Monday, February 04, 2008

Still Going Strong

Hi Knitters,
When I opened up the dashboard to my blog this morning I realized that this is my 201rst blog entry. Phew! That seems like a high number. Thanks for coming along with me so far and I am still going strong. I always have more to say than I could ever write down here on the topic of knitting, never lacking.

I thought I would mention a couple of other things that are still going strong and that are keeping me interested along the way. One project that I can't get enough of is the beloved Clapotis. (The weather here is so constantly dreary that I can't get any good lighting for photography, but I tried.) I finally ordered more Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb to make another one. I am wearing my first clapotis out. The Lion and Lamb is pricey but for the amount I wear this wrap, it is worth it to me. The drape and feel and warmth of this beautiful silky yarn is like no other. The new colorway is called tuscany and I ordered it from here. I also was motivated to start mine up this weekend due to spying this completed clapotis made in Noro Silk Garden.

A quick tip for anyone just starting this project out is that instead of putting all of those stitch markers on while knitting, I just purl the stitch that is after the stitch marker (or where it should be in this case). This purl stitch is the one that is eventually dropped toward the end. That way you don't have a dozen or more stitch markers to lug around. I like this way better.
Another project that is still going strong are fingerless gloves. Just look on ravelry and you will see that the queen of all fingerless mitts is still being knit like crazy. I have to admit I have only made two pairs of fingerless gloves before and I gave them both away. I made them from a pattern I found here. This is a fantastic book by the way, I have used many of these patterns. The gloves I made were in Koigu Kersti which is one of my most favorite yarns. If you haven't used this and you are looking for a fantastic merino wool, dk weight you should consider this. There are solid and variegated options.

When I went to Philadelphia last fall I found this great free pattern card at loop. They also have a great selection of Koigu Kersti which is what their pattern calls for. I bought a few skeins to whip up some of these but I haven't done it quite yet. Maybe for teacher gifts at the end of the year... This pattern has both a men's and women's version and the women's version has a picot edging edging that is cleverly folded and hemmed using a provisional cast-on. This is something new for me so I will learn as I go! I'll keep you posted on this.
I picked up this book, The Secret Between Us, by an author who is still going strong. I read a terrific review of Barbara Delinsky's latest novel and I just had to get it. I will bring this on spring break with me this year as last year I spent spring break with another of Barbara's novels. Remember Barbara came to my book signing in the Boston area last fall? I was pretty excited about that.
I have to tell one quick, funny story about Barbara Delinsky. I know I have mentioned only a couple of times how much I love the show Project Runway. I think for anyone designing in any medium it is a must see or if you just have an interest in making things. I have to say that this week they are designing women's wrestling costumes and I am not looking forward to that but I will watch for the antics regardless.
Anyway, I was watching a show about Jay McCarroll, who won the first season of Project Runway, called Project Jay. They showed him after the show and how his life had changed. Jay and his friend were out walking around and a fan ran up to him to get an autograph and the only thing she had on her was a Barbara Delinsky novel for him to sign. They talked about her book and read the title and then he signed it. I thought that was so wonderful and I thought to myself, I know her! That is so cool. She is one talented and prolific author who has kept going and going to great success. Barbara Delinsky and Project Runway, two of my favorites all rolled into one moment!
I will put up some Minneapolis Knit Out details soon. I am going to be there, I had someone asking in the last post's comments, but I don't have all of the details quite yet. I am pretty laid back about stuff like that, I just go where they (my publisher) tell me to go. It is funny actually. I am attending a Kristin Nicholas workshop on color work which I will also post information about shortly. I hope she gets a great turnout for this.
Have a safe and warm Monday, knitters. I am planning on a very productive week this week knitting wise. Over the last couple of days I have completed several projects for work stuff so I hope I am getting some momentum going. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
best, susie
p.s. Here are a few more patterns I am in love with and plan to make. You might like them, too: Here and here and here.


Tracy Batchelder said...

I like the idea of the purl stitch instead of markers!

Denise said...

Hi Susan, I've been popping in to read you but haven't left a comment in a while, just want to say hello.
I do like the Clapotis pattern and that tip re: the purl stitch is great. Not sure if/when I'll ever make one, but I'd like to at some point. So much to knit.... so little time!
Happy Monday
Hugs Denise

Anonymous said...

Just a note about the purl stitch way of doing things. I tried it on a mini clapotis after making a full size one using markers and I found I made way more mistakes with the purled version. Just thought I would stick up for stitch markers! :)

peaknits said...

Thanks for the purl stitch idea- I think I may have heard that somewhere - but if you say it works - I'll give it a shot. Thank you for linking to my Clapotis *blushing* - it is surprisingly more practical then I would have ever guessed and would be worth a fiber splurge - the next one *wink! I love Project Runway too - who are you pulling for? Christian is good, but so sassy. I like the guy who drapes everything, but he needs to get outside of his comfort zone. I like Jillian simply because I *heart* Twizzlers! Which I am giving up for lent - weep.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Oh yeah, I didn't make up the purl stitch tip, I've seen that all over. It works great for me, I don't like having all of those markers. But as Hazy said, it may not be the best for everyone!

I like so many project runway designers it is impossible to pick one right now. They are all fun and funny and quirky and talented. Ricky breaks my heart with those tears, I feel for him. I totally love Sweet P for some reason. I think she would be a fun friend. Love that show, can't get enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan !!!
My daughter got me started watching Project Runway and I love it !!!!
Are you planning on coming back to the book fair in Lexington, Kentucky again this year ??? We had such a fun time last year and so hope that you are returning this year !!! :0)

Betz White said...

When you watch Project Runway, think of me in college. That's what MY all nighters looked like! Moody industrial sewing machines (and the students operating them!) outlandish outfits on dressforms, cigarettes and diet cokes, and so much creativity! Every night I watch that show I relive it all vicariously. Love that show!

Knitterella said...

What a great idea to purl instead of use a stitch marker. I've been meaning to start a Clapotis - thanks for the tip!

Love my fetching gloves. Two Christmas's ago I made 13 pairs for gifts. I did keep one for myself and I often wear them when I knit because I'm always so cold.

I just discovered Project Runway! Can you believe it?! Anyways, I LOVE IT! It's so inspirational and the way they get critiqued, the stress and the deadlines totally reminds me of the graphic design program I was in in college.