to best add sleeves in the notes here and here. I did a kind of combination of these two instructions. I knit this up for fun so I am not going to be writing out any further pattern instructions for my version of Shalom. It is refreshing for me to get to knit and not worry about pattern writing as I go. There are many, many modification instructions out there in Ravelry-land if you are interested in making and modifying a Shalom for yourself. Plus, it is fun to look around and see what people have done. Hop on the finished projects page to look. There are a mere 3,000 versions of Shalom to shuffle through.

I think this cardigan looks better with sleeves. In fact, I had seen it without the sleeves and wasn't interested in knitting it until I ran across a few of the sleeved versions. After I saw Shalom with sleeves I ran for my needles.

Next up sweater-wise for me:
Manu in Rowan Cashsoft DK in a deep pink that I've had forever and a day
I'm late to the game but am thinking about making this cardigan. I don't know the yarn yet.

Another sweater I have pulled out is the Cabled Blanket Coat by Sarah Dallas. I have a good start on this from a few years ago but then got sidetracked. I am about half finished. I found it tucked away in a bin the other day. I am knitting it in Rowan Scottish Tweed DK. I am still in love with this yarn and pattern.

My sweater collection needs an updated boost and with two brand-new fun sweaters (Shalom and the Tea Leaves Cardigan) I am well on my way to having an excellent new sweater wardrobe this coming fall.

I'll be back with a couple of giveaways soon. I have a lot of stuff and books to giveaway but I just need to find the time to organize and get it going. I have received 3 books in the last couple of weeks and some patterns and I always have yarn to give... so soon!

Have fun at TNNA this weekend if you are going. I won't be attending this one so I can't wait to hear all about it.
best, susie


Sara in WI said...

It looks really nice on you, Susan. Congratulations on another addition to the wardrobe!

Betz White said...

It looks great! You know I love the Shalom, even mine w/out sleeves. You WI folks gotta have the sleeves!

You are so funny. After you did the Tea Leaves I wondered why you were making the Shalom (w/ sleeves) bcuz it is kind of similar looking to Tea Leaves. Now when I check out all of the other sweaters on your list, I see that you like yoke-y cardigans! I'm glad you shared the list though because I am attracted to all of those as well. :) I would love to make Owls and Manu!

GynnaB said...

Love the Shalom! I started one and am not happy with the yarn/no sleeves combo so I'm thinking about what to do... the yarn is yummy alpaca so it has be just perfect!

Oh and I keep hoping to see a photo of your new haircut!

Bridget said...

I love the Shalom with sleeves. Beautiful sweater and looks like one you'll get lots of wear from. I'm such a lemming for sweater patterns, I'm sure I'll be doing this one soon after finishing Que Sera from knitty.

coffeechris said...

Hi Susan,
Love both your new sweaters. That blue color looks great on you ...and your new "do". So fresh and fun. Hardly ever knit for myself, lately thanks for the inspiration.....I think it's time.

Rhonda said...

Ha - I have the February Lady Sweater on my to-do list also! But first I want to do the Tea Leaves Cardigan - your blog about it really made me love it and I can't wait to get started.
I have to finish a Vesper top for my daughter though and then make a baby blanket for a shower. Just not enough knitting hours in the day!

I'm glad you're getting to do some "selfish knitting"! (as we call it around here)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I LOVE the sleeves! I hadn't seen it with them before. Well done!! Love your blog & your knits!

Ólöf said...

L O V E it. I´m waiting for my yarn to make mine but I´m making half sleeves since I tend to push up the sleeves on sweaters that have long sleeves.

Elly said...

Your cardigan looks so gorgeous, I really love the sleeves. I agree, I wouldn't have knit that cardigan without the sleeves either. I'll have to add that pattern to the list of projects I'd like to knit.

I LOVE Manu! That's a pretty cardigan as well!

Thanks for the links :)


3 Dogs and a Chinchilla said...

Susan, your sweater is beautiful! You did such a great job on it! I also have the Owls sweater and yarn (I'm planning to use Rowan Cocoon) in my queue. How would you feel about a knit-along? Just a suggestion...

Have a great day!

3 Dogs and a Chinchilla said...

Susan, the sweater is beautiful! You did such a nice job! I also have the Owls sweater pattern and yarn to go with it in my queue. How would you feel about a knit-along? Just a suggesion...

Happy knitting,

MaryLou said...

Love the finished Shalom. It looks great on you too. The February Lady Sweater looks like it has similar lines, and would probably fit/feel much like the Shalom. Very cute!

Kanani said...

That is a beautiful sweater! And the pattern is free; what a combination. I really want to knit it. I'll be checking out the pattern and sleeve details on ravelery the next chance I get.

I have a question, is the pattern easy to follow even for someone who has never knit a garment before?


jaerrt said...

Love your version of Shalom. I was thinking of knitting another one wit sleeves and was looking at the Cascade too. Thanks for convincing me to do it!

Firefly said...

Love your Shalom! I'm like you about the sleeves -- not interested in a sleeveless or short sleeved cardi -- just doesn't make sense I guess. I want warm arms too ;-). Gosh, so many things in my queue already, and now I must add this, gotta knit faster!

Nancy said...

I like this and I'm with you, didn't give it a second look without the sleves. I hope sleves added on are not to much for me cause I'm gonna give it a try I think.
As always you did a great job. Love reading your blog.

Andi said...

Amazing work! It looks perfect on you!

Kelly said...

I love your Shalom sweater! You did a beautiful job. That owls sweater you linked to is so cute!

Anne said...

Looks stunning!