Monday, April 06, 2015

Episode 13 ~ Marco Island

Hi, Knitters,
I am back from my family vacation on Marco Island in Florida. It was just my husband, TC and me on the trip. My other kids had different school/work vacations so it was a small group this year. While we were there I recorded a brief podcast episode for you to share what I'm working on. At the end of the podcast I've included some photos and video outtakes.

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Here are the links for what I talked about in the video:

Opal Sweet & Spicy 2 in the Cake Pop colorway (I can't remember where I purchased this but if you google you can probably find someone selling it. Or try Ebay or Etsy.)

Arne & Carlos Design line from Regia I know that the Simply Sock Yarn shop is carrying this line. I'm not sure if it's available yet but you could contact them to find out.

The pattern I use to make my socks is my own free pattern called How I Make My Socks

Miss Babs Yowza in the Perfectly Wreckless colorway ~ I have started the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 4.

Knitcircus ~ Come What May matching gradient socks set. 

Aaron Makes Stuff colored pencil spindle

Wren & Ollie ~ fiber bumps 

Yarnover 2015

I'm pretty sure that's all that I mentioned. Thanks for watching.

I'll be back soon with more...
xo ~ susan


Anonymous said...

My name is Judy I am your new follower... I am wondering if you have thought about doing closed captioning for deaf knitters like me? I would love to see what you are talking about in the video.. Thank you.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi, Judy,
I can look into that. I know that YouTube does offer closed captioning and I can turn that option on. Other than that I'm not sure how to do closed captioning.

Thanks for letting me know.

Dorothy Brown said...

Hi, Susan,
Thanks for the cute vacation/knitting update. Just finished Yowza Weigh It 3;blocking now. Love! I have never been able to figure out where to cut off patterned sock yarn, as you did, in the correct place in order to work the heel without interrupting the stripe effect. Could you possibly go into that more in the future?
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

You are gonna wring my neck after all and I'm probably number 1 pest on your list... I am wondering how soon I would be able to see the gorgeous RED sock you knitted back in July! I promise to back off as soon as you have it in your store! Love ya!!

Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

So glad you had an opportunity to warm up a bit in Florida! I love travel knitting.

Andrea @ This Knitted Life said...

So glad you had a chance to warm up a bit in Florida. I love travel knitting.

Brenda B said...

Love the tip about knitting the heel flap & turn with a separate bit of yarn to preserve the pattern on the front of the sock. I have also used yarn from the other end of the skein to do that---the pattern is going backwards, but I don't mind. I am knitting up the same Arne & Carlos colorway you are doing---I think this is the best Regia that has been out in a while.

Jennifer said...

I just love how you post when you are on vacation :-). I still think of that lovely place in the woods by the lake that you posted last year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us on vacation with you! Such a treat after this cold winter to hear the waves on the shore!
I agree on what you were saying about a separate ball to do the heel flap & turn! What a difference it makes in the stripe pattern.
Thanks for the video! I love your video casts and always can't wait to watch them.
Carrie (cstein)

Holly said...

Oh Susan, what a lovely vacation spot, thank you for sharing

Suzanne said...

You are such an endearing spirit. I loved the vacation break. Thank you for the tip to wind off the small ball for the heel flap. Yay!

izzybellarina said...

Love the idea about the heel flap. Thank you for sharing your love of knitting with us.

Stacy Oakley said...

What a special time with your family. Thanks for the beach photos/videos. I grew up in Florida, so it brought back great memories.

Glad your hand is better!


rphilbeck said...

WOW wish I could be their. What a beautiful and restful place to be with family and knit. Thanks for showing us. Have a Great Time!! Our family is thinking of going to Destin, Florida this summer. I have never been but we will see. Thanks again!!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the podcast and I hope you are enjoying Florida. The video was great. Thanks too for the cool tip about the heel flap. I working hard on becoming a better sock knitter and currently I'm working on a pair of socks and one of your knitted sheep patterns(Spud). Boy the twisted stitch is very time consuming but he is just so cute!

Have a great vacation.


Jennifer Glenn said...

I will be in Madison soon. Do you have any yarn shops to recomend?

Ann said...

I agree with Dorothy Brown. Would love to see more information on how much yarn and best way to determine where to cut yarn for the heel flap. Thanks.


Susan B. Anderson said...

Jennifer ~ The Sow's Ear is my favorite. It's in Verona. And another is The Knitting Tree, I haven't been for years but they just moved and the new shop looks beautiful from the street. The owner is really nice, too.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Dorothy and Ann,
I will try to do that on the next podcast. :)


Ann said...

Great! Thanks much!

Sheila Ricker said...

love the bag where did you get it?

Connie Conlee said...

Oh please I hope I am picked I have your books but not the two doll ones. Love your blog and your patterns. You are a knitting machine.

Dorothy Brown said...

Thank you, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Would love to make Ben and Buddy for my son! Jeneer on ravelry.