Thursday, March 30, 2017

Super Clog Giveaway, Podcast news, and March Mayhem!

Hi, Knitters,
There is a lot going on today. First I posted a new podcast episode on my YouTube Channel. Click here to see the video on YouTube. I'll link all of the show note links at the end of this post. 

Next, I am so excited and honored that my Sheep! pattern has made it to the Final Four of the Mason-Dixon Knitting's March Mayhem bracket. We are in the Championship round. Thank you for voting and if you are up for one more vote I would really appreciate it. The voting is open today, March 30 and tomorrow March 31, 2017. Thank you so much for taking the time if you vote. 

I have put up a 20% discount for the Sheep! pattern on Ravelry (no code needed)! The pattern is set at $4.00 for today and tomorrow, March 30-31, 2017. Click here to go to the Sheep! pattern!

Now for a quick clog story...

I was in middle school when my mom bought me my first pair of Troentorp clogs. From then on at the beginning of the school year I would get a new pair of Levi's corduroys and a new pair of Troentorps. I was pretty much ready for anything with that kind of wardrobe. Years and years later, as an adult, I was at a doctor appointment and the nurse who was checking me in was wearing the same clogs I wore in high school. They were brown Troentorps with shoelace ties. I had forgotten about them and was completely enamored seeing her pair that day. 

Since that reminder I have been slowly building up my Troentorp clog collection. I think I have four pairs at this time and I simply love them. I especially love wearing them with my handknit socks. It is a super combination. 

I have been posting lots of Troentorp clog and handknit sock photos on my Instagram account lately. This lead the good people at Troentorp to contact me to see if I wanted to host an Instagram giveaway for a pair of Troentorp clogs. I said of course! I could not pass up this opportunity for my beloved sock-knitting friends.

To enter to win a free pair of Troentorp clogs of your choice do the following simple steps:

1. Leave on comment on Susan's Instagram post! Please do not leave a comment here on the blog or email me. Click here to go to the Instagram post to leave a comment

2. Follow @troentorpclogs over on Instagram! This is a must to be eligible to win. 

Troentorp has generously provided a 10% off discount code good through April 12, 2017 for you to use. The discount code is (same caps and space): Susan B

I hope you take advantage of this super fun clog giveaway and the discount code from Troentorp Clogs. 

I will be back in a few days to randomly select a winner over on Instagram. I'll be in touch with the winner at that time.

Show notes for Episode 28: Sweaters, Mittens & Hens

Barrett Wool Co. We now have it so you can sign up for an email notice when any out of stock item returns to the shop. This is an immediate email update from the shop so your odds are really good this way!

Barrett Wool Co. Kits

Taproot Magazine (includes the Three French Hens pattern) for sale now on Barrett Wool Co!

Soulemama ~ one of my favorite blogs!

Branches & Buds Kits  Sign-up for the email notice and our newsletter to find out when these kits hit the shop next week. They have sold out super fast the other two times we listed the kits. We have a big order of yarn coming in for this next round.

Three Color Bulky Twist Mitten Kits Grab one of these kits now! I don't know when we'll have this yarn back in the shop, it could be awhile.

Fringe Supply Co. tape measure bracelet

Tea Embassy Lemon Chiffon Tea

Jennie the Potter

Suburban Stitcher Yarn and podcast

Knitters Guild Knit In event (I'm on the schedule to vend Barrett Wool Co. and to teach next year 2018!)

Wisconsin Woolen Spun Yarns

Home Fingering Weight Yarn

Three French Hens on Ravelry

Making Magazine 3 coming to Barrett Wool Co.! I have an adorable design in this next issue in May, 2017.

Never Not Knitting (house tape measure)

Little Skein (Winnie the Pooh bag)

Okay, friends! Thanks for the support and love and I'm sending it right back at you. Much love to you all. Happy knitting and I'll be back soon with more.
xo ~ susan 


Mim said...

Oh I can't wait to sit down and watch your podcast! Saving it for tomorrow when I will have time to watch it all. I remember my first pair of clogs, I was in 4th or 5th grade I think. I even remember my favorite outfit I wore with them...white painter pants and a pastel wide stripe shirt with a boatneck. lol Funny how those things stick in our memories. :)

Amy said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation Susan! I'm going to call you my enabler, because I just went their website and ordered 2 pairs of clogs! I definitely wouldn't have committed so quickly without the coupon code, so thanks to you and thanks to Troentorp Clogs!

Tamarack sewing said...

All the patterns on the March Madness are wonderful, but out of loyalty to my favorite designer, I voted for the sheep! Fingers crossed you win:)

Sherry Van Helvoirt said...

I too remember my first pair of Troentorp (we called them Bastad)clogs! Mine were the tie ones too and were navy! Those were quickly followed by a brown pair with a buckle. Thanks for the memory! I must enter :)

Holly said...

The Twigs and Buds sweater came out beautifully. Grannyslove (Rav)

Sunrise Knitter said...


Lindy said...

Hi, Susan, (aka Queen B :) :D You mentioned writing up directions for putting short rows in the back of a sweater pattern to help make it fit better. I'm wondering if you've done that and I just don't know where to look? It would be so very helpful. I absolutely love all your podcasts, patterns, and now you have yarn which I haven't ordered yet but that's next on my list.

Lindy in Lake Ann, MI

Susan B. Anderson said...

Lindy! I am writing this up this week and it will be on the Barrett Wool Co. Journal. By Friday, April 21, 2017.

Kel said...

Susan, you talked about a gentleman whom taught a class in TX whom was coming out with a book .... what is his name?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Kel! It's Carson Demers.