Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Repeat Knitting

Hi Knitters,
I think I have briefly referred to my ability to love something so much that I have no problem repeating whatever that may be. For example, I know I have previously talked about my reading habits growing up. I would get a book and read it over and over and over. A couple of my favorites to re-read included Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of Nimh, Mandy and there was some book about a raccoon/pet that I read many times, can't remember the title. There were many more books that fell into this category. I know, a little strange, right?

The same thing goes for shoes that I really enjoy. I will go and get several pairs of the same style in different colors. This has happened mainly with Dansko clogs but others, too. I am thinking I do this with pants and jeans on occasion. I have no shame about it.

As far as knitting goes the same thing holds true. If I love a pattern I have that same shameless ability to knit that same thing again and again and I still get a lot of joy out of the experience.

Here is one example of that. See that blue sweater above?
Well, here it is again. Same pattern, same yarn, different colorway. This is one of my favorite sweaters ever. The photo directly above is the first sweater I knitted from this pattern. The yarn is Colinette Point Five in the Toscana colorway.
The second version, in blue, I knitted about a year or two after the first. The yarn is again Colinette Point Five. I am not sure what that colorway is but it is beautiful and rich. This sweater has everything I value most in a good sweater. I love the big chunky yarn with the thick and thin texture. Ribbed sweaters are also a favorite feature. I added the turtleneck collar, the original pattern has a crew neck. I love a good turtleneck sweater. I usually wear these as fall outerwear or in the winter under a ski vest. These are two perfect sweaters in my eyes.
The pattern is in the Fall 2001 Interweave Knits issue. I keep all of my IK issues in magazine storage containers, not organized in order, that would be too easy. They are just jumbled all together. I can't even count the number of times I have gone back to old issues over the years. This magazine is truly genius. Most of the patterns will never go out of style. I have page after page marked in every issue.
When I pulled this 2001 issue out I glanced through it again and I think there are at least 5 other patterns I would knit in a second. There are fantastic designs by Ann Budd who has a bobble scarf that I am for sure doing at some point, Mari Lynn Patrick, Nancy Bush, and one of the most beautiful child sweaters, called Caramel Denim, by the talented Fiona Ellis. Just the name of that one draws you in. There are sock patterns by Melanie Falick, Ann Budd, Debbie New and Adina Klein. Talk about heavy hitters! It is a great issue.
You can see all of my tabs sticking out of the top. I love seeing the chicken scratches and notes I leave on the patterns in books and magazines. When I read them again it takes me right back to when I was knitting the pattern.
The pattern is called Toscana after the colorway I am guessing, but inspired by the beautiful Tuscan landscape, the designer states. The designer's name is very fitting, Colinette Sansbury, what other yarn could she use? The sweater only takes a couple of days to knit, so fast and easy. I made mine in the smallest size which is a 38.5-inch bust. It took 7 skeins of Point Five on US size 17 needles.
Toscana is one of the best patterns ever. I would knit it again anytime, anywhere. It is so wearable. Have no shame in repeat knitting, I sure don't. Stand proud while you're wearing the same sweater several days a week!
best, susie
p.s. Just curious, does anyone else do this kind of thing?


Judy said...

I agree that some things never grow old. I also used to re-read favorite books multiple times. They just grew richer each time. Was the book about the racoon entitled Weecha, the Racoon? I think there was a connection to Walt Disney. I read that a lot when I was young. Love your blog and patterns. I live in Fond du Lac, WI, and am thinking I need to watch for more of your Madison appearances.

Susan said...

Hi Judy,
No it wasn't Weecha. I have never heard of that one. I wish I could remember that name. I may have to ask my sister.

Fond du Lac is a beautiful city. I have only been there one time but I remember thinking it was lovely.

Knitterella said...

Great sweaters and man, that yarn is beautiful! I've always wanted to knit a sweater for myself in a yarn like that.

I think it's great that you knit it again. If you love it the more the better! I haven't done any repreat knitting yet (besides all you baby hats - I knit those over and over and over) but I do think I'm going to knit another Karate Sweater. I never did thank you… thanks for commenting and saying that the Rowan Big Wool has done you good - I think that is the yarn I'll use!

I have to say though, I don't get it when people reread books… I probably don't get it because I'm not a reader.

SmallandCheery said...

Hi Susan-

I see that you will be in Salt Lake City at the Wool Cabin on Saturday. Would you be available for a quickie interview for the local library system?


Annie said...

Hi Susan,
Was the book Rascal by Sterling North? Loved Mrs. Frisby too. I haven't been knitting long enough to reknit the same pattern but hey! if it works well then why not??

Susan said...

Hi Natalie,
I am small and cheery too! I would love to do an interview and I am sure we could squeeze that in!
Could you email me, the address is in my profile, and I will direct you to my publicist to set that up!
Thanks and I can't wait for Salt Lake City!

peaknit said...

That book so has to be Little Rascal - local writer too!:) I don't re-knit things near as much as I read and re-read things - the whole Tales of the City book collection - again and again! Love the sweater thoug - and I love keeping little notebooks with jumbles of notes and peeking back later - good for the mind, right?:)

jen said...

Hi Susan,
I first met you when you came to Treehouse Books (in Holland, MI) to promote Itty Bitty Hats. I bought that book and consider it one of my best knitting purchases ever! I've made quite a few of the hats from it, and people always love them. Since then I've kept up on your blog and am slowly branching out my knitting skill (learning new techniques, trying more complicated patterns,...). I am so excited about your new book! Sadly I am going to be out of town when you come to Holland next week. I am SO bummed!! I think I will have to send someone for me, so that you can sign my book. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I really enjoy your patterns, and appreciate how simple you make your techniques. And I would way rather use dpns rather than have lots of pieces to stitch together at the end!

Jen Wolthuis

SagePixie said...


If you loved Princess Bride ( an amazing tale) please read Ink Heart it is utterly breathtaking.

I often knit several of the same item. I knit because i like how the yarn and needles feel in my hands. a pretty merino blend with some bamboo needles and I'm in heaven.

tish said...

Absolutely beautiful sweaters!!! I do a lot of repeat knitting! When you find a pattern that works, I say why knot! I'm in love with the Toscana pattern but unfortunately have not been able to locate that particular edition of Interweave Knits...it is now out of print! I'd love to find it or at least locate the pattern! I'm on a mission now in search of the magazine! :-)