Monday, May 09, 2016

Swedish Dubbelmossa, Watermelon Socks & Prom?

Hi, Knitters,
Spring is one of my favorite seasons for so many reasons. The school year is ending which makes the kids happy. The trees are bursting with leaves and blossoms and the grass is getting greener than green. The warming temperatures and end of the school year events add to the spring excitement. It is inspiring and energizing to say the least. I'm diving into the season full-force which includes embarking on a serious deep cleaning and de-cluttering of neglected drawers, closets and corners of my house. 

Earlier in the season I went through my closet and dresser drawers and I got rid of so much stuff. I reorganized and folded and hung everything in order. I have kept it up really well, too. I always have good intentions to be organized but when things get hectic it is the first thing to go by the wayside for me. So last week I devoted hours and hours to cleaning out my tiny home studio. I pulled out every cubby, drawer, bin, basket, and bookshelf. And I completely reorganized my needles. Needle organization is an ongoing battle for everyone I am sure. 

When I am traveling and teaching and I have new design deadlines things can get a little disorganized and cluttered. I try not to worry about it when it is happening because I think it's part of the creative process for me. I immerse myself in the project at hand and in doing so I become a bit oblivious to daily organizing duties. I always have faith that I will get back to it when time allows, and I always do eventually.

Anyway, my little knitting studio feels wonderful and fresh and clean now. Mainly, it makes me feel lighter and happier and it makes working a lot more enjoyable like a heavy weight has been lifted off my needles. I have found so many fun knitted things from the past as I've sorted.

Click here and here to go down memory lane with me. I'm amazed at how well these things have held up.

Now onto some knitting. When I was at Yarnover in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago the keynote speaker was Meg Swansen. I have seen Meg speak one other time and it is very possible that she is my favorite. I love that she is so articulate and funny and smart. I love that she always has interesting and new to me knitting information. I love that her mother is Elizabeth Zimmermann. I love the way she talks about her family and her home, a renovated one-room schoolhouse, located in small town Wisconsin. She is charming, endearing, fun and simply interesting. If you get the chance to hear Meg speak or take a class or attend Knitting Camp over the summer I highly recommend it. In fact, it should almost be a requirement.

Anyway, when Meg was speaking Anne Berk, a fellow instructor (check out her new book, Annetarsia, it's pretty brilliant!), shared some of her finished Meg Swansen designs. The one that really caught my eye was her Swedish Dubbelmossa. Anne and I walked back to our rooms together later that night and I got to check out her fantastic hat much more closely. I was fascinated and wanted to cast one on for myself immediately!

I used a US size 2/3mm 16-inch circular and dpns to knit the hat. You start with a provisional cast on, I used the crochet version. Click here for my video tutorial on the provisional cast on!

I worked on the blue lining and the colorwork simultaneously which was fun. If I had a few minutes for mindless knitting I worked on the blue end and if I had time to sit and concentrate I worked on the stranded knitting which requires reading the charts. I just kept alternating like this until it was finished. The first photo is an in-progress shot of working from both ends. I used two circular needles, one for each end of the hat.

Dubbel means double and mossa means cap so Dubbelmossa is a doubled-hat. It is worked from the provisional cast-on out on both ends in a tube. The lining end, the blue side in this case, is much shorter in length to accommodate for the turned up brim or cuff. The cuffed part of the hat is actually four layers so it is a very warm hat. 

The lining end is punched in and tucked inside of the colorwork end. The shot of blue is like a hidden surprise inside. I love that.

The decreases at the top are worked every round which makes for a pointy top. If you wanted a smoother or rounder top you could work a knit round in between the decrease rounds. I like the stripy point, it's cute.

The hat has quite a snug fit. When I was knitting I worried that it would be too big in circumference but when it is layered and the brim is folded up it takes up the extra fabric. 

Thank you to the beautiful Miss Molly for modeling for me. She is marrying my son this coming July so the excitement is building. We are so lucky to have Molly in our family.

I recommend the Dubbelmossa pattern. It is not difficult, very straightforward, really you are just reading simple charts. It is a great way to practice stranded colorwork. 

While at Yarnover I finished the Come What May (the colorway name) socks I started a long time ago. The yarn is from Knit Circus and it is the Matching Gradient Stripes Socks Set. The photo was taken in the very early morning in my hotel room. 

Since I finished the socks while at Yarnover and Knit Circus was at the market I couldn't resist picking up the Watermelon Gradient Matching Socks Set. Here is my progress on the first sock. It's a beauty and very seasonal.

And for another annual spring event....


I had to share the lovely TC in her prom dress. I adore the two-piece dress she wore to her first prom last weekend. The full skirt even has generous pockets. The dress fit like a glove and when she had her heels on the length was perfect.

She had a wonderful time and it was a great success.

A quick update on a couple of things. I am going to be teaching at Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia, from May 19-21, 2016. There are few spaces left in a couple of classes (Egg to Owl and the Build a Toy have spots remaining), the rest are sold out, thank you for that. If you are in the area I'd love to see you!  Click here to see my class offerings!

