Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sewing Green & Knitterly Gifts

Hi Knitters,
Yesterday I received a copy of Sewing Green from Betz White. I would have purchased this book anyway but Betz told me she would send me one. I couldn't wait to get a copy of my own. The book is wonderful and packed full of green information and projects. That's Betz's gorgeous niece on the cover which I am sure makes it even more special for Betz. The beautiful photography is by John Gruen.
The patterns are included and inserted into the back flap of the book. That is a wonderful inclusion. Sewing Green is a good and educational read on its own but the projects are truly fun and Betz at her best. She has a way of making practical items but shining them up with fun twists and turns. I love this new book from Betz and I think you will, too.
These sweet coasters would make any table come to life. The instructions are well-written and clear. The projects in total seem to encompass all skill levels, easy to a little more advanced. There is something for everyone basically. I am a new sewer and I feel like I could tackle any project in the book.
This is perhaps my favorite pair of projects, not hard to guess why. Baby hat + stuffed toy = the best projects ever! The adorable hat and stuffed dog are made out of recycled materials which is the point of the entire book. You can't get any cuter than that. Love it!
This bag (I really want to make this one!) is made out of place mats. Isn't it great?

Betz used to live in Madison before moving out to Maryland a couple of years ago. I got to know her when she was in town here and we still stay in touch. She is a constant source of inspiration and ideas and support. Her blog is fantastic and she has a new line of organic fabrics that she sells on her etsy shop. I have some of her new fabric and it is gorgeous and fun. She has a new pattern line to support the fabric as well. All of this is worth taking the time to check out. Her site is here and the site has links for all of these pieces including being able to order a signed copy of the book directly from Betz!

Congratulations, Betz! You are on a major roll and it sure is fun to watch.
Okay, I told you that last weekend while I was in Grand Rapids I had two sweet knitters give me a couple of knitterly gifts. These are the best kind in my eyes. Being a knitter means that no one ever (or rarely) knits for me. These gifts were a surprise and a treat.

First, I mentioned Linda and how she has made 40 Garden Mice from Itty-Bitty Nursery , my second book. I absolutely had to show you a closer look at the mouse she gave me. You are going to want to make one or two for yourself. Linda gives them as gifts and ties them to packages. She said people go crazy over her mice when they get one and I can see why.
The mouse is wearing red long johns! I mean....
....complete with a back-flap and tiny black beads for buttons. Have you ever? I swear I haven't seen a cuter version. The original mouse is made in Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton and the body is striped.
I guess Linda does all sorts of versions of the Garden Mice. She had one with her that was Halloween-style with orange and black stripes and a mask. I am completely impressed and I want to go back and make a bunch more mice just like Linda! It is so inspiring. Thank you for making my day, Linda, and for inspiring me.

The Ravelry link for the Garden Mice is here.
Hilary presented me with this soft, beautiful hat as a gift. Hilary, that is so thoughtful and sweet. I love the hat and I will probably have to fight for it around my house.
Hilary knitted the hat out of Spud & Chloë Sweater yarn and she added a big button. It's an awesome hat. Now, I don't know what pattern Hilary used or if she made it up herself so I can't help you there. Hilary, if you are reading this could you please leave the pattern information in the comments if there is anything you can share? I know people are going to ask. I knew the minute I touched the hat that it was Spud & Chloë Sweater yarn because it is squishy, warm and incredibly soft. It feels like heaven next to your skin. It would only take one skein (160 yards) to make a hat like this.

You can purchase Spud & Chloë Sweater yarn here, here and here.

There you have it for today. I hope you get to knit a lot this week, Knitters.
best, susie


Allyson said...

I love the cover of the book! I'm so glad you mentioned that she is Betz's niece! What a fun addition to the book. She has the perfect coloring for that beautiful green background. I would keep that book right on my coffee table!

Betz White said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks so much for your sweet book comments! Hope you enjoy making some things from it. :)
Your pal,

Katie B. said...

Hi, Susan! I just picked up a copy of Itty Bitty Toys from the library (to hold me over until Santa brings me my own copy). I need to make a Christmas gift for my cousin's 9-month-old. How will I decide which one to make? All of the toys are precious. Thanks so much!


The Blake's said...

Susan, I am eagerly awaiting my Itty-Bitty toys book in the mail... I just found out this weekend that my brother and his wife are having the first grand-daughter on my side of the family! I am SO ecstatic to knit up that precious baby doll in your new book for my niece!!!

Rachel said...

That mouse is the cutest little guy I've seen! The long underwear!!!!


Very warm lid topper too...the Collector looks very comfy in it!

Kar said...

Can't wait to see if I get the Itty Bitty Toys book on my list. The mice are too cute! And the flap on the long johns is just too much! :)

Thanks again for all your imaginative patterns.


Kate said...

I think Sewing Green is going to have to come home with me. I am also in love with Betz's stuffed toy and baby hat. Thanks for the great book review!

Oh yeah - and I'm going to be making a few mice, too...

jessica said...

I have made that hat! I found the pattern at the blog "I like Lemons" She called it the "button-tab hat pattern." It was the first non "itty bitty hat" pattern I tried. I am looking forward to your book signing and clas at The Wool Cabin in SLC. My husband seems to think that I need to thank you for my newest hobby (addiction.) I will forever be grateful to my local knitting/fiber store Mustard Seed Dreams for teaching me how to knit after seeing a couple of hats and your book in their windo display while walking by one day. Who knew....

Hilary said...

Jessica is correct, that's the pattern for the hat. I think I came across it on Ravelry... used way less than one skein of Spud and Chloe sweater. Might even be able to get two hats out of one skein.

Here is a link -


The Collector looks pretty warm and cozy! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan
You were the reason I took up knitting, I loved the hats in the book I received at Ar. Children's Hospital last year. I've been crocheting for a million years and have made many hats for the hospital. Love knitting and plan on making some of your toys and hats as soon as I get good enough to tackle one. Thanks for your great books I just love them.
I'll see you in Arkansas next month at the Children's Hospital for the Knitting for Noggins event. Can't wait to meet you.

leslie said...

Oh my... I just love the hat! With the button... just adorable. Would you know where the pattern can be found? Thank you!