Friday, December 11, 2009

Move Over Clapotis, Gina's Snooty Snood is in Town!

Hi Knitters,
I will select the winner for the Giraffe yarn giveaway tomorrow so there is still time to enter if you haven't yet. I need to gather up some additional goodies for the winner, too. I'm thinking a Pom Tree should definitely be thrown in due to all of those Giraffe pom-poms that need to be made. I think I have an extra one of those to include in the prize. Check back tomorrow to see if you won.

Side note: Before I start in on the cowl, those are my new fingerless mitts that Rachel Russ knitted as a gift for me when I went to Anoka last month. I love these light but warm mitts. They are spectacular and are knitted up in Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri in Earl Gray #905. My understanding is that this is going to be a free pattern for Blue Sky. I will tell you where to get the pattern when it comes out. You will want to make these.

Okay, you may remember (or not) that I am huge fan of Kate Gilbert's Clapotis wrap. I have one version that I knitted at least a couple of years ago and a second version that is still on the needles from over a year ago. Gotta finish that one. I have worn my Clapotis to death. I love it more than I can say and I always will. You should make one of these. Yes to that, it is a must have piece.

However, there is a new girl in town and her name is, The Snooty Snood! The Snooty Snood is designed by Gina Hills, a Tulsa knitter who works at Loops. I think the name of the design is so funny. There is nothing snooty about the Tulsa knitters I met, they are a friendly, welcoming crowd for sure.

This cowl can be pulled up as a hood or simply wrapped generously around your neck. You have to make one of these or many of these and I am not kidding. My enthusiasm for this quick knit project is running so incredibly high and I couldn't wait to share it with you. Do not walk, RUN to get this pattern! You can order it from Loops where they have the yarn to purchase right on the same page, talk about easy! OR you can download it from Ravelry here.
I made my husband take these photos of me in the Snooty Snood before he left for work today. He was in a rush so I took what I could get.
Isn't he funny? I love how I am down in the corner of this shot. It's more like a shot of the side of our house. You can see the cowl down there somewhere, right?
Here's how I happened upon this project. When I was in Tulsa at Loops last week. I noticed this pattern was really hot in their shop. It had been written up in their local paper and I saw the article on a table. The designer, Gina, had gone out to lunch with me and I really was impressed by her enthusiasm and love of knitting which was obvious as she happily helped customers at the shop. She is a talented gem, a little bundle of energy. Plus, she is just cute and nice. I didn't even know this was her pattern until I mentioned that I wanted to knit a Snooty Snood.
Gina and Shelley generously gave me the pattern for free and I grabbed some yarn and needles so I could knit on my long trip home. I knitted like mad on the plane and in the airports, rarely even putting it down the entire time. I pretty much finished it up but hadn't seamed it together. Yesterday, before I ran off to my sons' band concert I stitched it together and threw it on. I got so many compliments and a lot of people touching my Snooty Snood while I was wearing it. I didn't blame them a bit. It is bunchy, soft goodness, I can't keep my hands off of it either.

I am thoroughly in love with EVERYTHING about my Snooty Snood. In fact, I had intended to give this as a Christmas gift and now I am selfishly keeping it for myself. It is scrunchy, lush, gorgeous, warm, comfy.... oh, I love. Please make one of these for yourselves or for loved ones. It is gorgeous. I have not jumped on the cowl bandwagon up until the Snooty Snood. I haven't found one that I even liked until now. This is it! Now I want to start designing cowls and only cowls but it would be hard to top Gina's delicious design.

I made mine in the suggested Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed in color # 2055. The yarn is a perfect match. Now I have to tell you, the pattern suggests three skeins and I didn't even use 2 full skeins. I have a tiny bit left on the second skein and I knitted it to the full length. I knit on US size 13, 24-inch circulars, Addi Turbos, of course. I didn't even block mine. I love the texturey, homey look just as it is.
Don't you want to dive in? Get this pattern, knit the Snooty Snood up and enjoy it to no end just like I am. Yay to Gina Hills! You are fabulous and fun!! Congratulations on this fantastic, quick and simple design. It is killer! Wicked good! Delicious! Fun!

Okay, enough already, right? Did I link the project enough for you? You get the message. I haven't been so excited about a pattern and a knit for a long time. Also, I don't even knit for myself anymore, ever, ever, ever. This drove me to knit something for myself and I am so glad that I did. What a treat!

Thanks, Gina and Loops for sharing your talents. Now go knit a Snooty Snood!
best, susie
p.s. I kept typing in Snotty Snood and having to go back and fix it. Hopefully I caught them all.


