Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Birthday Boy

Hi Knitters,
My second son turned 17 years old last weekend. That suddenly sounds old. Why does 17 sound so much older than 16? It's not right. We had a fun family-filled day together to celebrate his birthday. It was a day of eating good food, lots of outdoor time and simply being together. That's my favorite.

I have to say that birthdays get harder as the kids get older. I can't explain it exactly. It's like you hear the clock ticking. As my children grow into young adults I just look at them with amazement. I somehow can't believe the young man standing next to me is actually my child. Parenting is hard, hard work but the pay off is like nothing else.

This birthday boy is full of endless surprises and interests and creative endeavors. He has a boundless energy that he dedicates to his interests so easily. I admire that. He is full of life. That is the best way to describe him. He never shies away from a challenge or from hard work. He pitches in without being asked. I love that. He is inspiring to be around.

In the morning I hugged and kissed my big, warm, rumpled teenager right when he woke up to wish him a happy birthday. Nowadays I have to reach way up to get my arms around his neck. Every year on the kids' birthdays I always tell them that the dates of their births signify the best four days of my life. I want them to know. I am simply glad they are here.

Edited right after I wrote this post to add:
I just got off the phone with this son calling from school. Here is how the conversation went:

Son: Hi, Ma. I volunteered to bring a snack tomorrow for homeroom. I thought I'd let you know early. (He considers noon the day before to be early:).

Me: Okay, I'll think of something. Have a good afternoon.

Son: Oh, and the snack has to start with the letter B. I gotta go. Bye.

Me: What? Wait the letter B? How many do you need?

Son: Not very many, maybe 30-40. Bye. I've got class.

That sums it up. And yes, he calls me Ma.
Now for some knitting, Peachy finished her first hat. It is knit in Blue Sky Worsted Cotton in about the best shade of pink on earth, Lotus #617. Truly. She is very proud. We sat and watched Elf (our favorite movie) together the other night and I helped her finish the top of her hat. She decided on the stem and leaf to top it off.

She's already started her second hat in a dusky shade of pale blue called Sky in the Blue Sky Worsted Cotton. It is a beautiful color.
Miss Molly (my oldest son's girlfriend) has more knitting progress to report as well. She finished her first scarf in no time at all. Super bulky Spud & Chloƫ Outer in Soapstone, 3 skeins, US size 17 needles, 14 stitches cast on, worked in garter stitch are the perfect ingredients for a cozy winter scarf. This is the best beginner scarf ever. How cute is she? I can't get over it.
Miss Molly has also finished up her third baby hat. This one is the Multi-Cotton from Blue Sky in Gherkin (love that). It has the most gorgeous shades of green. We added a sweet stem and leaf on this one, too.

Miss Molly already has another adult-sized hat on the needles in Spud & Chloƫ Sweater in Turtle. She has now learned how to purl so she can do a ribbed edging. On fire.

I love to see the young ones eating up the knitting. What is it about knitting that captures the curiosity in people? I want to bottle that up somehow.
best, susie


Julie said...

Okay, I am still very jealous. I tried casting on with some circular needles the other day to make the simple baby hat in your book. I can cast on (simple), but after that, the yarn takes on a bitter attitude and tightens up on me (on the circular needles), and I can't work with it. These girls put me to shame. :) Wonder what I am doing wrong? You need to come live with me for about a week.

Betz White said...

snacks that start with B: bananas, butterfingers, baked lays...this is a hard assignment!

Betz White said...

P.S. I was just given the assignment of buying supplies for "S'mores for 40" for a cub scout meeting tomorrow!

justthreadtwiddling said...

My older son calls me 'Ma" as well. Never understood why! He is approaching his (GASP! IT"S NOT POSSIBLE) 38th birthday in November. While I miss the babies, it is very gratifying to have raised really nice people!

Karen said...

B=brownies. Pretty easy and always a big hit:)

AmyS said...

Congratulations! Adn what a wonderful thing to see how Molly is coming along with her knitting.

The very best B snack is, of course, brownies, but you could also do biscotti, bagels, bourekas (little pastries that come with various fillings like potato, cheese, etc). I'm sure you've already come up with something!

Sandee said...

I want to know what that delicious looking pie with the candles is! My youngest son (who is the same age as your oldest son and just began college too), always prefers pie to cake on his birthday. Chocolate pie!

Last year we did both cakes and pie. He had a party with lots of his highschool friends here and we needed lots of food.

His birthday is Halloween, so we always have fun with the party decorations.

KarenJ said...

I adored my baby. I miss my sunshiny little girl like crazy but I'm extraordinarily proud and love to bits the woman (32 next week or so ) she has become! Hurrah! (notice that I kinda didn't mention those teenage years.)

lapdogknits said...

Love to see new knitters enjoying themselves

lapdogknits said...

Love to see new knitters enjoying themselves

amy said...

this is a crazy question but what do you use to 'model' your baby hats? i'm looking for something and yours seems to work great!

thanks in advance

coffeechris said...

Such a great way you describe your second son, all those wonderful qualities will take him so far in life. Thanks for adding your phone conversation - it sounds so much like my son...he calls me "Ma", too. In fact I get texts from him that say Love you Ma and it touches my heart, because I can "hear" him say it in the written word. They get old way too quick, but keep getting better and better. So nice to share love of parenting we kindred spirits like you Susan.

Ally Johnston said...

I think in a age where everything is so instant it's still nice to feel part of the creation process. To know that good things take time to make. Great seeing how well everyone's knitting

Lulu said...

I hope one day to get your itty bitty hats book...I love all the hat pics you post..The scarf is lovely..
keep the pics coming..i just learned how to knit a baby hat, and so far i have done about 6..i love it..
glad your son had a great birthday.
take care,

Kathleen said...

I agree with you about the kids and birthdays thing. My second is about to turn, gulp, 21 and I still cannot believe it. Our family tradition is that we tell them the story of their birth (we leave out the gross parts) and even though they say they don't want to hear it...we always get reminded that we have to "tell the story." Oh..you gotta love those phone calls from your kids. How about the text from my 16 year old: "mom, i have literally never been so bored at school....pleeeaaasssee come pick me up" I didn't, of course.

Lucy said...

How strange and wonderful it feels to see your own child grow up to such a big boy or man, should I say!

Alan is only 7 months and he's so much bigger than when he was a newborn. Weighting 10kg now, I can't believe how tiny he was 7 months ago, weighting no more than 3 kg, and looking so fragile!

Molly's hats are very very well done! How talented she is! A new knitter? Wow! The green shade of this Blue Sky Multi Cotton yarn is so nice. But what a shame Chinese people cannot wear green hats! haha!