Friday, October 30, 2009

Author Tour Dates through December!

Edited to add: Lakeside Fibers address is incorrect on the list below. I am having trouble getting into the copied text so here is the correct address (everything else is correct):
Lakeside Fibers
402 West Lakeside St.
Madison, WI

Hi Knitters,
Let me start today by sharing this generous review from my former book publicist, Jaime. Many of you met Jaime Harder Caldwell on my last book tour. She is a fun talent and she has started her own blog which is wonderful. Yesterday I saw the link about Jaime's post on twitter. I thought you might enjoy reading it, too. We had a lot of fun together and shared a ton of laughs along the way. I really miss working with her but I consider her a good friend so that will be forever.

On to the tour information, I am hitting the road with my trunk show for Itty-Bitty Toys! I have loads of stops all the way through March, 2010 but today I am just sharing the events through December, 2009. I will continue to update my schedule as the months go by. I have put up my schedule on the top of my blog sidebar so you can quickly see if I am coming to your city/town/yarn shop/bookstore.

Here is my schedule straight from Artisan Books, my publisher, through December 2009:
Susan B. AndersonDATE: November 5, 2009
TIME: 6:00 PM
VENUE: Lakeside Fibers
LOCATION: 402 West Madison Street MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Madison, Wi 53715
PHONE: 6082572999
DESCRIPTION: Shop's 10th anniversary celebration, 10% off sale on all shop items!! Author meet & greet, trunk show and book signing.
DATE: November 6, 2009
TIME: 7:00 PM
VENUE: Schuler Books and Music Inc
LOCATION: 2820 Towne Center Blvd MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Lansing, Mi 48912
PHONE: 5173167801
DESCRIPTION: Author chat, trunk show, Q & A and book signing.
DATE: November 7, 2009
TIME: 11:00 AM
VENUE: Schuler Books and Music Inc
LOCATION: 2660 28th Street SE MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Grand Rapids, Mi 49512
PHONE: 6169427330
DESCRIPTION: Author chat, Q & A, trunk show and book signing.
DATE: November 13, 2009
TIME: 4:00 PM
VENUE: Needlework Unlimited
LOCATION: 4420 Drew Ave South MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Minneapolis, MN 55410
PHONE: 6129252454
DESCRIPTION: Author meet & greet, trunk show and book signing.
DATE: November 14, 2009
TIME: 1:00 PM
VENUE: Shepherd's Choice
LOCATION: 2010 Second Avenue MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Anoka, MN 55303
PHONE: 7634347453
DESCRIPTION: Author meet & greet, trunk show, and book signing.
DATE: November 19, 2009
TIME: 2:00 PM
VENUE: The Wool Cabin
LOCATION: 2020 East 3300 South Suite 11 MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Salt Lake City, Ut 84109
PHONE: 8014661811
DESCRIPTION: Workshop, meet & greet, trunk show and book signing.
DATE: November 21, 2009
TIME: 1:00 PM
VENUE: The Sow's Ear
LOCATION: 125 South Main Street MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Verona, Wi 53593
PHONE: 6088482755
DESCRIPTION: Author meet & greet, trunk show and book signing.
DATE: December 3, 2009
TIME: 2:00 PM
VENUE: Arkansas Children's Hospital
LOCATION: 1 Children's Way MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Little Rock, Ar 72202
PHONE: 5013641811
DESCRIPTION: Speaker for Knitting for Noggins Knit-In, meet & greet, and book signing.
DATE: December 5, 2009
TIME: 2:00 PM
VENUE: Loops
LOCATION: 2042 Utica Square MAP
CITY/STATE/ZIP: Tulsa, Ok 74114
PHONE: 9187429276
DESCRIPTION: Author meet & greet, trunk show and book signing.

December 12, 2009
Stitcher's Crossing
Mineral Pt. Rd.
Madison, WI 53705
Author meet & greet, trunk show and book signing
Note: I am teaching one workshop in Salt Lake City at the Wool Cabin, November 19th. I know the spots are very limited so contact them right away if you are interested in joining me. I have designed a special project just for the class. It is a mini-reversible toy that encompasses just about every toy-knitting skill you'll ever need for successful toy-knitting. It's beyond cute and is only about 3-inches tall. I am pretty excited about this exclusive design for students only!

I will be teaching a couple more workshops with this same project at Loop in Philadelphia and The Woolie Ewe in Plano, Texas in March 2010. More information will follow soon.

Whew! How's that for a pre-holiday whirlwind? I am so excited about this tour!! Thank you to Artisan for sending me in person to all of these wonderful locations. If I find anything more specific out like tv appearances or other interviews I will let you know along the way.

