Sunday, August 09, 2015

Episode 17: Door County and an SSK Recap!

Hi, Knitters,
I have a new podcast episode up on YouTube.

Click here to watch directly on my YouTube Channel!

I haven't put it up on iTunes yet or written show notes but I wanted to at the very least post the video for you. I have my manuscript pages arriving at my house early tomorrow morning and I have a hectic few days of book editing ahead of me.

I will update the post with show notes and get the episode up on iTunes as soon as I get a chance.

I hope you are all doing well and that you are having a great August. August really flies!

I hope you enjoy Episode 17 and the slide shows of SSK and Door County at the end.
xo ~ susan


Vicki Maynes said...

I love this! It was just like a chat with an old friend! You live such a fun life! Thanks for sharing. I bought some Quince and Co. Tweed Owl to knit my own Maude. I hope it comes out as well as yours. It looks so comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susan -- such a wonderful episode. It's so nice of you to virtually take us along with you on your vacations like this. It sounds like you had a really great time at SSK and in Door County. I'm really interested in your shawl class -- I hope that class will be on the agenda next time you're teaching at an event I'm able to attend. :) --KnittingDaddy Greg

Anonymous said...

Oh, another note! When talking about your sweater, you mentioned the "at the same time" nature of the pattern. While I've not had the occasion to use this tool (yet), I was intrigued by it when I saw it and picked it up a few months ago. It's received some good reviews from knitters I trust who have used it for "at the same time" knitting. It's called the Sirka Counter. It's available online, but I found mine at my LYS. Their manual is online, as are several video tutorials. I'm a sucker for gadgets, so I was immediately pulled in with this one. :) --KnittingDaddy Greg

Kay said...

My family had a house on Washington Island, just off of Door County shore. Loved the beauty of the area......

rphilbeck said...

Thanks Susan and loved your podcast with the SSK update and the place your family is vacationing at. What a beautiful relaxing place. Love your sweater and all the things you purchased. Thanks and really enjoyed it.

Kelly Ramstack said...

I really love your videos. Your friendly personality is such a treat and that's something we don't get to "hear" as much through your regular blog posts. BUT - could you consider making your videos a bit shorter? I have a very hard time sitting down to watch something that's 50 minutes long. I had to come back to your video 4x to get through it. Maybe I'm the only one who struggles with this...

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hey Kelly!
Thanks for the kind words. I think some people prefer longer podcasts and some prefer shorter podcasts.

I watch a lot of knitting podcasts and some are longer and some are shorter. I like the variety in length. Some of my podcast episodes are around 20-30 minutes and some are longer like this one. Many of the longer podcasts that I enjoy watching, I divide up and watch in shorter segments. I like doing that. I actually prefer longer episodes most of the time.

I don't want to be tied to a certain length of time for the episodes. Sometimes they will be shorter and sometimes they will be longer depending on what I have to talk about and share.

Thanks for writing and for the input!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan I am trying to get in touch with you to ask if a purchase the giraffe pattern can I sell what I knit on eBay?
I am retiring early due to health problems and need to try to do something else
Kind regards

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Anita,
Please send me an email to discuss copyright issues and selling for profit.

Anonymous said...

A question about your Waiting for Winter mittens: how do you deal with all the ends when using several colors?
Also love those 2 songs played at the end of your podcast today...can you tell me where to find the music...Thanks much.
CANNOT WAIT to knit the hedgehogs for my grands...when will it be published?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog but I wonder how hard is it to turn on closed captioning for hearing impaired followers like me? I want to know what is being said? Pretty please? Thanks Susan!


Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Sue,
I will look into the CC. I looked around YouTube this morning and I can't figure out how to turn it on. I will talk to my son today and see if he can show me how to do that. Thanks for reminding me about this!

Susan B. Anderson said...

The striped Noro Kureyon mittens don't have too many ends because I am just alternating 2 balls of yarn. But if I end up with more ends I just weave them into the inside or wrong side of the fabric and trim them off.

The music is just stock music available on iMovie that is public domain. I don't know the names of the songs, sorry.

