Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Baby and a Farm Book

Hi Knitters,
There is not much more that needs to be said. A baby reading a farm animal book may be one of the best things ever on this earth. Hannah Fettig's son is as cute as they come.
The sweet chubby fingers, the squishy hands, those cheeks, the little animal noises,
I mean... LOVE. Look at that intense studying of the piglet.

These are my most favorite photos of the new book thus far. So good.

I am so honored that the always adorable and stunningly talented Hannah Fettig is hosting a stop on the Spud & Chloƫ at the Farm blog tour. There is a giveaway for the book as well. Thank you, Hannah, for making my day.

Hop on over to leave a comment to enter to win a copy of the book or just to look around at Hannah's wonderfulness in general:
best, susie


Kepanie said...

Adorable! I love how his baby chub finger is all touching the pictures and he's talking about them.

Creative Design said...

Just LOOK at that face! You couldn't ask for more!


Caryn said...

My almost 4 yr old insisted on taking the book to daycare one day. I was hesitant to let him but told his daycare provider that there was a story throughout the book. At the end of the day she commented on how cute the patterns were so they must have read the story!

Joanne said...

Wonderful photos - they drew lots of lovely comments from the children gathered here looking :)

Paul said...

Are you coming out west on the book tour? You know we would love to have you at The Wool Cabin!

Mandy said...

How adorable!
I am signed up for your class in Lexington, KY and so looking forward to seeing you!!!