The last thing is that my Creativebug class filming had to be postponed due to some scheduling conflicts at the company. So I was not in San Francisco last week shooting workshops, instead I was home cleaning, such a glamorous life I lead. I will keep you posted when I get that back on the books, I don't think I can squeeze it in until next fall so it will be not be for quite awhile.

I will be getting the new Sheep pattern up and available in my Ravelry pattern shop by the end of this week. I shared the new Sheep on my last podcast episode. Hopefully I will get a new podcast up this week with a super fun giveaway for you. Stay tuned.

Have a great start to your week, Knitters. I missed you last week. I'll be back soon with more....
xo ~ susan


Vicki Maynes said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! I, too have been cleaning out my knitting supplies, reorganizing, collecting like items together. It's a necessary activity so I can find stuff when I need it! Happy late Mother's day!

Holly said...

Lovely post to start the week. Thank you for sharing your world. xx

Beth Aalberts said...

I'd be curious to hear how you store your needles. Mine are out of control and I haven't found a way to store them I like. I need to make that hat, I found the book on Amazon with the pattern. Your daughter is beautiful, like her mom!

Renee Anne said...

Feel like having a home-cooked meal while in SF, I'm just down the road from the airport :) We only charge a fee of New Glarus beer that isn't Spotted Cow.

Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons said...

What a beautiful young woman TC has grown into. Amazing. I like how her ensemble is unique. Prom dresses have come a long way. Cool beanie and lining. Your sock projects are fun. I'd love to poke around your studio. I love looking in little drawers.

Barb said...

Your knitting is always wonderful, interesting and creative - thank you for sharing it with us.

Your daughter TC has truly grown up to be such a lovely young lady - what a wonderful picture of her in her truly,gorgeous dress - I love it! And ... The beautiful Miss Molly - your family is remarkably blessed. Much happiness & blessing (&excifement!) to all of you.

Jane said...

What beautiful young women! It is fun to see our children grown up. Your knitting, as always, looks pretty too. Doesn't it feel good to clean out a few nooks and crannies? Enjoy the season.

Anonymous said...

TC is beautiful, just like her mom!

Cjs said...

How well I remember this season of life with my kids! How time flies and memories made that make a parents heart glad!
I'm curious about creativebug (?) For classes. I need to looK at that soon. I've yet to start your Craftsy newest sock class....the universe is having a ball at preventing me from being able to knit at present :(. I do so live vicariously thru you and the knitting community as a whole. ♡
Thank you for the book suggestion. My library (and wish list) is growing :).

Wishing you a glorious week!

Robin Raven said...

That is a great hat!!
Pockets on a dress = best thing ever :D

camby said...

I can't believe how grown up TC is! I've been reading your blog for many years and remember when she was just a wee girl! She's beautiful!

caseyknits7 said...

I remember reading your blogs when she was just a little girl! She looks like you! Beautiful girl and the prom dress has
absolutely lovely! Simple, elegant and beautiful! I agree with you about Elizabeth and Meg. I know I would love to
live closer and take a class with Meg. Elizabeth was an amazing creative smart knitter and Meg has followed in her
foot steps. Love the hat!!!!

Kimmy said...

Susan, I enjoy your knitting blog so much. It's always a feast for the eyes. I never get to see yarn this gorgeous except in your pictures and in my dreams. LOVE the hat and would love to knit one of those. I've read nearly all the E. Zimmerman books. What a treasure she was, and I'm sure Meg is much like her. Your daughter is quite possibly the most beautiful prom attendee I've ever seen. The dress is gorgeous, and she looks just like YOU. Please compliment her on her exquisite taste in prom dresses - possibly the prettiest one I've ever seen. Hugs, Kimmy

Deb said...

Your daughter is so gorgeous and I definitely see her mama in that photo. You must be so proud of her and yet in unbelief that your little girl is ready for the prom. Time flies by too quickly as a mom! I am sure you could knit with your eyes closed when I see all the projects you have on the go. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity.

Sam I Am...... said...

TC looks like you and what a beautiful young lady! She looks lovely in that skirt/top combo for prom too! I feel like I've watched her grow up through your blog.
I love the hat and had no idea Meg Swansen was EZ's daughter. I was just looking at one of her books as one of my goals this year is to learn stranded color work, fair isle etc. The yarn is amazing and in so many colors! I love her website and signed up for the newsletter. You always inspire me and give such great info. As always, thank you! P.S. On my 2nd giraffe, I've already gifted a blue one; this one is yellow. Great fun to knit!

chris m said...

TC and Molly are both beautiful young women! You really have a lovely family. Congratulations on your spring clean and reorganization!I am a teacher and feel the spring excitement building in the kids (and myself) but I also find myself putting everything off until school is out. You have inspired me to tackle my yarn armoir this weekend which has become an unholy mess over the winter. I really love the knit circus yarns and the socks you made and the hat is amazing! Happy Spring!