Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Homemade Holidays 101

Hi, Knitters,
I mentioned this briefly a couple of posts ago but I want to make sure to share the deals going on once again. My publisher is hosting a six-week promotion called Homemade Holidays 101. With the launch of my books becoming available in ebook form, along with many other books from Workman, Homemade Holidays 101 has kicked off to a tremendous start. All five of my titles, see the stack in the photo above, are on sale at incredible discount prices for several more weeks! 

Don't miss this chance if you have an e-reader or an app for your computer, etc. I own many of my knitting books in both digital and book form. At home I always use my regular books but how nice it is to go out the door with multiple books stored in my Kindle and iPad. For travel, it is the best. I have instant pattern information, and yarn requirements all at my fingertips. For yarn shopping at your local yarn shops ebooks are a wonderful take along option. While you are at your local shop you can support them by buying regular books, too. Everything starts with local knit shops, don't forget!

Click here to browse the Homemade Holidays 101 website! If you sign-up for the newlsetter you receive a FREE ebook and are automatically entered in the sweepstakes. It only takes a second to sign up, look on the sidebar at the top.

I have had many questions coming in about the variety of formats for my books and it turns out they are available for really any electronic reader you may own including Kindle, Nook, iPads, iPhones, etc.

For your searching and gifting convenience here is a linked table for all of the various formats for my 5 books:

Title Amazon B&N iBooks
Itty-Bitty Hats goo.gl/TKACnv goo.gl/fuQXCO goo.gl/PrX40f
Itty-Bitty Nursery goo.gl/UQqKlq goo.gl/qQnOkG goo.gl/xli1dU
Itty-Bitty Toys goo.gl/5mK7SZ goo.gl/t6fJlP goo.gl/4UHoJ0
Spud and Chloe at the Farm goo.gl/cxRDhw goo.gl/Lmp9qu goo.gl/nPVfAV
Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys goo.gl/5ORDRV goo.gl/osG2aZ goo.gl/k8UZ7e

Title Google Play Kobo ebooks.com
Itty-Bitty Hats goo.gl/Wv3DVo goo.gl/Ce7b31 goo.gl/ZWkJz8
Itty-Bitty Nursery goo.gl/XpLUZA goo.gl/0rHZcz goo.gl/KrASWX
Itty-Bitty Toys goo.gl/icT1p2 goo.gl/1Rh5kS goo.gl/QCJNVQ
Spud and Chloe at the Farm goo.gl/aoetNe goo.gl/EuN3t5 goo.gl/0RIQ1H
Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys goo.gl/FFSvj8 goo.gl/hHkwBY goo.gl/dKqdb5

Now for a little knitting content!

Thank you for the fun support for my Catching Up video from last week. If you missed it, click here! 

I have heard from so many of you. Thank you for the kind and positive comments. For every comment on the blog I probably receive 10 more messages through email, Facebook, and Ravelry. I don't know why that is but it has always been that way on this blog. My blog is having record setting statistics lately and after 7 years of writing that is such a remarkable thing. You are appreciated. 

I talked about the Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl in the video podcast. As I finish the ruffle on my Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl, I spend time thinking about my good friend and shawl designer Paula Emons-Fuessle (knittingpipeline.com) and her hometown of Washington, Illinois. A few days ago Washington was devastated by horrific tornadoes. I'm sure most of you have seen this on the news. Paula is okay as are her podcast sidekicks Sarah and Bronwyn, also from Washington. Now Paula is working overtime helping others at the Red Cross relief center. Paula has hosted several knitting retreats in Washington so I know many of you have been to this charming town filled with good people.

Click here to find out how you can help if interested! This link was provided by Paula in a Tornado Update thread on her Ravelry group.

As for the shawl, I made the decision to add in a skein of black Finch, in Crow, from Quince & Co. to make the dramatic ruffle edging to finish. I love it. I have a few more rows, each row has well over 700 stitches. It will be worth the effort in the end.

While we're on the subject of Quince yarn, the company donated 10% of their sales one day last week to support the typhoon recovery in the Philippines. Click here to read about it if interested. There is a link to contribute in the post if you still want to help.

Nature is a powerful force and so are the knitters in the world.
best, susie
p.s. Knit.fm hosted by Quince's Pam Allen and Knitbot's Hannah Fettig has a new episode up: click here! I joined their Ravelry group: click here! I am now following on Twitter and iTunes as well. This is one smart and educational audio podcast.


Lis said...

Wauv that was a long blog wrihting today. I can now read all the blue hints to see what you have and watch your movie.

Have a great day.

Love Lis

Anonymous said...

Great promo! Sony Reader should get some love too. I purchased your Topsy Turvy for $2.99 (yay!!) and saw your other books on sale there too. ebookstore.sony.com

~ Rebecca (knittingwithwords on Rav)

Danae said...

Thanks so much for the google play store links, I got 3 of your books I hadn't yet had a chance to purchase. I can't wait to cast on the pig from itty bitty toys.

Justine said...

thanks for the info on the sale! I had been eyeing Topsy Turvy but realistically would only make 1 or patterns, but at this price, very worth it!

Justine said...

thanks for the info on the sale. I'd been eyeing topsy-turvy and what a great price even if I only make 1 or 2 patterns.

little olive said...

I am hoping you will video podcast more often. I love all your projects! I was so glad to hear Paula and her sidekicks were safe too! Pipeline is one of my favorite podcasts. I already own all your books and all my nieces and nephews have several of the knitted projects. so much fun!

Unknown said...

I own every book you have. Sure wish I could get them online though. My eyesite is getting worse every year. (severe nearsightedness)

Anonymous said...

That shawl is amazing! I think I'm going to have to make myself a magic cake. And soon!

Julie said...

I have all of the hardbacks but I went ahead and got all five for my Kindle. :) (Tanknit)

Laurie B. said...

Thanks for mentioning the relief efforts for the tornado victims. I'm from a neighboring town (I met you at the Knitting Pipeline retreat)and just wanted to mention that the quilt shop in Washington(that also stocks yarn) is collecting hats and scarves for the victims. There are so many in need in Washington, Pekin, and East Peoria--over 1000 homes affected--that any help is appreciated. You can send donations to Peddler's Way Quilt Co., 127 Peddlers Way, Washington, IL 61571. Thank you!