Thursday, January 22, 2015

SBA Shawl Knitalong Starts Now! Shawl Discount, too.

Hi, Knitters!
I am so excited to get this SBA Shawl Knitalong kicked off! There are some different rules that really benefit you and add to your chances of winning a prize. Be sure to read through thoroughly. You don't need to be a member of the Itty-Bitty Knits group (my Ravelry group) to enter but we'd sure love to have you join in over there.

Click here for the discussion and sharing and helping thread on my Ravelry Group, Itty-Bitty Knits! This is the thread where you officially join the SBA Shawl Knitalong and chat, post photos, get help, and have fun! Set up your project pages and tag SBASHAWLKAL please! I will post your name on a list and will be drawing for random prizes along the way from this thread.

Click here for the finished SBA Shawl Knitalong thread! Here is where you post photos of finished shawls and link your project page. Please no chatter on here, only finished shawls.

Here is how it is going to work:

The SBA Shawl Knitalong is starting today, January 22, 2015 and ending March 1, 2015. This knitalong is different than some other knitalongs you may have done in the past so be sure to read through the rules (they benefit you, the knitter!).
Included in the SBA Shawl Knitalong are the following 7 shawl patterns (click to find the patterns):
Yowza Weigh It Shawl
Yowza Weigh It Shawl 2
50 Row Shawlette
Prairie Ridge Shawl
Quaker Ridge Shawlette
Drawing Nigh (Not included in the discount code as I don't own the rights to the pattern, Quince & Co. does.)
Here are the rules:
~ You can enter any of the my shawl patterns listed you have knit in the past or have just started. There isn’t a starting date.
~ You do have to have a finished shawl by the deadline in order to be eligible for prizes.
~ You can enter to win prizes more than once, one time for each shawl you have knitted in the past or are currently knitting. The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win one of the amazing prizes I have lined up! You won’t believe the stuff I already have as prizes. I may jump in and give random prizes along the way. You never know.
~ You need to enter the SBA shawl you are working on or have already finished in the Finished SBA Shawl KAL Thread with a photo and a project page before the deadline in order to win a prize.
Please tag your project pages!!!
The tag for the project pages is: SBASHAWLKAL
Is there more?
Yes! All of these shawl patterns with the exception of Drawing Nigh (I don’t own Drawing Nigh ~ Quince & Co. does) are now available for 20% off through next Friday, January 30, 2015!
The discount code is: SBASHAWLKAL

You don't need to join in the Knitalong to use the discount code. It is there for everyone.
The dates of the SBA Shawl Knitalong are from today, Jan. 22, 2015 through March 1, 2015! Finish as many shawls as you can. Post your already finished SBA Shawls! I want this to be a celebration of ALL of these fun shawls I have designed and that you have knit!
Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything!
Let’s chat, share, ask questions and help each other. Please feel free to jump in and answer questions even if they are addressed to me. I LOVE that.
Love you all!
p.s. Please introduce yourselves on here and let us know which shawl you are working on currently and what finished shawls you have entered. I am going to try my best to make a list of all participants. I will be drawing for random prizes along the way so you will want to be on this list! Please keep me posted if you have joined and I missed you.
p.p.s If I get the Yowza Weigh It Shawl 3 done soon I will add it to the discount and the list of included shawls. I just haven’t had the time to finish it but I will be on a mission to do so!!

This shawl is owned by Quince & Co. so Drawing Nigh is not included in the 20% off discount code. You can purchase this pattern through Ravelry or Quince & Co.

Let me know if you are joining in! Be sure to head over to the Ravelry threads linked above and check in and post your progress. I suspect we are going to have loads of fun together over the next month.

Don't forget to use the discount code for 20% off the 6 different shawl patterns if interested. The code is: SBASHAWLKAL. The sale goes now until Jan. 30, 2015.

xo ~ susan


Paula said...

What a fantastic KAL! I'm going to knit Hayward as I have the kit from Infinite Twist. I've been so eager to start knitting it but I had some other projects to finish first. This is going to be so fun! Thanks, Susan.

Laura (in PA) said...

This is awesome! I already own the first two Yowza Weigh-it Shawl patterns, and already had plans to knit the first one with a gorgeous skein of Yowza in the Berlin colorway that I bought for that purpose. I'll definitely be joining in. Thanks, Susan - what a fun idea.

Momof2Boys said...

