Saturday, December 22, 2007


Hi Knitters,
Sing along: I've got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.
Down in my heart, down in my heart!
I finished and although it doesn't look just like the picture it is good enough for me. I used the advice of many emails and a few comments and put it all together to get this. Thank you crocheters, I appreciate your direction. Pretty cute and joyful, no?
About 3-4 years ago my daughter wrote me a mother's day card and it said, "Everyday your body feels joy." That may have been the best thing I have ever read. I was so happy she felt that way about me, what a good thing to feel.
I dug this kit out of my studio today, another Japanese kit I ordered quite awhile ago from here. It is made from thread basically. I don't have a small enough crochet hook so I will have to get one today. The ball looks like my crocheted cherry so I will just use that pattern. I think it is a darling little coin purse. The chart in the instructions doesn't look so confusing this time around. It is a rectangle folded in half.
I heard from so many fans of Sunny's Laboratory. I even got an email from Sunny herself. She is very sweet and interesting. It turns out Sunny moved to L.A. from Japan a few years ago where she knits, she mosaics (her house, I mean the outside of her house, fantastic!), she blogs and she mothers. What a nice new connection, I love it. Even if you don't read Japanese her pictures are fun to look at.
Pure joy!
Ahhh, wonderful Saturday. Feel some joy in your body today.
best, susie


Nell said...

Great job on the purse! It's so cute!!!

peaknits said...

I love your little purse - it turned out wonderfully. It's cool you wrote about feeling joy in your body - I just got home from yoga and I totally felt joy in my body - what a lovely practice to rejuvenate before the holiday rush. I hope you feel some joy today too!

sharon said...

Great job and thanks for the JOY!!

Anonymous said...

The house purse is *so* cute! Joy, joyful, oh yes! And your next crochet project is equally adorable and appealing! I love your blog, your needlework, your writer's voice. Just found you along the blogging knitters' cyberhighway and am so happy to see blog posts in my email!