The hedgehog will be published soon, maybe in a month or so. I'll announce it when that happens.

bspinner said...

Are you going to be teaching at the New York Sheep And Wool in Rhinebeck or visiting? I'm a small vendor but would take some time off to take one of your classes.

Susan B. Anderson said...

I am just visiting I think at this point, no classes. There was some talk of a book signing for my new book but I'm not sure it will be ready in time for Rhinebeck. Thanks for asking! Good luck with your vending!

Holly said...

Thank you for another great episode, and for sharing your adventures. <3<3

Rose Neild said...

Thank you for this lovely podcast and for sharing a little part of your beautiful summer adventure with us. As a New Zealander living in Australia I found it lovely especially as my brother lives nearby in Minnesota with his family.
Your knitting looks fabulous, love that Ellison bay shawl... I even got quite a bit of knitting done myself while watching.
Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait til next time

Beverly said...

Hi Susan - LOVED the podcast. The setting was so serene looking. Your sweater knitting is inspiring and the hedgehog is adorable. I also got quite a bit of knitting done while watching! I really enjoyed your slide show at the end. Thanks for sharing so much of your personal life with us.


Laura M said...

Hi Susan - Thank you so much for such a wonderful Woodland post! I'm not having a great week and your podcast really gave me a lift and made me smile so thank you, thank you! I love your hedgehog (or Gedgegog as my youngest used to call them!) and can't wait to see the fox and squirrel. Much love. x

tjf said...

I'm a little slow to comment on your new book that is coming out! I love that you are teaching knitting with knitting in the round as a starting point. I've taught many people to knit and my favorite way is to start people with a hat knit in the round - no turning, knit stitches, starting on circulars and then if you want (or not) switch to double points after they understand what knitting in the round is. The best part is that a hat is much faster to knit than a scarf (usual beginning project) and before they get tired of their project, they finish it! Can't wait to see your book! :)


Cucito Morito said...

I found your youtube channel a few days ago and i'm so happy about that!
Your podcasts are wonderful and i like to see them so much :)
The Cardigan you made is so nice - i love the green tweed colour.
And i love to have such a sweet little hedgehog (sooo cute) and i am impatiently waiting for your pattern right now :)
Have a nice day!

susan Gagnon said...

First Podcast I ever listened to and I loved it. Saved your youtube so I can listen to more. My love for Door County and your knit designs made my morning special. Thank You so much.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the sock ruler, it is fun to use for socks and I think you will love yours. Lovely podcast :)

Nancy in Chickasaw Nation said...

At last ............. I have able to enjoy another SBA Production. Sehr gut! As said previously, it does feel like one is sitting down for a morning cuppa and catching up. [Oh how I wish I was up in the northwoods with you. I sorely miss them - especially when we push 100 down here.] I marvel at how you get accomplished. I have decided you either don't sleep or have mastered basic stockinette while sleeping. I understand how much time it takes to do a blog and a video and so appreciate that you take the time to provide us with blogs and videos full of information and fun. I always learn something and I always leave with a smile. Thank you!

I look forward to Henry Hedgehog. He is a cutie. Have you ever given thought to doing a Highland Cow? T'would be a challenge but if anyone could do it, t'would be you!

lip said...

I love your new animal patterns so cute,also love that color blue. Thanks for the podcast and the giveaway.

Donna Reed said...

I love the tonal quality of this one!

Andrea Slonecker said...

I just starting watching your podcast and I love it! You have a wonderful eye for color both in your own designs as well as when knitting other people's patterns.

Mila Calado said...

Always such a wonderful episode ! So much inspiration and love to hear about your travel adventures :)
Love your Green Cardigan , it looks so squishy Nd confirm able to wear
Have a great week

Joni said...

Thank you, Susan, for a great episode. We live across Lake Michigan in Grand Rapids. Some day I would like to visit Door County. My folks went there last year and said it was so beautiful.

I'm very excited for your new hedgehog design because my 10 yr old daughter has been begging for a REAL hedgehog, but this will be perfect for her upcoming birthday! We will not be adding a real live hedgie to our family, but I know she would love your little knitted version!