Thursday, June 02, 2011

One of a Kind

Hi Knitters,
A quick note, I am interviewed on the Never Not Knitting podcast episode #51 that was just released today. Alana Dakos is one of my knitting favorites. She is talented, cute and funny. I love her designs and I love her podcast. She is one of a kind and a good one to watch.

Click here to listen or download the episode!

Alana will be hosting a Spud & Chloƫ giveaway, too. Check out her blog for more information on that.

I finished a little spinning this week. Isn't it fun? I love the colors, deep and light blues, purple, green, rusty red. It is the darkest fiber I have spun. The fiber is from Dyeabolical Yarns. Click here to see her yarns and fibers - you won't be disappointed.
This is a super wash wool. I got 334 yards of a two-ply fingering weight yarn. This is pretty good considering on my first bobbin the yarn broke and I couldn't find the end. It became a bit of a mess while I was trying to unsuccessfully find the end. Anyway, a bit of it got wasted so I was pleased with the yardage.
I wanted to make a new pair of socks so that is what I am doing. I think the cuff will have to be about 5 inches to make sure I have enough. The handspun is working up like a dream. I'll keep you posted on my one of a kind yarn and socks.
My one of a kind, funny, sweet nephew turned 8 years old last weekend. I love his Star Wars swim suit and I don't want him to ever outgrow it. We had a big and boisterous family gathering to celebrate this occasion at my sister's house. She lives on a lake so the kids were out boating and tubing after dinner and before presents and cake. They came in from the lake all wet and happy.

My sister gave my nephew a Nerf Gun that blasts 20 darts in one blast! (My sister and I think it is funny to give gifts like this to our siblings' children for birthdays.) I gave my nephew the Hex Bugs with a track and a battle station. It had lots of parts. My sister and I had a good laugh at my brother's expense. It's all done with sincere love.
My sister made a one of a kind and beautiful and yummy lemon layer cake with butter cream frosting topped with juicy red raspberries. She is a talent in the kitchen like you wouldn't believe.

Summer is here, my friends!
best, susie


Miss Julep said...

Yumm! I want some cake AND some of your gorgeous hand spun!!

Kepanie said...

The colors of your handspun remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason :O). They seem to glow.
What delicious cake there. Love lemony goodies. William Sonoma sold Star Wars themed cookie cutters and aprons last holiday for the hardcore enthusiasts. Your gift exchange reminds me of my youngest aunt and her friends. They would gift each other kids loud and obnoxious toys.

Judi A. said...

Pretty, pretty yarn!

Sara in WI said...

Your handspun isn't beginning yarn anymore!
Nice work and gorgeous color!

Sara said...

FUNNY! I do that with my newphews too! I just got my brother's son a spiderman glove that shoots silly string everywhere - tee hee!

Dyeabolical said...

Lovely spinning, Susan! Mind if I snag a picture and put it in my June FO blogpost?

Jonathan Weaver said...

Thats some cool colored yarn. Want to make me some socks ;)

Suzanne said...

Hi Susan,
I listened to your interview with Alana and loved hearing about how Spud & Chloe on the Farm came about. It's such an extensive process to go from concept to finished book! I hadn't realized that you did all the writing and knitting for it. Gasp! I know many knitting designers farm out the pieces. My favorite part of the interview was your answer to Alana about how you get it all done. No doubt from what you said and what you do that indeed you are a very hard worker. I think sometimes people want a magic pill to make it all happen, not realizing that hard work, early rising (or late nights) and prioritizing are key.

I have read the Spud & Chloe blog for a while and always appreciate your patterns and style. Oh, and one more thought. I looked up Hop. I seriously cannot believe that he is done in one piece. Wow! What ingenious construction! It makes me want to try it out. Thanks!

Speattle said...

Cake please.....NOW!

Z of ZKNITZ said...

That cake looks delicious. I bet it was.

I'm also working on a pair of socks..but this is my first time trying to knit socks, so my yarn isn't as thin as yours. I don't think it's even sock yarn, but I figure for my first pair I can use what I want.

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks gorgeous! Love those colors. And that cakes looks yummy, I wouldn't mind a slice..........or two:)