Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oh, darn.


Hi, Knitters,

Oh, darn.


My first darning. I watched Paula Emons-Fuessle demonstrate darning socks at the Knitting Pipeline Retreat last spring and remembered what she shared with us in a small group.

Here is a very short 15 second Flipagram of some of my favorite Instagram photos from 2013:


That's all.
best, susie
p.s. I love visible patches so I used a contrasting sock yarn. The original is my own handspun.


Amber said...

LOVE the contrasting color darn. Embrace the hole and make it a design feature!

Donna said...

I darned socks a long time ago, still remember how to do it, so I will be mending mine if they get holes.

tara said...

love the contrasting yarn too. all of my handknit socks seem to be getting holes at the same time so i have quite a bit of darning to do. happy new year!

Zwieback said...

Thats what I did this morning. Darning al lot of socks. It was no fun, but now I have lots of socks in the drawer again.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Knitting has actually given me a mending basket - I don't often repair my store-bought items, but the things I make myself are something else entirely! I have a few socks that need darning at the moment...

mary jane said...

Hooray for darning. And darn it - aren't you the coolest girl making a flipgram. I'm off to copy your coolness!

Margaret said...

It brings back memories of childhood where I had to sit with the darning egg and darn the family socks. I guess it's a skill you never forget!