Saturday, May 24, 2014

Episode 7 ~ Catching Up!

Hi, Knitters,
I have a new episode of my video podcast today, Episode 7!

Here's what I talked about today:

The Little Skein Giveaway is still open until Tuesday (I said Monday but it's a holiday so I'll wait until Tuesday). Anne Vally of Little Skein added another skein of Must Stash Yarn to the prize pot!

I said the socks designed by Megan Williams may be "harder" than they look but I meant "easier" than they look. 

I'm wearing my Quaker Ridge Shawlette. The yarn is madelinetosh pashmina.  This is still my most beloved and worn item that I have ever knit. I love it so much.

The shawl pin is made by Deerfield Creations.

Lynai Yarns - Roxanne colorway sock yarn

Gale's Art on Etsy Graffiti and Asphalt Wonder Sock (Gale has a new yarn out on her Etsy Shop that has yak called MYS622, very interesting! She has a deal going on, if you buy the new yarn you get a beaded scarf kit!)

How I make my socks - free pattern! This is the pattern I use for most all of my sock knitting.

Signature Needles ~ my double-points used for socks are the 6-inch needles.

Knit Spin Farm on Etsy! My adorable bag!

SewBendy on Etsy! Another adorable project bag.

Opal Hundertwasser Winterbild sock yarn with glitter (I'm not sure where to purchase this yarn).

Regia Super Jacquard (I'm not sure where to purchase this yarn.)

Kata Golda ~ Her name is Alison Kaplan! I love her and her work is the best!

Both Rebecca and Alison have workshops on! I have taken their classes and they are excellent.

Spun Right Round fiber - Polwarth, 4oz., Licorice colorway.

I'll be back to draw winners on Tuesday, you can still enter the giveaway up until I draw for winners!

Thanks for watching or for joining me today. Have a great weekend.
best, susie


CelticCastOn said...

Susan you need to get your hands on some of this for your son.
I'm sure it is right up his alley.

Laurie Schneider said...

Thanks for the chance to win. Stash the shirt or little 10 on ravelry

Amaris said...

Yes, Smarties are canadian :)
(and yes, I am canadian)

Beth Black said...

I so love the attention to every detail that little skein thinks of in her projects.Thanks for the "tour" of Over the Moon!
Beth (bettinatoo on ravelry)

Beth Black said...

I appreciate the attention to detail that little skein gives to all her projects. Thanks for the "tour " of over the moon!
Beth (bettinatoo on Ravelry.)

Rebecca said...

Susan! Thank you so much for the mention- I appreciate your kind words.
xoxo Rebecca

Leslie said...

Hi Susan. I just love your podcasts. You are such a beautiful person. You honestly could be Sandra Bullocks sister you remind me so much of her.

Anonymous said...

This kit looks like so much fun! My rav I'd is OlyKnitPurl

F Sherrff said...

Hi Susan, wonderful catching up episode. Please tell: how many stiches did you cast on for your son's socks; and how did you divide it for the heel? Thanks, Dee

K Frer said...

I'm so glad you noted your shawl in the show notes - I love it!