Thursday, May 22, 2008

Too Pool for School

Hi Knitters,
I wish I wasn't too pool for school but apparently I am. I lovelovelove variegated yarns in the skein. I dislikedislikedislike pooling (the puddling of the colors, in case you don't know) of any sort. It just bothers me and truly I can't live with it. When I look at projects that others have knitted with pooling, I feel like the end product has been ruined.

So here is my pooling history of late. On the left I knitted a glove out of this sock yarn and on the end of the cuff you can see that it started pooling. I quickly wound the skein into two balls and alternated, which solved the problem. Next, I started a sock, mostly to try out this yarn and because I am in love with this colorway called tuscan. Sure enough I immediately started having wretched pooling issues. I divided the skein again but this time the pooling didn't resolve itself. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I will be ripping this out. Yesterday, I cast on with this yarn to make a quick pair of pedi socks because I need to catch my breath for a second. Once again, the pooling has arisen. I didn't notice until I got to the foot because with anklets the pooling didn't show on the short cuff or the heel flap. I divided the skein again, however I am suddenly feeling like sticking to good old semi-solid, striping or straight out solid yarns. I am beaten down for the moment by the pooling. Wretched is right.

Granny square update: 76
Last update: 57

Okay, I did make some squares, along with my knitting that pools, for a little palette cleansing. I can't get enough. Let me tell you what I have in mind for this. I am determined to make 180 squares. There I said it, it is written in stone now. I think this would make a great big-sized blanket. It will take me a long time and I am okay with that.

I learned a couple of things while listening to the Ready, Set, Knit podcast yesterday. I learned that you should use a crochet hook 2 sizes smaller than you were working with when making a crocheted edging. This I didn't know, did you? I am going to do a double-crochet edging when I am done and for the corners I am planning to dc 3, chain 1, dc 3 in each corner. You know I am reporting this here so I can simply remember these tips somehow. If I scratched them down in one of my sketchbooks this information may be lost forever.

Is anyone joining me on this venture? I've heard from quite a few granny square fiends out there and some granny dreamers. The addiction will be tough to shake. I mean look at what a quick, sweet baby blanket that would be, too good.

Thanks for the super responses on the ladybug and sweet pea hat patterns. I love that people get as excited as I do about these little projects. Up next, the bumble bee hat. I just finished knitting up the sample. Aren't they sweet together?

My friend hasn't been feeling well for the past week or so. My whole family just loves this woman, she has touched our lives in so many ways. My daughter has been working away on these pretty tissue paper flowers for her. She is so proud of them that she wanted me to share them with you. I will drop them on her doorstep later today. I hope it will cheer her up.

On a different note, my sister bought this really different, and really cute scarf yarn on our trip to New York last fall. When we were on our spring break trip she pulled it out and we were trying to remember how to do the crazy technique for correctly knitting with it. The kind and lovely yarn shop owner had given us a brief demonstration on the unique technique used here. I kind of remembered but not exactly until, lo and behold, I ran across this tutorial for this same yarn. Yay! I love this blog, by the way, she is really a talented knitter.

I'm off to start on my next work project...

Move and shake it, Knitters.
best, susie


coffeechris said...

Your post title is "too cool" I confess I am a "granny dreamer" afraid to start, but would love to join you on your granny voyage. How great you set your goal in stone...inspires me to at least try the cleanse your palette idea. Thanks for your beautiful work and words. I am currently working on three of your hat patterns *heart* them.

Dani said...

Me no likely pooling either... though if it patterns in a spiral like manner I can handle it. Its so funny how particular we can all be! I've never had the itch to do granny squares, but I must admit that yours are drawing me closer, and closer.

Okay, so the ladybug and bee hat are just too cute. I'm waiting for someone to have twins, anyone.. .anyone?!

Betz White said...

hate pools, love grannies.

Your grannies are spectacular! Looks addicting...maybe I will teach myself...

Nell said...

OMG- I love the bumble bee hat too!

AndreaLea said...

I'm the same way with variegated yarn. I can't resist buying it but I'm never happy with my results.
I love your squares! I was working on a giant granny square blanket and lost all motivation.

Caryn said...

I love the idea of granny squares but don't crochet (minimal - only when knitting patterns call for it as detail). Any suggestions for granny squares done via knitting instead of crochet? Tell your daughter I love the flowers! She's very talented.S

marsha said...

Back in the 80's I was big on crochet. Made lots of afghans. I made a King size from a pattern I can no longer find. It was a granny ripple. Picture a rectangular center medallion of many grannies on the diagonal with several inches of crochet ripples radiating out from around it and even more grannies tucked around the ripples and finished off with more ripples. It was absolutely gorgeous. Alas, she was the downfall of my crocheting and sad to say I got rid of all my books and stuff. Of course NOW I want to knit her again. I didn't get to keep her as she was a wedding gift.
Love the new hats! My manicurist is pregnant and getting a sweet pea. Her sister (whom I don't even know) is having twins and so she may be the lucky recipient of the new ones - what better excuse?!!

Inspired Tokens said...

I love your new ladybug hat. As well as the bumble bee. Too cute. I did order the pattern a few days ago, but have not received the pattern. Just wondering if you got my payment - katzndogzrul

Anyway I'm a huge fan and adore reading your blog. Thanks Alice

Tamara said...

Your millions of granny squares remind me of the (only) 49 I just finished to make your Patches blanket:) I so love your Itty Bitty Nursery book!!! I don't actually buy very many knitting books, but I did buy yours--new, even! Thank you for writing it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog! Your use of color is inspiring.
How do you plan to sew your granny squares together? I'm working on a granny afghan. You make 2 square, sew one side together. Next row and all following rows 3 DC in each space, corners 3dc 1sc 3dc in one space. The beauty is changing colors in the rows; also a great way to use up yarn and no sewing is needed.
Have fun.

Elise said...

I too experienced pooling with my yarntini yarn but it was not until I was well into my second sock that I noticed. And then I did not know what it was called until I read your blog!! My knitting friend said that is a true sign of a hand dyed yarn.

astoriaAnn said...

I'm wanting to start knitting granny squares out of leftover yarn, but I dont' know how similar my leftovers have to be? Any thoughts?

Same weight I think, I'd go with all worsted since I have the most of that.

Same fiber? Does it all have to be wool? Blends? Some alpaca thrown it.

How much of a "patchwork" can this project be and still work? That question is why I haven't yet started.

Susan said...

I think just the same weight is what would matter most. I think you could throw in different fiber content as long as you took note of what is in there for washing purposes.
I think a mix of leftovers would be great.
Hope it works, you should start!

Anonymous said...

I crocheted a granny afghan aproximately 30 years ago using a mix of wool and acrylic yarn. The main fiber weight is worsted and anything else lighter, I doubled. 30 years later I have a wonderful, colorful afghan with felted squares. I discoverd felting before it became in!!!! The mix of fibers content did not seem to make a difference after 30 years.
The Mad Knitter

Melissa said...

That afghan is BREATHTAKING! So pretty it almost makes me want to start on one of my own...but all that seaming...oy. Total inspiration!

(it's Melissa from Sew Bendy)