I sure hope to see and meet as many of you as possible. I will drag my entire trunk show from the book with me (or as much as I can squeeze into my suitcase) to share with you. I limit my clothes so I can bring along the knitting! That's the knitterly thing to do, right? I love having all of the projects from the book to share. It makes the book come to life to see the finished projects. Plus, it is just fun to watch people enjoy the toys in person.
I am showing you the photos of the Giraffe, the cover model, from Itty-Bitty Toys. I took these before I sent him off for his official photo shoot.
I had no idea how many people collect giraffes until this book came out. There are a ton of giraffe collectors out there and I am hearing from lots of them. Love that!
I made my giraffe out of Cascade 220 Superwash wool.
The giraffe is the biggest toy in the book. To show you the size better, I took this photo. You can hold the giraffe toy just like a baby in your arms. The giraffe is a snuggler for sure!

Have a great Halloween weekend, Knitters. Again, I feel like I have so much to share and tell you and so little time.
best, susie
p.s. I passed on your sweet comments and emails about the sock bunny to The Collector. She has already stitched up another sock toy, an elephant. I will share with you soon.


Melanie said...

i'm putting you on my calendar - can't wait to see you at the sow's ear! :)

~yolanda said...

How exciting. Hopefully you will come to Texas soon! What do you do with all the toys once you knit them?

Carola said...

hola!!! una lastima no saber ingles pero esa jirafa esta maravillosa...te felicito por tu hermoso trabajo y te dejo muchos cariƱos desde Chile...

Jaime said...

Ooooo I'm already crossing my fingers that I can get to your workshop at Loop!

janelle said...

Oh, I'm sad... I'm from Utah but on the other end of the country right now. I would love to go to the workshop in SLC. Good luck with your book tour! Happy Halloween to you too!

Karen said...

Any dates planned in Northern Nevada? I have to tell you that I absolutely heart this book. I took it to my local yarn shop the other day and had 4 women snatch it right out of my hands.......... just want you to know we all ahhhhed at every sinle project. I am making the pig first. My daughter is obsessed with Olivia. Baby doll will be next... I am an advanced beginner, so am struggling a bit, but have lots of determination. You are so talented and thank you for sharing these talents with us. Blessings!

jill said...

Hi Susie - I think the wrong address is listed for Lakeside Fibers in Madison :>( on your travel list. Hope to see you there or at Stitcher's Crossing.

Susan said...

Thanks for the address correction for Lakeside Fibers:

402 W. Lakeside St.

Glad you are coming to Stitchers!

BeyondStiches said...

Susan, that is the cutest giraffe I've ever seen! I can't wait to make one!

Are you planning to be in Charlotte, NC at some point? Or a town near by? I would love to meet you!

Denise said...

Are you coming to TX any time? Would love to get a chance to see you.
The giraffe is my favorite animal in the zoo, I am amazed at them.
Tell the collector that her bunny is adorable, she is so talented :)

Chris said...

Yay! You're coming to Schuler Books in Grand Rapids on Nov. 7th; I'm so excited - I'll be there!

One note: we have more than one Schuler Books in town. Your blog says you'll be at the 28th St. location, but the Schuler website says you'll be at the Alpine Ave. location.

Sarah said...

Please, please come south to Georgia! You have some very fun fans down here! I am a new knitter, but love your hat book, and can't wait to get good enough to knit some toys.

Amybel said...

Oh you are so far away!

MyFairDaisy said...

I love all of your books! I just picked up a copy of your latest and am itching to knit up some of those reversible toys for my daughter. I hope your tour will bring you to the Boston area after the new year :)

Bridget said...

Susan I am so glad to hear that you will here in March! I have Itty-Bitty Hats and love it, and plan to buy Itty-Bitty Nursery and Itty-Bitty Toys before you come - maybe you could autograph them for me?

I just love your ideas and patterns - thanks for making them so understandable and clear.

oylenshpeegul said...

Through March? What about May? I was hoping you'd be coming to Maryland Sheep & Wool!

That giraffe is ossum! In fact, that's the reason I first heard of you. The One Million Giraffes group on Ravelry mentioned the cover of your book before it even came out!

Randi said...

You need to hit Dallas!

Inspired Tokens said...

I'm so excited that you are coming to Salt Lake City. I've made my reservation and can't wait for the class. It will finally be nice to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

The address for Lakeside Fiber is wrong?

Susan said...

Lakeside Fibers is on Lakeside St. same number!

I'll fix!


Anonymous said...

Schulers says on the 7th you will be at the Alpine location, your website says 28th ST. Just want to make sure I'm going to be in the right place!?

Anonymous said...

I wish you were coming to Colorado :(. Maybe next book. (Hint hint)

j-a said...

Just to add on to the general chorus of "Wish you were here" - don't forget us East Coast knitters (especially NYC)!!!

paws said...

I'm so sad! I'll miss your SLC visit by just a few weeks. :( So close!

Anonymous said...

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