Tuesday, July 07, 2009

First Patchwork

Hi Knitters,
I want to quickly share with you the completed patchwork project I had talked about briefly a week or so ago. Instead of a quilt I put together a tote bag, fully-lined, every piece backed with interfacing, skinny shoulder straps with two generous lined pockets inside, one divided.
The fabric is all Anna Maria Horner's fantastic Chocolate Lollipop and Drawing Room collections combined. I love both of these collections so much and had ordered fat quarters of each a long time ago. It feels so good to finally put these to use. I used brown thread and did some fun quilting lines throughout the patchwork outside. Some lines are straight and some are squiggly on purpose. I think it adds interest and it just looks cute to have the extra stitching.
I did use the advice of many of you sewers who responded to help me with my lack of knowledge. I thought it was funny how the sewers are just as bad as the knitters. There are basically as many ways to press your seams as there are sewers. This is exactly what knitting is like, preferred technique is all based on what works best for you. I ended up pressing one row of squares one way and then the next row the other way. I don't know, I just did that and it seemed to work. I need to get more work under my belt before I decide what works best for me. You know, try different things. That's how you form smart opinions, just like all of you have, through time and experience. Thanks again for chiming in.

Basically, I didn't even look at a pattern for this at all. I made the two outside pieces using 4-inch squares and continued on from there. I did squared off gussets instead of rounded. The straps are skinnier than the other bags I made and I love them this way. It really could be reversible but who wants to hide all of that fun patchwork? Not me. 

Now, I am going to start working on a small-ish patchwork quilt. We'll see what happens. I literally have no clue. I ordered a bunch of new fabric stacks from Spool. The bundles are unbelievable, a burst of color. I will share before I start washing and ironing and working.

Take care. Tuesday's almost over already. Whoooosh! And it's gone.
best, susie


Bowlby said...

Beautiful, Susan! You're a natural! Did you do the quilting on your sewing machine?

Susan said...

Machine! I want to machine the patchwork quilt I make, too. I hope I can figure that out. It seems like a lot of stuffing lots of fabric through the machine.

I am loving it.

lucinda said...

go for it on the quilt! we started sewing about the same time and i am working on a queen size quilt an dam loving it! my knitting is feeling a bit neglected, but spud and chloe keeps me knitting when i am not sewing!

Betz White said...

Here's a link to Soulemama's simple quilt I thought I might try:

I have never made a quilt!

paws said...

Beautiful! I love the fabric.

Speaking of what works for knitters...I'm almost finished with the Circles and Stripes Stroller Blanket, and I realized partway through that the edges of my stockinette blocks are...messy, for lack of another word. Any tips for remedying that in the future? Is it a tension issue, a technique issue, or something else? I hope my question makes sense.

kate-the-enabler said...

It's lovely. I think, from what I see in your creativity and blog and projects that you are a 'jump right in and make it work' sort of person. I really admire that. I'm a 'plan the heck out of it and then maybe don't do it after all' person, and while that works for me...I sometimes envy the 'just do it' gift, like yours. I hope that came out sounding right. :)
Hoping to buy yarn for a pea pod hat (or 10...or so) tomorrow. It's in my 'plan' ;) for the day...

Anonymous said...

SUSIE! you did good!!

I am an experienced quilter (quilted with the hardy women of the West years ago...30 yrs ago), do all my quilting by hand, even...and didn't want to chime in on the seams thing a few weeks ago. The reason for the seams to one side is that quilters used to have to quilt through all pieces by hand, and quilting on the opposite side of the seam would eliminate quilting thru one less layer of fabric. Opposing seams (which you did!) make for tight, sharp junctures in a pieced block (easier to butt them up against each other and they lock, so easier to sew). The seam to one side also makes for a stronger seam (that quilt had to last for many years), and the batting (which was just a cotton or wool batt) would poke through if the seam were pressed open.

Better watch out! if you think knitters are stashers.....

Have fun!


Alison said...

Fun, fun, fun- you can never have enough bags! Especially when they bring such joy to just carry around!

MaddyMazeStudio said...

So, so pretty. Love those colors!

Doula Mommy said...

Sooooo pretty! I would love a bag like this! I'm going to have to pull out my machine soon- it's alot more difficult to sew with three little ones than knit, but I do miss it!

Jaime said...

Very cute!
I'm just starting to quilt and it's very addicting! I love Spool too, it's a local store for me. :)

Ruth E H said...

The fabric and stitching are really great.
What a nice bag to hold knitting.
And your photos of your work are always good colors and nice. I knit as I wait for Photo DVDs to burn on the computer. Have you seen that crazy Puff Daddy footstool to knit that was featured on Apartment Therapy? My daughter wants one. Wondered if you ever made one similar. Lots of creative inspiration from your blog.