Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Up and Coming....

Hi, Knitters,
There is a lot of up and coming news to look forward to on my blog (check out my new banner - this is a completely natural shot, I didn't arrange the leaves at all), in the teaching/touring realm, with upcoming designs for my ravelry shop and with a new yarn company, with a new book and a pending book contract, and much more. There is a lot to be thankful for and excited about.  I really thought things might slow down a bit but it hasn't and may even be busier than ever. So today I just want to share a little bit of what's going on and a couple of other new things you might be interested in.

I am still doing some editing on my upcoming spring 2013 book. I can't believe it, but it's true. I honestly think this is my best book yet, everything about it excites me. Can't wait to share more details very soon... I have a phone call with my book publicist and editor scheduled for this Friday to start planning my upcoming book tour events for 2013. Let me know if you have any fantastic ideas or opportunities for our discussion.

Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago is literally right around the corner. I hope the attendance is beyond Vogue's expectations in Chicago because I want VKLive to come back to the Midwest again and again and again. I believe my classes are both sold out still but check if you are interested because you never know when someone needs to drop out at the last minute. Yesterday I finished the final little top-down baby cardigan for my class (photo above). Now I need to sit and write and edit patterns and polish up my handouts for the class. That's right, I am working right up to the last minute on this one as other deadlines have pushed things down to the wire. It is a new class for me so that makes it extra-fun and challenging.

I will be teaching this same class at some future venues so stay tuned for that. I just got a fun phone call yesterday about a potential Madison class in February 2013.

The tiny cherry buttons on the cardigan above are from a new favorite etsy shop, actually the same owner has two button shops. The buttons are all handmade and charming. I ordered a bunch and have more favorited on etsy for future baby projects. The button-maker extraordinaire corresponded with me to customize my order, which I didn't expect but enjoyed. Click here and here to see Ayarina's sweet button shops. One shop has fancier buttons and the other has simpler designs. You will love her work.

I keep hearing from people I have met before or who I know that are coming to both of my classes on Sunday, Oct. 28th in Chicago. That makes me smile and will make the classes even more fun. I always have some surprises up my sleeve for my classes so we'll see what I come up with this time. Can't wait!

I finished up the final String-a-long characters for my other VKLive class. We have frogs, monkeys and mice to choose from. If you are coming, bring colors in worsted weight yarn that will fit your animal of choice. Stripes and unusual colors are always welcome.

And just to throw in a little twist, I did this pint-size String-a-long Mouse in a sport weight (Quince & Co. Chickadee) on US size 3 needles. Instructions for this extra-tiny charmer with a loop on his tail for attaching to the bigger mice are included in the pattern.

All of the patterns for my VKLive classes will be available and published in the near future. I'll keep you posted.

Before I talk about what this handspun yarn has turned into, I want to mention two audio podcasts I have been enjoying. The first is 2 Knit Lit Chicks, a mother/daughter duo who knit like champs and read like crazy. First of all, I always love a mother/daughter chat. Tracie, the daughter, and Barb, the mother, have such a smart, sweet, and funny rapport. You can tell they get a kick out of each other and that is fun to hear. They knit and share about knitting but also I love their book choices and reviews. I long to have more time to read and this podcast lets me dream a little about the books I'd like to read. I highly recommend this podcast.

Click here for the 2 Knit Lit Chicks podcast site and blog!

Click here for the 2 Knit Lit Chicks Ravelry group! I'm a member.

Another brand new audio podcast that I love is TwinSet, recommended by Paula. This is an identical twin sister duo, Jan and Ellen. I have listened to the first two episodes and they are good! The banter is fun and funny. The content is smart, thoughtful, knitterly, organized and interesting. Both sisters are expert and experienced knitters and have diverse and interesting lives. All of this combined makes for a great show. One sister is in Minnesota and the other is in Pennsylvania. Anyway, they are off to a great start and I hope there will be lots more to come. Check this one out.

Click here for the TwinSet podcast site and blog!

Click here for the TwinSet Ravelry group! I'm a member.

Okay, on with the handspun in the photo above. I shared this Sunshine Yarns handspun a short while ago. I couldn't wait to knit it up into a shawl and here is a little preview:

I have the handspun version done and blocked. It is a beauty! My love for this shawl is over the top. The Quaker Ridge Shawlette is my first shawl design and this second shawl design has lots of new features, a garter tab start, new and simpler increases (I didn't realize how difficult the m1L/m1R increases are for some knitters), an airy stitch detail, and a swingy short ruffle with a delicate edging. It's so sweet looking now that it is dry and unpinned, better than I imagined. It is fun and easy to knit and in the end it is pretty adorable.

I am calling this one the Owen's Woods Shawlette. The pattern will be coming soon. It is a fingering weight shawlette. I am now knitting up another Owen's Woods Shawlette in some Brooklyn Tweed Loft (2 hanks, 550 yards, fingering weight) in the Long Johns colorway. I might add some beads to the bind off with this one. I'll keep you posted.

I am planning a mitten knitalong coming up in November. I have a new worsted weight mitten pattern coming out soon that will have several size options and a couple of variations. Mittens are winter knitting at its best.

Anyway, lots going on and lots to share coming in the near future. First things first though I have to get my classes all set and wrapped up because in less than two weeks I will be teaching at Vogue Knitting Live.

