Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi, Knitters,
If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today I wish you a very happy holiday! I know I am thankful for all of you. Enjoy the day and maybe even sneak in a little knitting if possible.

I noticed that the email subscribers did not receive the last post and it was an important one. I have a new pattern available in kit form from Little Skein. I am hosting a wonderful full kit giveaway on the last post. Due to this technical glitch I am leaving the giveaway open for a few extra days. I don't want you to miss this opportunity if you depend on the email subscription to read the blog.

Click here to see or find out how to order the beautiful kit and to enter the giveaway! Don't miss the chance to win the kit which is worth over $100!

Yesterday I whipped up a new shawl design. It takes about 250 yards of a worsted weight. I used my handspun from fiber from Unwind Yarn Company, and a US size 10 needles.

The name of the new design is the 50 Row Shawlette. It literally is knit in 50 rows on big needles. You are left with a flouncy, sweet little should wrap. I just love it and it is the perfect gift for our upcoming holiday season. I tried it on with a shawl pin when it was still a bit damp. I can't wait to wear it. It's so charming.

I'll let you know when the pattern is ready.

Here is my start on the shawlette just one day ago. I had so much fun knitting the 50 Row Shawlette and I jotted down the pattern as I worked. I will write up the pattern this weekend and get it available next week if you are interested.

By the way, I did a little interview for a yarn shop. Click here if you are interested.

I pre-drafted some Sunshine Yarns merino fiber in the Cornish Pixie colorway. I will spin this on my new Artisan Wheel. I am plying the Into the Whirled on my Ladybug. Finally! That spin has been going on for months now.

I have a blue theme going on it seems.

This was the sky today as I ran. 

Oh, yes, I am thankful.
best, susie


Erika said...

So many pretty blues! I can't wait to see how that merino spins up. I bet the color of the finished yarn will have a lot of depth to it.

Dana Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for featuring handspun out of my fiber for your new shawlette design! I can't wait to knit it myself! :)

Anonymous said...

I like your shawlette pattern! Very pretty indeed. And blue being my favorite colour, the yarn and roving are just wonderful. :) Lucky you to have a sky that gorgeous to run beneath! :) samm

Kim said...

I received some beautiful, handspun in shades of blue for my birthday in September. I think your great new pattern might be perfect for my lovely yarn.

Mya said...

Those are some beautiful blues!

mary enderby said...

Absolutely adorable, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, what can I say? Bunnies are fur to knit!

RavelryID: englenook

Sam I Am...... said...

I was not really a blue person although navy was always a favorite but with these beautiful yarns you are definitely turning my head! Lovely!

Jenifer said...

Can't wait for the pattern! My size 10 circulars are my favorite so this is obviously meant to be. I also just bought some outfits that are begging for a scarf or shawl.

Will you include some ideas on yarns that would drape well? You have a great eye for yarn/pattern combos.

Thanks again.