Monday, November 30, 2009

What's New?

Hi Knitters,
Wasn't that a fast holiday weekend? It flew by and I was sad to see it end. We had lots and lots of good family time. There's never enough of that in my book. Hope you all had a peaceful weekend filled with loved ones and good, hearty eating.

The December issue of American Baby is out and look what's on the cover! The original Candy Cane Hat from Itty-Bitty Hats! A long time ago I sent a bunch of my hats to Parents Magazine for a cover shot. That never materialized but a couple of months ago I received an email telling me that a photo from the past photo shoot was selected for the cover of Parents' sister magazine, American Baby. What a thrill.
I was glad to see that on the inside page they told readers where to get the pattern for the hat. Maybe it will spur some new people on to take up knitting. I can dream. I've already received a couple of emails from people asking where they can buy the hat. Isn't that funny?

Thank you, Awilda, for sending me a copy of the magazine. I appreciate you very much!
Here is the original photo from Itty-Bitty Hats by baby photographer extraordinaire, Liz Banfield. It happens to be one of my favorite shots from the book. I love the over the shoulder glance and the expression of that adorable baby. The angle shows the sweetness in the shape of the Candy Cane Hat. Recently, the Itty-Bitty Knits group did this hat for their bi-monthly Itty Bitty Hats knitalong. For a good viewing of the hat, here is the Ravelry link for 235 posted projects of the Candy Cane Hat.

One more newsworthy development over the weekend is that Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood released episode 108 of her Craftsanity podcast where we chatted for about an hour about all kinds of knitting and other stuff. If you are interested in taking a listen here is the link for the podcast. You can listen right on your computer with a simple click or you can download the podcast to your ipod or whatever you use on Itunes.

This is my third time as a guest on her show and Jennifer has provided links to the previous shows. The first time I was on the show I designed a free pattern for a Santa hat ornament called, Santa Baby. It is a quick little knit and a great gift for the Christmas season.
Onto a bit of family news, eighteen years ago on Thanksgiving Day I had my first child, a wonderful son. The years have sped by and we have loved this baby into a beautiful young man. He is a quiet, loyal and humble soul. He may actually qualify for being the easiest child to raise in the history of child-raising. He is that good and easy.
Everyday, even on those early 5:30am swim team days, we give each other a hug and kiss before he leaves for school. I always wish him a good and safe day and tell him I will be here when he gets home. I love that moment in the day.

When he was born my mom came to the hospital to see our new baby. She laughed, in a good way, when she saw him because he looks exactly like my husband. She said that he looked like my husband wrapped up in a blankie. It's true. He is a dead ringer for my husband. I don't know why but there is something fun about that. I've always liked that fact.

He makes me proud. I can't wait to see what he'll do next. Happy birthday to my (big) little sweet pea.

I'll be back soon! What's new with all of you?
best, susie


Melanie said...

congrats on the cover susan!

this weekend i finished the cupcake mittens for my daughter to match the hat i had made her the week prior. maybe she'll be able to come with me to your meet + greet this weekend and model them. :)

Becky in MD said...

Happy Birthday to your son ~ I hope to maintain that sweet kind of relationship with my babies as they grow up. Congratulations, mama!

Meg said...

Our only child, a son who is 25 years old, sounds so much like your baby that it makes me smile.
Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing the lovely pictures!

Kar said...

Congrats on the mag. cover! So neat.

Happy B-day to your son. My son is also a "twin" to my husband. Just 23yrs. apart. Too funny!

Crossing my fingers to finish the sweater today and then move on to a quicker project. Maybe one of your hats!

dscheinholtz said...

I just listened to you on CraftSanity (a Podcast I enjoy regularly, but particularly with you!)
Happy Birthday to your son! Today my oldest, my daughter, turns 17 and this morning she got her driver's license. A rite of passage for my sweet oldest child and for me!

Amanda said...

Oh, that is so fantastic! Congratulations!

I just ordered the yarn to make the Christmas set from your new book... my brother's goal is to have all handmade Christmas decorations, so they'll be perfect.

Sandee said...

Oh, happy birthday to your young MAN! My youngest son was just 18 on Halloween. He was able to vote for the first time a few days later in some local and state elections. Kind of fun to have a baby on a holiday, isn't it?

Are you guys doing the college application madness too?

Oiyi said...

Awww...Happy Birthday to him!

Laura said...

What a beautiful tribute to your son. You are lucky to have each other.


Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Well, I finished the Christmas cards this evening, am busy knitting up Christmas gifts and suffering from a cold (not a fun thing for a pregnant woman-- no medicine to help ease the discomfort).

I saw that issue of American Baby and I thought the hat looked familiar. For some reason I couldn't place it, though. Very cool!

And congrats on 18 years of motherhood!

Kate said...

The cover hat looks so adorable! One of my favorite hats for sure.

Happy birthday to your son - I can't imagine what it will be like when my little guys turn 18!

Charles said...

Oh...this brought tears to my eyes. My "babies" are older, but I have such fond memories of those years when they were all home. The great part is that it just gets better! And grandbabies are the best...Once again, thanks for sharing. Kristin

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday to your eldest!

I just finished up a little Christmas Mouse from IBT. Check out my blog for pictures. He sure makes me smile. :-)

Now I'm working on a curly snake for MY eldest, who is 4 and very into snakes. It'll go in her stocking. ;-)


peaknits said...

Okay, I teared up a little bit, and I am envious of that special moment with your son - you are one incredible mom. An 18 year old though? I don't believe it!:)

Congrats on the magazine photos too - so sweet and totally deserved!

Kekumukula said...

Totally awesome about the mag. cover. What a handsome, young man. You have such great relationships with your kids. I hope to be as great of a mom to my two girls and have such a strong relationship with them when they are in the teen years.