Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Love...

Hi Knitters,
Things I love...

I love this cozy. The other day I was running (or slogging: slow + jog = slog) and listening to stash and burn, one of the podcasts I love. Jenny mentioned a small box to hold a ball of yarn, there must be a hole for the yarn to come out or something. This keeps the yarn clean and together in your bag. Then I started thinking about the pear apple (minneola) cozy and how perfect it would be to wrap around yarn in your bag. Sure enough it works like a charm. This may be my favorite use for this so far. Yep, yarn ball cozy. That's sknitches yarn.

Hey, this is the perfect teacher gift for this time of year. You may want to whip a few of these up, I am. I saw this and it actually brought a tear to my eye. I am sappy like that. I was so sad when my kids finished preschool.
I love that the pooling stopped when I alternated strands from the divided skein. Good save. Love the pedi socks, too. That's tofutsies yarn.

I love my new birkies. Yes, I can wear socks and sandals. I am from Madison, for goodness sakes, the place of origin for socks and sandals. Really. I do shave my legs though. I can't go quite that far.

I love my hello yarn. Oh, do I love...

I love the hello yarn goodies that came with my yarn. The little sheep button, the free sock pattern, the personalized card, the tags, I love it all.
I love water balloons in my backyard.
Good knitting.
Good long weekend.
best, susie
p.s. Really do listen to the Stash and Burn podcast. Jenny and Nicole are smart, cute, funny, interesting, true knitters and they stick to topic. I look forward to their podcast to no end. I always listen right away when a new one pops up.
p.p.s. I have played around with the thought of doing my own knitting podcast. I think I might love doing that. Maybe someday I could squeeze it in. Crazy.


Heather said...

I love that yarn. I am sad that my daughter is finishing Kindergarten with the best teacher ever! I like the socks, too!

Annie said...

I love... your (soon to do) podcast:) do it do it do it!!
I love...your word slogging! that's so me right now as i get ready to train for a 10 mile race.
I love...that perfect teacher gift. I've always wanted to make one of those.
I love...socks with sandals too. you can get away with it here in MN too :)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

It was in the high 90s here today, and if I put socks on with sandals my feet would go on strike. :) But yours are very cute!

I finished unpacking my sewing/knitting room yesterday and am VERY excited to start knitting again! Just seeing all the yarn on the shelves made me want to dive in! I need to work on the pantry first, though--these crazy people here think they need to eat daily!

Happy start of summer, Susie, and happy slogging! Great word :)

Robin said...

I love the socks, I couldn't find where you listed what pattern, is it your own? I really would like to make a pair, would you mind sharing?

SSK* said...

Have you seen the Carolina Yarn Bells advertised in knitting magazines? They are really pretty bell shaped pottery pieces that fit over your yarn and have a hole in the top for the yarn. I checked them out and decided that I could put it on my birthday wish list! Meanwhile, if my yarn misbehaves, it sits in an old coffee can -- not nearly as pretty as the yarn bells. I think a polished clay or pottery plant pot could work, too.

I have a ball of tofutsies that is begging to be knit up into a pair of footies... soon....

Happy summer knitting! Joan

Wool Winder said...

A yarn cozy is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I just love your pear/apple cozy and have made seven in the last couple of weeks. The first four made perfect teacher's gifts, the next two were for my two children's lunch boxes. I visited my sister-in-law this weekend and a big bowl of fruit inspired me to knit one for her. She loved it! I timed myself this time and it only took me 2 1/2 hours. Luckily I still had the yarn and needles in my sock knitting bag. I have also discovered the perfect yarn for these little cozies. Cascade's Fixation or Elann's Esprit. It gives the cozy even more stretchiness for adjusting to varying fruit size. And I also noticed that the first cozy held the yarn of the second cozy in progress very well. My seven year old thinks they make nice coin bags too.

Thanks so much for such a great pattern.

Francie in Tennessee