Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Los Calcetines

Hi Knitters,
Friday, June 17th! Mark your calendars, if interested, I will be on the "WGN Midday Fix" in Chicago. It is a Chicago based show that plays nationally. If you'd like to watch please check and see if your tv market gets this show. My itinerary shows that I will be on the live tv segment at 11:45am.

Next on Friday, June 17th I will be at Nina: a well-knit shop from 5-7pm for a casual drop-in meet and greet and book signing. There will be refreshments, raffle prizes and the Spud & Chloƫ at the Farm trunk show and more! More? Guess what, my books will be 20% off during the signing and Nina has all four of them available for purchase.

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nina: a well-knit shop
1655 west division street
chicago, illinois 60622
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I hope to see you there! This is one sleek, beautiful yarn shop.

Calcetines means socks in Spanish. My high school Spanish student, Peachy, told me so. On my trip to TNNA last weekend I knit the sock you see above. It is out of my own handspun fingering weight superwash wool. I am loving the deep blue heathery stripes.
Here is my start on the second sock. I am finding more and more that when I travel a simple stockinette stitch sock seems to be my project of choice. Not long ago I would bring bigger and complicated projects to travel with. I would even do design work on the plane and in the airports. I can't seem to do that any longer and I am not sure why. Maybe I am too tired or something.

The roving used to make the yarn and sock above is from Dyeabolical. It is completely dreamy and I have been wearing my one sock around the house quite a bit. Handspun socks seem to go quicker than manufactured sock yarns to me, although I am pretty sure that is in my head.
Miss Molly is chugging right along with her new knitting skills. She worked up this pair of superwash dk weight socks in no time at all. I really can't believe how well she is doing. She started knitting at the end of last summer. What I love the most about Miss Molly is that she is fearless. She has now cast on her first sweater and her first pair of fingering weight socks.
I can't say enough about this gorgeous soft green pair of squishy socks. The yarn is Mama Llama's DK Sock in the self-striping colorway called, River. Molly used 2 skeins, US size 4 dpns and cast on 48 stitches to start. I have had this yarn for years and I have no idea if it is still available. I did purchase it at the Woolgirl.
Just look at Miss Molly's cute socks and feet. Don't those look comforting? I'll keep you posted on her progress. She keeps thanking me but I am thanking her. To see a new talented young knitter develop from scratch is one of the greatest joys I have known. I am honored to be her knitting mentor as she is the kind of student anyone dreams about. She is quick, smart and a bit of a perfectionist (just the right amount). Molly is motivated and fun. To see knitting through her eyes makes me remember being new and young to knitting all over again. I was unstoppable and so is Molly.

Hope to see you in Chicago on Friday!
best, susie


Kelly said...

Have fun in Chicago! I so enjoyed meeting you and seeing your toys in person there last year! I liked seeing your socks, and Molly's too!, in this post. She did an amazing job! I just completed my first pair of socks last night.

Kepanie said...

Fantastic sock yarn for the both of you! All of my favorite colors that I like to wear! I like reading your opinion of a simple stockinette sock for on the go knitting. I'll have to try that one day. It's been a simple, garter stitch scarf for Jo-Bean here :O).

Tully Family said...

Okay, all the sock pictures are beginning to motivate me to try knitting a pair!

You MUST come to Atlanta, GA!!!! My favorite knitting store is The Whole Nine Yarns: COME!!!

Megan said...

I just have to tell you that I love how you describe her socks as comforting!
That pretty much sums up why we knit.
Best wishes for you on your travels!

Barb said...

I'm starting to think I should knit a pair of socks too. I always think that I'll put all that work into a pair and then they won't stay up in place. (don't you just hate sock that fall down?)

Molly's socks are beautiful (so is she!) - now I'm inspired to give it a try. thanks!

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Miss Molly is a super-talented knitter - I can't believe those are her first socks. I didn't even get a matching pair on my first attempt :)

toni in florida said...

Yay for new knitting converts and their fearlessness! Yay for you "recruiting" her! Yay for young knitters!

Yay for Molly's gorgeous socks! And triple yay for your gorgeous sock yarn!!

A final yay for your post, which made me so happy!