Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thrumming and Spinning

Hi Knitters,
I am thrumming away on a mitten. I am finally making thrummed mittens which is something I have wanted to try for a long time. It is very fun and something you might like to do if you need a lot of warmth from your mittens. In Wisconsin you always need warm mittens in the winter so these are perfect. To make the thrums you create small 3-inch loops of roving to knit into the fabric as you work. It is very simple to do.

The loops are on the inside for an extra layer of woolly warmth. The yarn is Malabrigo. I'll tell you more about this project when I get a complete pair.

For some fun and quick spinning I recently spun up some Sunshine Yarns roving into a super bulky 2-ply yarn. The color name is Whipped Mocha. It is 100 yards and the interesting thing is that it is a wool and Tencel blend. The Tencel gives it quite a sheen as you can see. I have never knit with Tencel and when I ordered this fiber I didn't realize it was a Tencel blend. That's good though because I like trying new things.

I now have learned that I don't enjoy spinning with Tencel. It is fiber made from wood pulp cellulose that has a silky texture (I looked it up). It was shedding all over when I spun. I was literally covered in fiber after spinning with this roving and fiber was floating around the room and it was all over my chair. The end result is beautiful but I don't think I will use Tencel again for spinning. 

I will make a big, chunky cowl with this yarn. It is really soft and squishy.

You learn by trying new things and that's what I love about creating. 

Christmas is almost here and I am so excited to be home with my family over the holidays!! It is going to be a good year. Where are you spending this holiday season? Are you home or away?
best, susie


Lilibet said...

I have just done this with a pair of mittens for my son who has very severe winters in Austria! I quite enjoyed thrumming away.They feel lovely when they are complete! Wishing you & yours a very happy christmas.x

Brandi said...

I'm working on some thrummed half-finger mitts for working with my angora rabbits. I decided to thrum with raw angora fiber for extra warmth.

Phyllis said...

Your handspun is going to make a beautiful cowl. I'm very new to spinning so thank you for the info about Tencel. I will have to try it myself someday but maybe I'll spin it outside.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I made my first pair last year with Noro yarn and a lovely roving that complimented it well. In NE Ohio we get tons of snow, and you are right~ we need those thrummed mittens! Looking forward to seeing the finished ones!

Laura said...

I love thrummed mittens! I knit myself a pair and then knit some for family & friends who would appreciate them. Sadly I left my pair on a streetcar this month but that means I can knit another pair for me!

Michelle Elise said...

I've never heard of thrumming before, what a great concept! I live in Milwaukee (and even though we don't have any snow right now) these would be perfect for a typical winter!

Happy holidays Susan! I'm heading to Florida with family this weekend.

Kepanie said...

What sheen that Tencel has. Chunky cowl is such a must. Good for you on goals to make one for yourself.
We always go to my mum's. Be nice w/her newly renovated kitchen and shiny hardwood floors. I'm in charge of dry rub ribs. My girls are excited!