Friday, May 09, 2014

This Week

Hi, Knitters,
This week flew by faster than usual. My last post did not go out to email subscribers so I have tinkered around with a few things to try to fix it. I want to see if it will work today.

I finished writing a pattern for Unicorn Books for our Opal sock yarn toy series. I used the Lantern colorway of the Little Prince yarn line and a small amount of the black and natural solids from Opal. Once I see that this post goes out to subscribers I will write more about the new pattern.

I received a nice note from Gale of Gale's Art. I posted a photo of a skein of her beautifully dyed yarn on instagram and apparently she had lots of people show up at her booth at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival mentioning this photo and wanting to buy the same skein. I just started a pair of socks with it yesterday.... more to come on those.

Click here for Gale's Art on Etsy!  The yarn is called Graffiti and Asphalt Wonder Sock! This colorway is so cool and there is no filter on the photo above.

I turned the heel and finished the gusset on the sparkle Opal sock. I am loving this yarn. It is the Opal Hundertwassers Werk 625 Winterbild Polyp Wintergeist. 

Okay, I'm crossing my fingers that this post will be sent out to subscribers.

I will count up the sweater votes from last time and let you know the informal results. Quite a few of you chimed in so thank you! I loved reading your comments and thoughts.

Happy weekend to you all. I hope you find time to knit over the next few days.
best, susie


Kristebee said...

Hi Susan! LOVE the Gale's art yarn! Can't wait to see your socks. I got the email for today's blog post so hopefully everything is fixed. :)


Glenny said...

Hi Susie! This is about something different than this blog post but I didn't know where else to post it. I am knitting the lamb and bunny reversibles but I can't see where it says how to attach each of them together. Will you please help me?


Susan B. Anderson said...

Glennys, You knit the bunny first. Then you start the Lamb under Body. The first sentence tells you to pick up 1 st in each purl bump on the bottom edge of the Bunny. pg. 63

You knit the body on from there.


pamelajd on rav said...

I received a timely email about this post, so your fix seems to have worked!!!
Love the sock--I love all of the sock yarns you've shown us!

Karen said...

No problem getting the email also. I am working on knitting some Christmas socks (mostly car knitting) and I am working on a skein from Gale of Gale's Art and it is gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Well Gale's Art will probably get bombarded now. I know I just went and ordered a skein!

Elaine said...

Just lovely!!
By the way, I have contacted the publisher in UK as well as 2 shops in the US trying to get copies of PomPom Magazine. No answer from any of them. Where did you get your from, please? It sounds so interesting.

Kate Essex said...

How funny, I just favorited that exact Gale's Art colorway! I guess I'd better get it while the getting's good!

AnnM said...

No problem getting this email or last week's either. Can't wait to hear about the new toy pattern!

Glenny said...

Susan. Thank you for telling me that. I always read patterns over before i start knitting but somehow I missed that umpteen times. Sorry about that and Thank You!

Unknown said...

Susan haces unos trabajos preciosos.