Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It's All About the Grout

Hi Knitters,
I am amazed every time at the dramatic change a mosaic piece undergoes after it is grouted. I think it is absolutely all about the grout.
I also think that a mosaic piece can be ruined if the pieces on the surface are not properly buffed out of the grout. The grouting step and the buffing can make or break a project like this. Sloppy grout work is a big no-no. 

I spend so much time on the cleaning up the grout after it has slightly dried on the pot. I take an old hand towel and I buff and buff and buff. One of my goals is to get most all of the edges of the buttons, in this instance, to show. Also, for the buttons I wanted the thread holes to show. I still have some work to do before the buttons are showing in their best light. Buttons have a lot of ridges and whatnot. I think I may go after the button pot with a toothpick to clear away any grout from tight spaces that I can't get with my towel. When I started buffing the pot all of the buttons looked white, you couldn't see any color at all. It is coming along.
Do you see the huge difference the grout made? It looks like a completely different piece. I love the way the grout softens the look of the surface, giving it a dusty sweetness.

I haven't made a mosaic pot for a long while and although I didn't think I was missing it now I am thinking about making more. I simply think the little mosaic garden pot is fantastic. What a gift. This pot was made with a beloved mother's buttons and will be given to her beloved daughter. A pair like this I have never seen before and I am honored to make a handmade gift to share between the two of them.

I know. I'll be back soon with some knitting. I have been knitting lots and I need to share it with you. Soon.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. I hope you are clocking some knitting hours this summer. 
best, susie


Megan said...

That is going to be a great gift. I'm sure they will treasure it.
I also loved the apple and pear you did a while ago!

Bethany @ Gettin' It Pegged! said...

That pot is adorable! What a cute idea to use it! :)

Mad City Momma said...

Thank you for the beautiful button pot. My mom just gave it to me after having me read this post. The tears and gratitude flowed. I will treasure this work of art made with my mom's buttons and your time, energy and artistry. And you're right: it's all about the grout!

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait. How do you make these? Glue buttons onto a pot and then buy just any kind of grout and smoosh it all over? Wait for it to dry and then buff?

Love it.


Nicola said...

Yeah. Grouting is the blocking of the mosaic world.

Lovely piece.

Kristin Nicholas said...

So nice. I have been saving all my broken dishes since I moved into our farmhouse. There is quite a collection. I want to cover a bench or a table with them. One day. Now, I just live vicariously through your mosaics! Thanks for mentioning my weekend classes. Got lots of visitors to the blog that day. Hoping some more sign up.

Katie said...

Way cool! I really like the idea of keeping all those awesome, but "its the only one" buttons. Thanks as usual for the inspiration.

Susan said...

Check out my mosaic fruit 2 part tutorials on my sidebar. It is the same process for the button pot.

Shannon said...

Knitting, writing patterns, writing books, making bags, mosaics, family, when do you sleep?

skeinsherway said...

That turned out really cute! Probably something I should do with the kids sometime in the near future!