Britni :) said...

What a great commercial for Loops!!! Your post cracked me up. I am with you. I just recently knitted myself a cowl and I love them. They are very practical but gorgeous!

Connie, the daisyhead said...

I am steeped in Christmas knitting, and here you are tempting me! Bad, Susan! :o)

must not listen, must not listen...yet. ;o)

Shelley Brander said...

Wow!!! You made Gina's day with this surprise post, she is so excited! We are so, so lucky to have her. You look fabulous in the Snood (not snooty at all :) And most of all, Susan, I am thrilled to hear you have knitted something for yourself. You work so hard and share so much of yourself with the knitting world, you need to treat yourself to some knitting time now and again. Wishing you a merry, snood-y Christmas!

Ruth said...

They just don't get any better than Loops, Shelley, and Gina! The Snood is great and yours turned out beautiful! Love the color.

Gina Marie said...

Susan, you are too kind. I love your DH pictures of you in your Snooty Snood. My sweetheart is much the same in the photo department.
We just loved your visit to Tulsa and Loops. It was so exciting having you and your toys as part of your book tour. We can't wait for you to come for classes. Please, please can we do the Christmas mouse!!! Gina Marie

Kekumukula said...

Mahalo for the rec! I need some extra warmth here in SF. It's below 50 degrees. Should knit ones for my babies. My kinder has to be outside three times a day; the cold weather is brutal on her!

Kar said...

Too funny! Glad to hear your hubby is so willing to help you with you "projects" even when in a hurry. What a dear. :)

Thanks for sharing the info on the pattern for the snood. I'm surely going to have to get so that I can make on for myself. It's very pretty.

Have a great weekend!

Mary said...

I LOVE IT!! I'm getting ready to place my order. What would you think of the Snooty Snood in Spud & Chloe Outer?? And I'm thrilled that you are throwing the Pom Tree in on your giveaway. I REALLY hope I win now 'cause my Pom Poms are horrible. My poor elf's hat looks a little demented with such a sad Pom Pom on the top!

Mary said...

I LOVE IT!! I'm getting ready to place my order. What would you think of the Snooty Snood in Spud & Chloe Outer?? And I'm thrilled that you are throwing the Pom Tree in on your giveaway. I REALLY hope I win now 'cause my Pom Poms are horrible. My poor elf's hat looks a little demented with such a sad Pom Pom on the top!

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Okay, okay, I'll buy the Snooty Snood pattern! Seriously, though, it looks wonderful and I cannot wait to knit this up for myself. This pregnant mama could use a special treat . . . But it will have to wait. Christmas knits are to be completed first.

womanwithstixs said...

Hi Susan and Itty Bitty Fans,

Happy Holidays to everyone. I have been knitting myself silly for the Holidays.

Carla Haverland
Delray Beach, FL

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

Love it! Especially with all the cable-y goodness and squooshy alpaca yarn... I think I'm going to have to knit up this one all for me. And on size 13s, I should be able to fit it in amongst all my Christmas knitting :)

Joyce said...

Oh my - love this cowl. Another project. I have to stop looking at sites as with each one I want to do it. Thus more projects.

Love your goodies - so happy I got onto your blog.

I need to check out the Loops site.

Have a wonderful Christmas

Cathey said...

Way to go Gina! Now I want to make a snooty snood aspecially since Susan has one and it is Gina's pattern.

~yolanda said...

This looks like I great pattern. I was just looking at some cowl patterns so I'm so glad you posted this one. This will be great for my move to Connecticut. I didn't even know what a cowl was until a couple of months ago. What can I say. I was born and raised in sunny Florida!

thesewingroomandmore said...

snotty snood... I'm LOL!!! Love the snood!

bindi said...

I was totally sucked into this project by your fabulous review. I feel that if you put your stamp of approval on it so enthusiastically that I could never go wrong making this project. I ordered the pattern and the yarn in a deep wine. I'm sure I'll be wearing it right through Valentine's Day!! Thanks Susan!!

youcandoit said...

Love it! Thanks for the tip. Do you suppose you could use Spud and Chloe Outer for snootysnod?

Susan said...

Yes, I think Spud & Chloƫ Outer would work!

folksmith said...

live the snooty snood. too many creative designers out there and not enough time to make it all. loved reading your blog.

Bridget said...

Just bought the excited to try this out! Quick question..when it says "turn row" what does that mean?? Am I reading too much into that? Thanks..

Susan said...

Bridget, Oh good you'll love it.
If you have a question about this pattern contact the designer Gina Hill:)