Thursday, August 15, 2013

How I Make Worsted Weight Socks!

Hi, Knitters,
Are you interested in whipping up some squishy thick warm socks for the upcoming fall and winter seasons? If yes, I have the perfect recipe for your own worsted weight sock making projects.

Here are the numbers for making my version of worsted weight socks! Use the following numbers in conjunction with the How I Make My Socks pattern (click here for the original pattern and click here for the project page on Ravelry). 

The socks are made exactly the same way as the original "How I Make My Socks" sock pattern only using different numbers. Simply plug in the numbers I have provided below to make the worsted weight version.

Yarn: Worsted weight  ~ I used 120 yards of worsted weight yarn per sock. My socks have 7-inch cuffs and fit my US 7.5 shoe size, which is about a 9.5 inch foot from the toe to the back of the heel. To be safe I recommend having between 250 to 300 yards of worsted available depending on the size and cuff length you will make.

* The yarn in the photo is Cakewalk Yarns Worsted Weight in the Brooklyn colorway. Rose's Etsy shop is now closed. I am getting lots of questions about when she is reopening. I don't know anything about it other than that she moved to a new state over the summer and had to close her shop due to the move. I don't know if or when she will reopen. Click here for the Etsy shop.

Needles: US size 4 dpns (set of 4) or size to get gauge

Gauge: 6 sts per inch in stockinette stitch

Use the original sock pattern and plug in these numbers:
Cast on 44 sts.
Knit rib cuff and leg to your liking. I do 12 rounds of k2, p2 rib and then continue in stockinette stitch until the cuff measures 7-inches from the cast on edge.

Heel Flap:
Work the heel flap over 22 stitches on Needle 1. Divide 11 sts on each of Needles 2 and 3. 

Work the slip 1, k1 heel flap (slip 1, purl to end on wrong side) for 24 rows. You will see 12 slipped stitches on the right side of the fabric. Work one more right side row.  End with a right side row.

Heel Turn:
Next row: purl 13, p2tog, p1, turn.
Next row: slip 1, k5, k2tog, k1, turn.
Continue as in the original pattern until all of the stitches have been worked. End with a right side row.

Pick up 12 sts on each side of the heel flap and working across the 22 sts on the top of the foot. Knit 7 sts from the heel onto Needle 3 and place the remaining 7 sts on Needle 1. 

Work the same as the original pattern until you have 44 sts remaining.

Work even until the foot measures 1 1/2 inches short of your desired finished length.

Work the toe the same as in the original pattern only decrease to 20 sts before placing the stitches on 2 dpns (remember to knit across Needle 1, to place the bottom side of the sock - 10 stitches - on Needle 3).

You will now have 10 stitches on 2 needles. Cut the yarn and use the Kitchener stitch to close the end of the toe.

Weave in your ends, slip the sock on your foot and most of all enjoy your squishy new socks!!!

I am making a lot more pairs of worsted weight socks. I have a Madtosh Vintage version and a Quince and Co. Patchwork Lark version coming up. I'll keep you posted.

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Most of all have fun with your worsted weight socks!
best, susie


Dawn Sparks said...

oh thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Pam D'Esopo said...

SO helpful and EXACTLY what I've been seeking!!!
Thanks so much for doing this!

redsoxgal5 said...

Thank you I will certainly try it, the math part I am terrible at, I try it on pull out two inches worth, think cut it down that many stitches, reknit, then I can't get it over my heel! This will save me a lot of aggravation!!

Suzanne said...

So happy that you shared this information as my son just picked out worsted yarn for his mom to make him a pair of socks. Add lifesaver to your resume!

Amanda said...

Eek!!!! Thank you so much for posting this, I'd love to knit a pair of worsted weight socks! I miss Cakewalk yarns so much :( your socks just made me miss her a million times more!

Deb Cannon said...

Thanks so much! I've got just the right squishy worsted to use!

Lisaknits said...

Awesome Susan! Has anyone told you that your the best!

Bonney said...

Can't wait to try these!

Jenifer said...

Have to admit I am terrified of trying socks but the fact that this pattern will make them an even faster project is just what I am looking for! Time to just dive in and make it happen! Do you have any sock videos you recommend (or would you care to do any...hint). Off to shop for some great yarn!! Thank you so much. :)

Mim said...

Susan, With this being a worsted weight non-sock yarn how do you think they will hold up to normal wear? Should we add a strand of nylon to strengthen them up? Thanks for your great patterns and knitting inspirations.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Jenifer - I don't have any sock videos to recommend but I am 100% sure there are tons of youtube videos already out there about socks.... !

Susan B. Anderson said...

Mim - since I just finished my first pair in the photos and it is still summer, I haven't worn them enough to tell. I knit them at a very dense gauge and I don't see why they wouldn't wear well with time. I would think they would be sturdier than fingering weight socks.

Leslie said...

Can you address the potential for felting of the wool from the warmth of your feet...i made a pair of worsted weight wool socks and they kind of felted on me......fiber recommendations? (The ones that felted were a wool acrylic blend)....thanks!

Susan B. Anderson said...

I haven't worn my socks enough to say for sure. My socks in the Cakewalk are superwash so I don't think they will felt (at least not for a long time).

I wear a lot of wool fingering weight socks and they seem to do fine.

I'll have to wait and see. My socks are knit at a tight dense gauge so that may help with the felting factor, too.

Rosemary said...

This is alot to ask. I have a size 11 shoe. Can you give numbers for your socks.

Rosemary said...

This is alot to ask. I have a size 11 shoe. Could you give numbers for this size on both your recipies?

Loretta said...

I really love that color of yarn!

phyllis said...

