Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knitting Up a Storm. Really.

Hi Knitters,
It may not seem like it from the looks of this blog lately but I assure you that I have been knitting up a storm. Here is a little proof of that. I finished up another big toy project in the middle of the night last night. It is cool and fun and literally cool, if you catch my drift. I couldn't sleep worth a darn last night so I used the time for good at least. I am hoping for better tonight.

You may or may not know this but I have been adding some new knitting videos to my YouTube account. Check it out here if you are interested. I have recently added videos showing the knit stitch, purl stitch and the long tail cast on with binding off coming soon. The funny thing about showing how I do these basic knitting skills is the response. I know that I do things a little differently because I taught myself to knit and I mean I was all by myself. I basically made stuff up.

When someone writes me a note saying that I knit just like they do I wonder if this could be true but it must be. That makes me feel good for some reason. Now, I've never seen anyone purl like me. Since I just posted this video today I am waiting to see if someone says they purl like me. I'll let you know or... maybe it's you? Purling twins.

Different subject. I love the color combinations shown in some glorious skeins of yarn at this spot. Incredible, right? Makes you want to dig in.

Good night, Knitters.
best, susie


Sarah said...

I can't wait to see what those little (feet?) things belong to from your photo! So cute!

And when I checked out your video, I realized two things:
1. You're a Northerner! I always imagined you with a Southern accent like me, but it clicked that you're in Wisconsin when I heard you talk--it was so fun to hear your voice! I love it!!
2. I purl just like you, but since I taught myself to knit using your first book, I guess that's why! It seems normal to me :)

I hope the kitchen is coming along well!

Anonymous said...

Just watched your Youtube video on how to make a pom pom! Thanks! Now I can finish my hat with some style and spunk!

janelle said...

We're purling twins!

CelticCastOn said...

great videos! Do you weave your ends for every project in like that?? I was taught to go through 2 bumps, upper and lower several times but yours is so much quicker!

Susan said...

HI Celtic Cast On,

I do for stripes. For side seams of a sweater or neckline I weave in the ends into the seams.


jill said...

I have really enjoyed watching your videos - am anxious for the bind off - I always end up with a long yucky looking stitch at the end of a bind off - any hints for that?

Anxious to see pictures of the finished remodel - we did a similar huge remodel like that about 10 years ago but our kids were already out of the house - cannot imagine this with 4 kids!!!!

Starfish said...

I purl very similar to you! I hold my working yarn a little different but it is the same motion. Cool!

Denise said...

My mom taught me how to knit and I don't do my purl like that at all(it seems similar to the continental way, which I've never done), I actually hold the yarn in my right hand and throw it anti-clockwise around the needle!
I love your youtube videos.

Jimberlys said...

Your are teasing me!!!! I love those feet. I am already counting the days until I can get your new book. I Just happened upon Itty Bitty Hats when I was dabbling with knitting. You, that book and your blog sucked me in hook line and sinker. Knitting is now my passion. I love doing toys and the feet of this one you just showed us are different than anything I have seen yet. I am excited! Thanks

Jedimommy said...

I thought I was the only one who held yarn like that when purling. I am a self-taught knitter also, so that must be why we do it that way. I've tried different ways of holding the working yarn while purling, but I've never been able to control my tension any other way. The videos are fantastic. Can't wait for your new book next month! Keep those patterns coming.

Jaime said...

Yep I purl exactly like you too. My mom showed me how to knit but I think later on I forgot how to do the stitch and used a book as a guide.
At my knitting group this week two of us were showing another some stitches and we saw that we purl really differently!! I wondered if her was more efficient since it didn't involve the stop and wrap the yarn.

sher and james said...

I know you already showed how to knit a circle but i could not figure it out. I was wondering if you could do a zoomed in view of just your fingers. The other was blocked. I am doing the turtles on your turtle hat. I am the same as you the only helps i have are online and for some reason i cannot get it. I understand if you are too busy.

Ertman-Trowbridge Family said...

Wow . . . You purl exactly like me, all the way down to how you hold the yarn. I have also never seen anyone purl this way, totally baffled my knitting group the first time they noticed my stitch.

But I also taught myself. I learned how to cast on (which I do VERY oddly) and do the garter stitch when I was four by my grandma. But then had to relearn even those basics several years later.

Thanks for the videos and I also can't wait to see what those feet are!

barb said...

I am on pins and needles waiting to see who those adorable feet belong to. I LOVE your little creatures. And your yarn, GORGEOUS!!!!

I do not purl like you do OR as fast as you. I am having trouble learning the Continental method. I have the knitting down, but, YIKES! am I slow at purling. One day, it will happen.

barb in MI

blogsue said...

Hello Susan,
Just refresh your mind, I'm the brazilian who sent to you a money inside a book. Do you remeber me?
I'm going for the first tim to NY next 18th October.
I'd like to spend some time visitng yarns store, do you have some suggestions or idea the best place?

Susan said...

Hi Blogsue,
Ooooh, have fun in NYC. There are so many fabulous yarn shops to see:

Knitty City
Annie & Co.
Seaport Yarn
Flying Fingers

Have a great and yarn-y trip!
Thanks for writing.

paws said...

Oo! I really hope it's a Boo Boo Bunny! I need one for my little girl.