Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The One

Hi Knitters,
Well, each year I adore gathering everyone up in their warmest knits and coats and driving to a nearby Christmas tree farm to cut our family tree. This year was particularly wonderful because the first snowfall had just happened so there was a fresh coat of white sparkly and crunchy snow at the farm.
What a crew. We looked for what seemed like an extra-long time this year to find the perfect tree. In the end we picked a tree that seemed to somehow balloon in width when unleashed in our tiny living room. It is a laughably fat tree for the space but we love it anyway.
It was a gorgeous day at the farm.
My husband is always the saw-man. See that hat? It is knit in the brand new Spud & Chloƫ Sweater colorway called, Barn (it will be available very soon). It is the perfect bright red and my husband, being the Badger that he is, picked it for his new hat.There was much debate and discussion about the tree selection. The problem is that once you leave a tree you are never able to find it again. We found that out in a hurry.
The trees were covered in such a heavy wet snow which made every branch bend with the weight.
It could not have been better out there.
My sons wore their Surefire Hats. I know I say it every year but these are their all-time favorite hats. They have worn only this hat since I have made them which is now years ago. I made a third hat because one time my son couldn't find his Surefire hat only to find it again later. It is good to have a spare anyway.

It makes me happy to see my teenage boys loving something handknit.

Peachy is wearing the Bella's (Twilight) Eclipse Hat I made for her. Click here for the pattern information.

TC is wearing the Stripey Stocking Hat from Itty-Bitty Hats. It is the largest size in the book and it fits her just fine. Here is the Ravelry Project page link. Here is the book link. This is her favorite hat and just like the boys it has been her favorite for many, many years.

On another note, my oldest son had a birthday recently. He is nineteen which is hard to believe. We had a great family celebration for him that included Thanksgiving leftovers. Perfect! He is our buddy and we are so lucky and thankful to have him close to home. Our time together is even more precious now that he is at college. He pops in and out and we love the time he is in. We are looking forward to a long winter break with him under our roof again.
TC has made two more hats for charity. Here is a Christmas themed hat with a little glitz. She uses yarn she picks out from the church charity group. She really loves this one.
This is her second hat to donate. She made the poms to look like little ears. It is tiny and sweet. TC and that charity knitting.... she is on fire.

That's it for now. Have a good end to the week everyone.
best, susie


Kekumukula said...

I had forgotten you had this tradition, Susan. What a beautiful one this is. It's so cool and wonderful how your ohana wear your hats.
I finally saw Eclipse and told my mama, "That hat's on Ravelry."
I love the pom pom hat TC made.

bridget bosch said...

don't you know that you need to leave one of your kids by the "perfect" tree so you can always find it again? LOL--My parents would make one or two of us wait by a tree while they scoped out one more (always within earshot or eye's view) when we'd go cut down trees for Christmas. I can remember some really cold WI winters searching for the perfect tree; and they ALWAYS end up being bigger than they look once they are home!!

Armida said...

How fun!! We used to have a similar tradition getting our tree, but we've given it up due to many different circumstances. During the later years, it was always me and my Dad's thing to get the tree, we had a lot of fun times! I really miss having a real tree, they're so very special. Enjoy yours!! It looks like a good one :-)

Lucy said...

What a wonderful holiday season with the snow! Perhaps I can ask your advice on raising kids? Toddlers and teenagers?
I'm so looking forward to the new colours. I love bright red.

Judi A. said...

What I love about TC's hats is they are the same but they are different. She is one creative gal and it touches my heart that she has such a giving heart. :-)

LittleMissEclectic said...

I love the little pom pom's.
We are missing trudging through the snow to find a tree this year since we've moved south. It's just not the same. Thanks for letting me live a little through you.

bitten78 said...

I love seeing all the great pictures of your family! I am new to knitting, but my 3 kids all got hats first thing and the fact that they love them and sometimes won't take them off is so much fun for me! It is an accomplishment to have an 8yo son wear a homemade hat to school! he even had me make him a santa hat for the Christmas parade. our family is still on the young side with a 3 and 4 year old and we are feeling our way through traditions that seem to not be so popular these days as every one buys prelit fake trees, and family doesn't mean the same to everyone. I am so grateful for not only your knitting expertise but to see that hopefully 10 years from now my little ones will still be getting together and having fun just like your family.

Charles said...

We do some work for a yak farmer, and he also has a tree farm. So, when he brings his live yak to us, he also brings a Christmas tree in the trailer. We "trade" for the work that we do. He always picks out a special tree for us and this year it even has yak fur on the trunk! I'm thinking of trading for some yarn!