Socks are on my to do list...I have to admit, they have always looked very intimidating. My goal for 2014 is to knit all grandkids a Xmas stocking. So with that said I better try a regular pair of socks first. Now to find some appropriate yarn...thanks for sharing the pattern, Susan!

Brandi Schoch said...

I need to make a pair of these thanks for sharing the "recipe."

Paula said...

Thank you for sharing!

chococat78 said...

Love these socks!!! Definitely making a pair :)

chococat78 said...

Love these socks! Definitively making a pair :)

Mom7Plus said...

YES!, YOU ARE THE BEST! Thankyou, thankyou (super excited and talking very fast voice right there)!

I'm hoping to start this by mid Sept!


And big HUGS to you!

Anonymous said...

This is a WONDERFUL pattern for worsted weight... however I am a new sock knitter and need to know if 64 sts is what you would use for men? My husband took a peek at your blog over my shoulder and wanted to know if I am knitting him socks. HELP!??!!?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Ann - I have not made men's socks so I don't know what number to recommend to cast on. I would take lots of measurements and figure out with your gauge the number to cast on. OR I would find a pattern specifically for men's worsted weight socks.

Melody Johnson said...

Wow! This is a great idea. I always have leftover worsted weight wool looking for a project, and who doesn't love thick squishy socks to wear with clogs. Yay! Must make a bunch.

Sarah Baginsky said...

I am in love with the yarn you used for the socks! Could you tell me what it's called like brand and color, etc?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Sarah -
* The yarn in the photo is Cakewalk Yarns Worsted Weight in the Brooklyn colorway. Rose's Etsy shop is now closed. I am getting lots of questions about when she is reopening. I don't know anything about it other than that she moved to a new state over the summer and had to close her shop due to the move. I don't know if or when she will reopen.

Kelsey Kinnamon said...

I just turned the heel in my first sock, which is also my first sock I've ever knitted! So far, so good! I was a little intimidated by socks until reading your blog. Thanks a ton for these posts!

Olga said...

Verrry cool, I knitted Hubby two pairs of socks several years back and he is begging for more. I might surprise him with a couple new pairs. Thanks for posting this ;-)

Crescent Lane Hooker said...

I've just finished knitting my first pair and I love them. I have learned so many things from your pattern. Love knitting the toe up instead of cuff down. And I love the worsted weight. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

lovely .]
good blessings, young lady

Anonymous said...

lovely .]
good blessings, young lady

Anonymous said...

I made 3 pairs of 'clog socks' for winter. Easy-Peasy and comfy!

keeley siegman said...

Susan, can you help with the gusset? I can't seem to find the decrease referenced in the gusset steps.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Keeley,
For the worsted weight socks I gave numbers to plug into the original pattern, How I Make My Socks. All of the decreases and steps are written out in detail in this pattern.

I hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Where are the numbers you have given? I can't seem to find them, and having a difficult time with the math. Sorry - perhaps I"m missing something? PS love your pattern.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Anonymous,
The numbers are right in the written pattern on the blog post!
The blog post for the worsted weight socks are to be used with the original How I Make My Socks pattern.


GraclynJ said...

Hi Susan!

For the heel turn, next row: purl 13...

Should I slip the first stitch of these 13 or slip the first stitch and then purl the 13?

Thank you!

Susan B. Anderson said...

GraclynJ- you can slip the first stitch and then purl 12, or you can just purl 13 stitches. either way is fine.


Emily said...

Hello! The heel turn says to continue from the original pattern, but from where? The start of the original heel turn pattern says purl 17 which doesnt make sense for the amount of stitches on my needles. Do you mean to say continue from row 3? Thanks!

Susan B. Anderson said...

It means that you just continue on repeating as in the original pattern working back and forth to the gap and then working two stitches together until all of the stitches have been worked.

Unknown said...

Hello! I am new to knitting socks and am unsure how to convert for my foot size. I am usually a size 9. What would I need to adjust on this to make that work?

Karley Bassham said...

Hello! I am new to knitting socks and am unsure how to adjust them for my size foot. I usually wear a size 9. What would I need to adjust in this pattern?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi Karley,
I wear a US size 7.5-8 shoe so I think these would fit you fine as written. You will just make them a little longer in the foot length.

Devon Burger said...

Hi there! I'm about to start the toe and am a little confused about how many stitches are on each needle, and which part of the sock corresponds with which needle. I imagine I switched around needles at some point so any detail you can provide would help! Thanks so much.

Susan B. Anderson said...

Devon, You have 44 sts total. Needle 1: 11 sts. Needle 2: 22 sts. Needle 3: 11 sts.
Needles 1 and 3 are the bottom of the sock. Needle 2 is the top of the sock.

I hope this helps!

Kath said...

These are great socks. I used Patons Classic Wool to knit a pair of worsted weight socks; the worsted weight knits up quickly and they were very comfy. However, without the nylon the socks were not as strong, and the heel gave out in a short time. Since worsted weight is hard to find with 25% nylon, do you think it would be possible to knit two strands of superwash sock yarn?

Susan B. Anderson said...

Kath! Yes definitely you could do that.

Jane Atkinson said...

I have found two sources of worsted weight sock yarn (i.e. superwash worsted plus nylon or polyester. One is here: This is a lovely yarn - I'm very happy with the one pair I have made - it is about the weight of the Cascade 220. To get more color selection I just ordered some more from Germany - cost about the same with shipping (I am buying 2-100 gm balls) as it did from Love Knitting. Google the name of the yarn. Skandinavia Grundl is another worsted weight sock yarn - you can occasionally find it on eBay. It is heavier than the Lana Grossa.
Jane Atkinson