Saturday, November 01, 2008

And Goodnight

Hi Knitters,
It's over. Another Halloween has past and this year it was a little different. Our night involved a lot of kids in and out of the house, big groups of kids in physical size and numbers, pizza, second rounds of trick-or-treating, late night burritos, sleep-overs, drop-offs and pick-ups. Phew. My kids are getting older and it just gets busier and busier. I love every minute of it. It was close to 70 degrees out during the day, unheard of, the kids didn't have to bundle up for trick-or-treating which was perfect. 
Here is the designated goo scooper. She is a good sport, her brothers don't enjoy the cleaning out part of pumpkin carving so she does it for them. That's pretty good service with a smile.

I have no fun knitting projects of my own to share today. I am still furiously working away on a few last book projects that were added. However, I do have some great knitting links to share. 
Here they are:
Another use for the Pear-Apple Cozy, I love this one.
Here are some really cool mittens made by a fantastic knitter.
Check out this version. I will get back to my version very soon.
She is a great knitter. I loooove this.

Have a good, restful weekend. The rest of mine will be filled with trying to finish up these last projects for the book. I think I can finish one more project by Monday, that's my goal at least. We'll see.
best, susie 


Betz White said...

good luck finishing up those projects! I feel for ya!

coffeechris said...

How nice the sister scoops out the goo - I have two younger brothers and remember doing the same for them and then making the pumpkins seeds for us to eat. The kids get older and the fun still is there it's just different! Saw your swing set in the background. We had a very similar one up until 4th of July of this year, when we disassembled it (whew!) and moved and reassembled to pass it on to our dear neighbors with 3 children to contiune the fun. The passing of the play set made the saying goodbye to that era, way easier and we can see and visit and play as it's just two houses away. Thanks for the links...I want to start rippling right now.

Katelyn said...

The bun cozy creator is a local Loop customer. I wonder if she came in that day? What a small world.

Alison Boon said...

Hope ypu manage to get everything done. I know what you mean by older and busier.

Jessica said...

Wanted to let you know that I continued on with the hat and I am glad that I did, because it seems to fit nicely. I think it just looked to small, but it fits snug. It could have probably been a bit bigger. But, hey, I will probably want to make her another one next year anyway. :)

Wanted to know if you have ever posted videos of your knitting techniques anywhere...for those of us that are newbies? It would help me to watch how to do some of the skills listed and explained in your books, rather than just read them.

Jessica said...

Have you published or thought about publishing a book for fun hats and knitted items for older children and adults?

I would totally buy it. :)

Susan said...

Glad you are happy with your hat.

I have a bunch of instructional videos available on my sidebar under tutorials. They are also posted on youtube under SusanBAnderson.

Thanks for the interest.

melissa said...

I'm so embarrassed to say that I didn't notice the link to my bun cozy until your #1 fan at Loop pointed it out to me in the store! I feel so honored. :) I guess it's a good thing, I realized I could get your feed and subscribe to the podcast, never again will I miss a post! (as I type this my husband is kindly trying to untangle the horrible mess our dog made of the Misti Skein I bought today!)