Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Loop Love

Hi Knitters,
I have gotten a tiny bit of spinning done lately. I started a Loop Bullseye Bump quite a long while ago and didn't touch my wheel for weeks and weeks. As a break from the work knitting it is fun to sit down and spin, even if only for a few minutes here and there.

I bought the center-pull, self-striping bump of roving quite awhile ago. These bumps fly so fast out of the Loop Etsy shop and they are all so unusual and beautiful that I am happy just to get my hands on one.

The bump of roving is called Mediterranean Sun and that is the perfect name for the colors. This roving, now yarn, is 100% merino wool and it spun like butter. It was smooth and fun and the colors are brilliant.

Above, the freshly washed yarn is still pretty wet. I love it when I can dry handspun outside in the warmer months. I Navajo plied, which is a 3-ply chain, in order to keep the same color stripes together. Since the roving weighed in at a hefty 5.4 oz. I was able to get 404 yards for a total. 

I am definitely making a shawl of some sort out of this gorgeous hank of yarn. I think it is a sport weight or so. Wouldn't that make a gorgeous shawl?

(photo from Loop on Etsy)

Here is the bump before it was spun. They are all one-of-a-kind and many include sparkle and all sorts of different fiber content blended together. This particular roving looked so much brighter in the bump compared to after I spun it. It became more muted which I love.

Click here for the link to the Loop Etsy shop! 

Also, an important announcement about my classes at Vogue Knitting Live:

Click here to register: The Vogue Knitting Live class registration is now open. I'd love to see you in Chicago on Oct. 28th.

One last important thing, I received an email about a fundraiser for the fires in Colorado from Dani of Sunshine Yarns. She lives in Colorado and is trying to help through the fiber community. Dani is a great and talented member of our fiber community and I love that she is doing something good for her wonderful state in need.

Here is her note to me:
Hi Susan,

I'm sure you've seen on the news, but Colorado is practically on fire, and I've started a fundraiser/prize giveaway!! For every $10 anyone donates, they get entered in our giveaway once... we are going to have a ton of prizes and hope to raise lots of money. Day 1 we did almost $1,000.

Thank you, thank you!

Here is a link to the newsletter I sent out with all the info: Colorado Wildfire Fundraiser

Dani Frisbie
Sunshine Yarns

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Quick share today. I'll be back soon with more.
best, susie


Jessica said...

Love your loop yarn!! Great job! Thanks for the info to help out with the wildfires!!
Jessica jpeled on ravelry

mountain girl said...

Thanks for sharing the Colorado fundraiser. We live in CO and are smelling the smoke daily and hearing more and more stories of displaced families. It is pretty terrible, but today we had some rain and we're praying for lots more!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Dani really is wonderful, isn't she? I love the community she has built around her business - thank you so much for spreading the word.

Miss Julep said...

Wow, am loving that yarn!! Such gorgeous colors and such fine spinning!!

Twisted Purl Girl said...

The spun product is absolutely gorgeous!

Twisted Purl Girl said...

The spun product is absolutely gorgeous!

Brandi Schoch said...

lovley just lovely!

Ellisen said...

Oh Susan, the diabolical roving you spun is fantastic. Love what the color does when it's double twisted. I have your Itty Bitty Toys and Spud & Chloe books. Love the animals. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Mary said...

I'm leaving a comment here to enter the Dyeabolical Super Ego Yarn in the Themyscira colorway contest:)

I also want to say...Susan...I think you are the best!! Always smiling, full of life and energy! You inspire me:)


Mary said...

Ooppsss I forgot to leave my is..

Thanks Again!!

Unknown said...

I too am leaving a comment regarding the Themyscira Colorway. It's just gorgeous! I have a couple of shawl patterns it would be perfect for. I also have to say I love your sock pattern. I was having a hard time finding a simple to remember and execute pattern then I found your blog and now I'm knitting sock after sock and I don't have to have a pattern in front of me. You make things so simple, like the Kitchener stitch! I hated it until I saw your video. Thank you for taking the mystery out of knitting. I visit your blog everyday!

Unknown said...

Love your sock pattern! It's so straight forward I'm now making sock after sock without having to have a pattern in front of me. And the Kitchener stitch, well what can I say mystery all gone since watching your video.
I'd love a chance to win the giveaway of the Themyscira colorway. Such gorgeous vivid Color? I look forward to your blog everyday.