Friday, July 09, 2010

Skirts, Anyone?

Hi Knitters,
The 4th of July has come and gone. We celebrated at my sister's house with a feast and a family gathering. The girls had flags painted on their nails. Their friend, who is only 13, did the nail designs for them. She is like having a salon next door. She does hair, make-up and nails for the girls at the drop of the hat. I keep telling her that some day we will all be coming to her salon.
My sister called me the other day to tell me that there is a new store on Monroe Street in Madison. She told me that there is a rack of skirts on the sidewalk and that they looked incredibly cute. I couldn't pass that up so I popped in and was happy to see that the owner is none other than Orangy Porangy! That's right, she's opened her own shop right here in town.
Her shop is called Zip-Dang, Handmade Menagerie and Vintage Boutique. She has handmade skirts out of vintage and other fabrics, t-shirts, paper goods, vintage plate sets, artwork, eyeglasses, necklaces, magnets, bags, cool flea market home furnishings.... It is all gorgeous and handmade and fun. For the knitters out there, it is right next to the Knitting Tree! You could pop in both shops in no time at all.

My sister and I burst out laughing when we both showed up wearing our new Orangy Porangy Opal style skirts (which you can also order online) for the 4th of July gathering.
For the blog for the shop and website click here! One interesting and knitterly side note is that Debbie Stoller loves these skirts. She has featured them in Bust magazine and has worn an Opal skirt on tv before for interviews. The skirts have also been worn on Jimmy Fallon's late night show by the bassist, Kim Coletta, for Jawbox. It's all on the blog if you are interested. There is a famous scientist sporting the skirts around, too. It's an interesting mix:)

I am holding a second skirt that is owned by my sister. She looked so cute in her skirt she had to have a second. My skirt is summery so I'll have to get a couple more for fall and winter wearing. It will be the perfect excuse to pop back in the shop. Plus, Zip-Dang may be my new shop for gift shopping. There is a little something for any occasion and I love to shop at locally owned stores.
You can see the colors better here. I'm a total skirt girl. I live in skirts and these are quickly becoming my favorites! I love that Orangy Porangy is Madison based. The creator and her husband live right down the street from the shop. They have a shop set up at the Saturday morning farmers markets, too, right at the top of State Street on the square. Monroe Street, where the shop is located, is such a great neighborhood-y area. There is something for everyone on this fun eating and shopping street. Some of our favorite local restaurants (Pizza Bruta, Pasqual's and more) are just a few blocks away from Zip-Dang and the famous local custard shop, Michael's, is right across the street. For our anniversary my husband and I rented a canoe at Knickerbocker, also right across the street from Zip-Dang, for an hour and enjoyed a paddle around Lake Wingra. There is so much to do down there. Trader Joe's is right in the middle of the action, too. If you are in town don't miss out on Monroe Street.

I'll end the week with a few more fun things to look at!

I'm making this sweater from the new issue of Knitty, Mythos in Madelinetosh Sock in Tart! Here is the designer's blog post about the sweater. I think this is my favorite pattern in the bunch this time around on Knitty. There are lots of other interesting patterns as well. I think the construction of Mythos is what sold me right away. You make two halves and kitchener them together down the back. I love doing the kitchener stitch for some weird reason and I've never done it down the back of a sweater before.

Quince & Co. is a new yarn and pattern company. It is gorgeous! It's Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge so I would expect nothing less than the exquisite yarn and pattern line being offered. Congrats to all involved!

Carrie's blog is fantastic and fun. This is a new find for me.

I am making this sweater after seeing Amanda's gorgeous review and yarn recommendation. This should go fast on size 13 needles.

I like this big comfy cardigan, too! I would love an entire sweater in Manos wool. Wouldn't you?

Finally, my new free pattern is up on Spud says! It is a simple and quick pillow called Cush. It's perfect for your couch or for your child's bed or a sleepover pillow to pack in an overnight bag! You can whip this one up in no time at all.

Have a good Friday and weekend everyone. The weather is so beautiful today. The humidity has vanished.
best, susie


Amanda said...

How in the world did I miss this sweet shop? My knitting group meets at Barriques on Monroe! But I can't wait till our next group knit to check this place out... it looks adorable! Love the skirts!

Betz White said...

I love orangyporangy! And of course you know I love Monroe street. What I would give to live there again! Thanks for reminding me about her skirts. I'll have to put them on my wish list!

Ólöf said...

Those totes are amazing just a little pricy for me.
I LOVE the skirts!!!
My gosh there are just too many great things in your post today.
You are making me want to move from Tulsa to Maine.

Jessica Cornman said...

Love those skirts!!! Thanks for all the fun if you could only figure out how we could squeeze about 6 more hours into our days....:)

Kristin said...

Thanks for pointing Zip-Dang out. I was at Michael's earlier in the week and was wondering what the new shop was with all of the skirts in the window. I will definitely have to stop by!

Elise said...

OMIGOSH! I love orangy porangy and got hooked on their stuff via your blog, and now I will be able to visit the store as my oldest son just got his first real paying job in ....Madison/Verona, Wisconsin!!!!

Cant wait to visit!

Linda said...

Susie - You sent the humidity to Texas!!

I love love love your blog! This post was jam packed full of inspiration.... from the flag nail polish to the new yarns.
Can't wait to cast on for Cush.... so I'm doing that this morning with a stash yarn. When knitting a swatch last month I had noticed how perfect it would look in my family room! Now to get some Outer to coordinate.

Sara in WI said...

Thanks for the great blog post full of lots of money spending ideas. Now you must post where I can find some money to spend on those skirts!! We could be twins!

Laura said...

I love kitchener too! Can't wait to see your version of Mythos!

fort nest said...

Thanks for your kind words about Quince & Co. and my blog! So nice.