Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milk Cow Pattern is Now Available!

Hi Knitters,
This is just a quick post to let you know I have now put the pattern for the Milk Cow in my Ravelry Pattern Shop!

Click here for the Ravelry project page for the Milk Cow pattern!

The pattern was originally published in Knit Circus Holiday Gifts Issue 2011 and now the rights have reverted back to me so I am able to sell the pattern to you.

This cow is adorable and comes with an udder option. I think it is funny that I designed another cow and I got complaints that there wasn't an udder. This time I made sure to include all parts.

Milk Cow is available only in my Ravelry Pattern Store and the price is $4.50! Click on the button if you are interested in finding out more:

That's it for today. I will be back to share a sweater project I finished awhile ago but never shared. It is a fun one.
best, susie


Barb said...

Milk Cow is 'udderly' adorable! I'm in love with her!

I'm happy to know she's back where she truly belongs.

Toni said...

Udderly charming! (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Cambria Washington said...

I swear...you make the best knitted toys ever! I'm struggling to contain myself now that I know someone who's having a baby :)

Kar said...

Way too cute Susan!

JayJay said...

How cute! I guess people really want their cows to be anatomically correct! LOL

Lucy Chen said...

I love the Milk Cow and I've already made one for Alan.

Pat H. said...

Way too cute!

Editor Mom said...

Unbelievably cute. I wish I was a 1000x faster knitter so I could whip out all your adorable knitted toys.

TopChamp said...

Love it - had been struggling to find inspiration to pick up needles after the Xmas season but this has piqued my interest. Very cool cow.