Let me know what your up and coming plans are for your knitting and otherwise. I'd love to hear about it.
best, susie
p.s. I am knitting these three shawls just for fun. Click here. Click here. Click here. Yarn and patterns for all three are in my hands now.


Debbie1085 said...

Susan... You're a bad influence. After seeing your blog, my knitting list grew longer and longer! The String Along Mice are so ADORABLE. Hopefully we would be able to purchase the patterns before Christmas so I can knit the mices for the little ones I know. I love the first shawl you have your hands on. So pretty!

Debbie1085 said...

Susan... You're a bad influence. After seeing your blog, my knitting list grew longer and longer! The String Along Mice are so ADORABLE. Hopefully we would be able to purchase the patterns before Christmas so I can knit the mices for the little ones I know. I love the first shawl you have your hands on. So pretty!

jill said...

Wow, I love the sneak peak at your new shawl and since I am shawl obsessed, I checked out the 3 you are knitting 4 fun - well, must make Ellison Bay because of my love for Door County and the Sweet Honey that is the name of our dog so a must do and the 3rd because it is gorgeous!! Thx for your enabling powers :>)

nanaelliott said...

Wow you are busy. Can't wait for your mitten knit along. My yarn and needles are ready!

Suzanne said...

You have incredible stamina, Susan!

Renee Anne said...

I recommend a trip to California. Just sayin'. Perhaps to Piedmont Yarn in Oakland or A Verb for Keeping Warm, also in Oakland...but if you don't want to go to Oakland, ImagiKnit is in San Francisco or there's Silk Road in Alameda or......

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I'd love to have you come visit Minnesota again! The Twin Cities misses you.

Kate Detwiler said...

Washington DC would love to have you! Fibre Space in Alexandria VA is very lovely. We could arrange for some sort of knit in while you are here.

leslie said...

And what about that adorable cardigan in your lead photo? Where can I find that pattern? The buttons are adorable.

leslie said...

Susan... where can I find the pattern for that adorable cardigan on your lead photo? THe buttons are perfect for it. I may have posted this question twice!

Tully Family said...

I'm excited for ths new shal pattern! I've enjoyed making up the Quaker Ridge shawl. :) Which yarn (& how much?) did you use from Sunshine Yarns for te one you picture above?

Stefanie said...

All of these FOs are wonderful, such eye candy to behold.
Love how your classes are sold out, rightfully so and these students will be in for a treat!

Brandi Schoch said...

I love the edges of the shawlette I can't wait to check out the pattern.

Deborah said...

Hello Susan
I am interested in your new shawl design. Loved knitting the Quaker Ridge Shawlette for my daughter in law. I will be watching for the mitten KAL. I am presently knitting mittens for a customer. Once these are finished I am looking forward to Christmas mitten knitting for family.
Love reading your blog!

Susan B. Anderson said...

To The Tully Family - the yarn is handspun fingering weight for the Owen's Woods Shawlette. I used 470 yards. I am knitting another one in Brooklyn Tweed's Loft, which is a fingering weight yarn to see how much yardage i use when it's not a fingering weight.

I'll keep you posted!

Susan B. Anderson said...

Leslie - The baby cardigan is for my VKLive class but the pattern will be published in the future. I'll keep you posted!

idiosyncratic eye said...

Oooh. :)

Paula Bannon said...

Hi Susan, My library in Elizabethtown, PA would LOVE to have you come visit! We have two knitting groups that meet there on a regular basis (a teen knitting group and an adult group). We're only 10 minutes from Hershey, PA and there's also two local yarn shops close by that I'm sure would love to come play with us. Everyone would be so excited if you decide to come visit us in Central PA.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you!!! And excited for the new designs. Thanks, as always, for sharing & inspiring.

Kristin said...

Good morning, Susan. As usual your projects are inspiring! Can't wait to see your new book and the little cardigan that is shown above. I am hoping that you will consider a visit to Arizona a a part of your tour. Think about being in the desert during the winter months! JUST Saying..:)

Kristin said...

Good morning, Susan. Once again you inspire! Can't wait to see your new book. Hope that you might consider a visit to Arizona as a part of your tour. Think about being in the desert during the winter months...just saying! It could be a great break from the blizzards!! Jessica Knits in Scottsdale, Tempe Yar and Fiber in Tempe or... We would welcome you!

GerryART said...

Enabler, enabler ! ! !
You're doing an excellent of enabling.

I love the Mousie. He's soooo adorable.

Thanks for the peak at this shawl edge. It's truly gorgeous, Susan.

Great post, with lots of wonderful news!!!



twinsetellen said...

Putting in another call for a trip to the Twin Cities - I'd love to see you in person!

The new shawl edge is just lovely - I can't wait to see the whole piece.

And, thanks for the shout out on the podcast. It is a thrill when someone we admire takes an interest. :-)

twinsetjan said...

Susan, thanks so much for mentioning our podcast...I had a definite fangirl moment when I read the post! And I admonished myself for not keeping up with my blog reading! We're so pleased that you enjoyed the debut of TwinSet Designs...and we'll try to keep the standards high so you are glad you listen! All the best!

twinsetjan said...

BTW, I'm nearby to Paula from Elizabethtown, so would gladly help coordinate a visit in the surrounds!