Friday, May 30, 2014

Odds & Ends Friday

Hi, Knitters,
First, in my last podcast I shared a couple of Rebecca Ringquist's Dropcloth Samplers from her color club. Guess what!? Cal Patch is hosting a giveaway to win 4 of these gorgeous samplers from Rebecca. 

This information is straight from Cal's blog, Hodge Podge Farm:

"rebecca has sweetly offered a 3-month subscription of Colorbursts, PLUS the Starburst sampler, to one lucky winner! leave a comment below saying what you would do with your mini samplers, before midnight on Sunday June 1. i’ll announce the winner on Monday."

Isn't that exciting? There are not many entries so far so jump on over there and enter right away! The winner is being selected on Sunday, June 1st! Your chances are really good.

Now for the button giveaway winners. The three winners of the Sheppard Handmade button sets are as follows:

Margaret or mac-maggie on Ravelry  - won the set of blue and white flowered buttons!

Angie or Cantrix on Ravelry - won the orange-y with a green center button set!

Linda or PippyKnits on Rav - won the burgundy button set!

I have contacted the winners on Ravelry. Congratulations! Thanks for entering everyone and I'll have a new giveaway soon.

Moving on, I think I will have a new hobby now. I purchased my first spindle. I have never felt the urge to have a spindle until I saw Kate of Gourmet Stash's photo of her colored pencil spindle. I couldn't resist. I love the name of Aaron's Etsy shop, too, it's Aaron Makes Stuff.

If you want more of an idea how these gorgeous spindles are made and the variety click here to see Aaron's Instagram. It's pretty and impressive. He is having an update soon on the colored pencil version of his spindles. He makes different styles of spindles as well.

Here you can see the clear resin holding the pencils together. I just love this design. I have no idea how to use a spindle. If anyone has any video suggestions or suggestions or tips in general I would love to hear about it.

One more thing about Aaron Makes Stuff on Etsy, he has fantastic customer service. I had a few questions and he answered them so quickly. He checked in as the spindle was being shipped, too. I appreciated all of that support.

Now for some other miscellaneous miscellany. 

Miss Molly finished a Sockhead Hat out of some yarn I gave to her. The yarn is from Sun Valley Fibers, fingering weight, MCN in the colorway Bucky. Since Miss Molly is a Badger through and through I thought she should have the yarn. Every Badger should have a hat made in Bucky yarn from a local dyer.

She worked through the hat quickly, really enjoyed the knitting, and it looks just adorable on her, as everything always does!

Great yarn and a great simple hat pattern!

(photo by Carol E. Herman)

My Itty-Bitty Knits (come join us) friend, Carol, on Ravelry released a new pattern called the Topiary Fingerless Mitts. I happened to see these mitts in person in Seattle at Vogue Knitting Live. Let me just say the mitts are stunning and they look like loads of fun to knit. I thought maybe you might like them as much as I do. Carol is a kind, gentle, giving soul, and you would all love her as much as I do for sure!

My final odds and ends today is something really new and cool. I think this is about as cutting edge as spinning could be. I happily received a couple of test bobbins from Akerworks. These Schact test bobbins are completely collapsable and are made in fun colors and patterns to boot. 

Akerworks makes bobbins for other brands of spinning wheels as well. The Schact bobbins are still in the testing phase but will be released soon. They are made on a 3D printer which just fascinates me. I love these fun designs and colors. There are so many choices. 

Thank you to Akerworks for letting me try out your latest design! I will keep everyone posted after I try them out, hopefully I'll get the chance this weekend. 

Can you believe it's the weekend already? I can't. I hope you have some fun plans lined up or that you get to relax and stay home, whatever makes you happy.

best, susie


Kepanie said...

Way to go, Carol. Color work is so her. That's one awesome spindle. I need to break mine in this summer. Last day of school today - hoorah! And that is one slammin' beanie. Tell Molly I'm coveting that! I know you have two sounds in college yeah? Did their schools have them do a drill in case of a shooting? That UCSB incident was tragic and scary.

Sam I Am...... said...

I have a spindle but not fabulous like that one. Maybe if I had one like that I would be more motivated to keep at it and learn?
Thanks for the heads up on the Cal patch drawing as I love those embroidery samplers since you told us about the artist the other day. So many interests where do I start? Probably by doing dome finishing up of lots of WIPs!
Congrats to the winners of those awesome buttons too.
Love the hat that Molly made...looks really nice on her too. The mitts are gorgeous. Color work is on my list to learn this year....and fair isle and so much more! LOL! Have a great weekend!

Deb said...

Those colored pencil spindles are so fun. There is a great Ravelry group called "Spindlers" that has a whole bunch of resources for beginning spindle spinners. I took a class with Dawn Riden of DawningDreams in etsy. She's an awesome teacher, but since she's in Oklahoma, I don't know if you'll be in the same place any time soon.

We were just discussing 3D printed spindles a week or so ago. It's neat to see someone else making bobbins with the same technology. I assume they're lighter than wooden bobbins would be - is that right? Do they spin as smoothly?

Molly's hat looks lovely and warm, and Carol's mitts are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with us. :-)


Dianne said...

Great Hat Molly!
Carol's mitts are beautiful!
That Spindle is amazing! I haven't used mine (old wood not very pretty) in years! I will have to dig it out from the attic.....these are just gorgeous and I think a group clustered together in the dough bowl my dad gave me would make such a nice piece of coffee table art.
Thanks for the links Susan!

Nicole said...

To learn more about spindle spinning definitely check out Abby Franquemont. She has a book and dvd called 'Respect the Spindle' from Interweave. She also has some videos on You Tube. Have fun with your spindle!

grahamcrackerzz said...

What a fabulous spindle! How fun to see the colored pencils spinning as you make fabulous yarn! I would love to spin and knit a beanie for my new grandson. Thanks.
rav id: grahamcrackerzz

Karen said...

Hi Susan. Craftsy has a class called Spindling From Fluff To Stuff by Drucilla Pettibone. You may or may not already know this but thought I'd share since you mentioned wanting to learn to Spindle. Thanks for all that you share. I enjoy your sweet spirit and knowledge so much.

Carol Herman said...

Susan, you are so sweet and kind to mention my mitts on your blog! I think I have said it before: You are the BEST!!! I learned to knit in the round from you from "Itty Bitty Hats." :)

I LOVE that spindle - it is beautiful and whimsical at the same time - reminds me of millefiori. Love Molly's hat and it looks great on her. I think 3-D printing is so fascinating, too. And congrats to the button winners!

Thanks again for your kind words and all that you do!!!

xoxo Carol

goecker said...

That spindle is so beautiful - would love to try it someday - I've made buttons before, but not as beautiful as those are. Thanks for this give away.

linda said...

Susan, Abby Franquemont has some of the best beginning spindling videos I've seen, for free on YouTube. Search Abby Franquemont spindle spinning. If you really like it, she has a book and video available from Interweave Press called Respect the Spindle. Abby is the daughter of 2 archaeologists who worked in South America, and she's been spinning from the age of 3 when she learned from her Peruvian friends.(Just a big fan.)

linda said...

Abby Franquemont has several beginning spinning videos on YouTube and if you like them, she also has a book and video available from Interweave Press. She's an amazing person and just want to spread the spindling love around.

K Frer said...

That's such a cute hat! It's the perfect amount of slouch so that I can look fashionable wearing it in my 30's and not like I'm trying to be an angsty 20-something hipster. :)