Friday, December 21, 2007

Question, Question on Make, Make

Hi Knitters,
Today I should be saying, "Hi Crocheters." I have a question for any crochet experts out there. I am having a difficult time understanding the translated English instructions for the crochet part of this kit. It is a Japanese kit.
I have the bottom assembled and I get the gist of the crochet roof of the house but let me give you an example of the written instruction. I love to crochet but I have never come across instructions like these before.
You start with a ring for the top point of the roof and and you have 4 single crochets in the ring. The whole roof is single crochet. So it goes like this:
Row 1: 4
Row 2: 6+2
Row 3: 8+2
Row 4: 10+2
...and so on. There is also a diagram provided with lots of x's and rounds in a tiny circle. It is confusing to me. I understand you are increasing in each row but is there a logic to it or do you just throw in 2 extra stitches as you go? I am thinking that's what you do.
If you get a quick moment, let me know what you think. I was considering making up my own knitted roof, that would be the easy way out. It is turning out pretty cute, I really like the house so far. I think I will stick with the single crocheted roof and not knit it.
Crocheters to the rescue! (please?)
best, susie
*Look at this. I wonder what it says...


AndreaLea said...

Perhaps this will help you:

Otherwise, I would place my 2 increases in each round at opposite sides from one another. At each subsequent row, I would increase in the increase stitch of the previous row. If that makes any sense.

The bottom of the house you embroidered is adorable!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I crocheted a baby cardigan recently that was in British terminology, and I had to get some expert help, too! Japanese would throw me over the edge:)

When you find out the answer, please let us all know! :) It's super cute, by the way!!

Susan said...

Andrea-that makes sense and would be really easy to keep track of while you work.
Thanks a bunch.

kansan said...

Hello Susan,
I just reached your blog through the link you showed abobe, Sunny's Laboratory.
I am living in Japan and I am a Japanese knitter. If I can finde the same kit in Japan, I might help you through the original instruction. It is very diffrent way of the instruction for knitting in US and Japan.
Sunny-san, the author of the link wrote that she is very big fan of you. She quoted your works several times. I also become a big fan of your blog and your works!!

Susan said...

Hi Kansan,
Thanks for the note. I tried to leave you a comment but wasn't sure what to fill in where with the Japanese writing. It is so fun to hear from you.
The directions for the kit are very sparse. I'd love any input.

sharon said...

I've crocheted for years (not as often recently) and I would do what andrea suggested - increase evenly spaced on the first (sc 1, sc 2 in nect sc, sc 1, sc 2 in next sc) and continue that way increasing the number of sc between 2 sc each round.

Barbara C. said...

The diagram is "symbol crochet!!!
For instance the o is a chain and the x is a single crochet stitch. Go to "Hass Design" and in the left hand column you will see Tutorials and under tutorials you will see a column with "Stitch Videos". That will give you an idea. Also, there is a book out called Super Crochet Wonderful which contains patterns in symbol form and in English directions. It might help you catch on to Japanese crochet.
Have fun.