What a great, fun KAL! I'm going to be knitting the Yowza 2 shawl! I love that you don't have to keep track of much to do these! Looking forward to seeing what others are knitting too! Thanks Susan! Knittingmommy1 on Rav

sharonathemom said...

This is going to be a great KAL. I plan to start with one of the Weight It Shawls first. Thank you!

rav: sharonathemom

Tracy said...

Hi Susan! I am Tracy and I have the Hayward shawl pattern and will cast on for it soon for the KAL. I have recently finished the Yowza Weight It shawl so that is one entry. Yay! Cant wait:)

Thanks for such great patterns and fun.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Tracy, sounds great! Make sure you join in on the thread so I can get you entered.

See you there!

Pam D'Esopo said...

You know I'm in! I've made 2 of the Yowza 1 shawls and will be starting Hayward :) pamelajd on Rav

Elida said...

This sounds like fun😊 I have most of your shawl patterns except Hayward (gorgeous) and Drawing Nigh (also gorgeous). Sad to say I haven't knit one of them. This will give me a chance to adjust that. Off to make some decisions and purchases.

michelle aka swissknits on Ravlery said...

I'm game! I'm currently addicted to the Yowza! Weigh it Shawl. I'll be casting on with my new Miss Babs that I found at VKL! Cannot wait!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to be in trouble if I try and purchase a new yarn for Yowza or 50 Row Shawlette... Can I use the worsted yarns I have in my stash?


Susan B. Anderson said...

Use any yarn you'd like, new, old or otherwise.

Everyone and every yarn is welcome!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this KAL! It just so happens that I cast on Drawing Nigh last week, so I'll have a great shawl for the KAL.

-greg, KnittingDaddy on Rav

Dairiona Lee said...

I have joined the KAL and forgot to mention the coupon on Ravelry. I just wanted to say thank you, I picked up a couple more patterns to try.

Melanie said...

Hello! I started the YOWZA Weigh It Shawl on Christmas Eve. I am still working on it as I have a few other things started. I LOVE this yarn. I can't wait to get it off the needles and around my shoulders. I am a big fan of all of your work! Thank you for your inspiration! Happy Knitting :)

Heather said...

Hi Susan! The KAL is a great opportunity for me to put a great pattern in my cart and start knitting-- I am going to try my hand at Drawing Nigh. I love knitting yarns with a transition of color, so now, off to the stash, or maybe to fill another cart!

- Heather01851 on Ravelry

Claudia said...

I have knit the 50 Row Shawlette and the first Yowza shawl...loved both projects. I ordered the Hayward Shawl Kit a few months ago and plan to get that on the needles now. Great KAL.

RAV. Claudi


Anonymous said...

What a great KAL! I've already knit the Quaker Ridge shawl and the first Yowza shawl. I already have the pattern and yarn for the second Yowza shawl but haven't cast on yet.

JenQuilts2 on Rav

Amaris said...

This sounds like so much fun!
I have one question.
Can a person who lives out of the US win? I live in Canada.


photoknitgal said...

I was wearing my Prairie Ridge shawl yesterday I love the way it fits and the weight of the beaded edge. I got to show it to you at Fall Fling.

I've got to go stash diving to see what stashed yarns work for one of your patterns and join you in the KAL.

It's a great idea to structure it this way and recognize those who have already knit one or a few of your patterns.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Amaris ~ absolutely someone out of the U.S. is eligible to win a prize!! Great question.

Many of the prizes are from sellers that ship all over the world. And the things I am shipping I will definitely send anywhere.

Thanks for asking.

AnnM said...

So excited about this KAL! I have a few other projects on the needles, but still went ahead and purchased two of your shawl patterns. I think I'm going to do the Quaker Ridge Shawlette. Thanks Susan!

Penny said...

Your shawls are like peanut butter m&ms for me, I can't stop at a one, I want them all. But, I am a definite for Prairie Ridge Shawl out of a Madtosh Pashmina that I have. I started it last Fall, but am not sure where I actually was on it so I am going to back it out and start again.

Judy said...

YAYYY! What fun! I'm currently knitting the first Yowza Weigh It shawl. It's a great pattern for tv and social knitting. I also love the Miss Babs yarn: so very soft.
Thank you for doing this KAL Susan!


Minerva Turkey said...

Hi Susan, what a fun KAL! I am definitely going to play along. I just finished my Yowza Shawl 1, and I'm going to cast on for #2 in a couple weeks. I'm going to take a look at my yarn choices, and see how many I can do. :)

Shannon aka minervaturkey