Saturday, March 29, 2014

Catching Up Episode 5 ~ now on iTunes!

Hi, Knitters,
If you can't see the video for the email subscribers click here to see the video on YouTube!

Here are the pertinent links for today's podcast:

You are now able to subscribe to my video podcast through iTunes by searching for my name, Susan B. Anderson, and clicking on the subscribe button! Hooray! I will continue to post on my YouTube Channel and you can subscribe there as well.

Ravelry Pattern Shop 25% off sale goes through tomorrow, March 31st, 2014! discount code: THINKSPRING

Dyeabolical Yarns and Fiber

Prairie Ridge Shawl

Infinite Twist

Waiting for Winter Mittens

Double Marl spinning technique on the Knitty Blog

How I Make My Socks (free sock pattern)

Regia Super Jacquard

Tolt Yarn & Wool

Swan's Island Yarn

Jill Draper Makes Stuff

Knit Spin Farm podcast

Knit Spin Farm Etsy Shop

Sisters Baking Company (Rain City Crunch granola!)

Fibre Space ~ come see me!!! April 4-6th, 2014

Wisconsin Craft Market (Patons Kroy sock yarn)

There you go!
best, susie


grahamcrackerzz said...

I LOVE your videos.
Try setting the skein of yarn with white vinegar. That should prevent the dye from coming out.

grahamcrackerzz said...

I LOVE your videos!
Try setting the skein of blue yarn with white vinegar. Hopefully, that will stop it from bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know if you plan a Book Tour/Teaching/Workshop trip to Southern California.

kathy said...

Hi Susan,

Love the video, i am addicted to your sock pattern, socks are perfect for bringing on the bus to work! I had thought of knitting some for my son and my husband, but didn't know how many stitches, but now I know. Thanks a million


GerryART said...

I'm enjoying your video podcasts very much

Your generous offer of a discount was too good to pass up
So two more patterns are added to my library


GerryART said...

Oh, yes, I sub-ed to your iTunes

AnnM said...

I too love your "catch up" videos. You do such a great job! I bought some Swan Island yard at the VKLive Seattle and was also not told that about the colors running. Fortunately, I got the fingering weight in grey and a lilac so hope that it won't cause too much of a problem in those lighter colors. I just finished the mini-love bunny. So cute! Gave it as a hostess gift to a friend. I'll be making more!

Denise said...

I love your podcast! More, more! I'm almost finished with your Opal Sock Bunny. First stuffy. Fun. Thanks for the pattern discount!

Christine said...


The Itty Bitty friend that got you the zipper bag..did she make it? if not, do you know where she got it? I love items like that..and lose stuff all the time in all those little bags I own.