Monday, August 31, 2009

S. Lk. Michigan Dr.

Hi Knitters,
I have to share the incredible house we stayed at for a few days last week. I was completely smitten with every inch of this home. I was going to apologize for having too many photos in this post but it would not be sincere. I am inspired when I look at the photos of our getaway location. So no apologies, just enjoy.
The name of the house is Eco House. The architect designed every aspect of the house with an ecologically sound influence and purpose, including the materials used and air flow for example. The red and white exterior represents the traditional Wisconsin barns that you often see when driving through the countryside.
The shape is fantastic.
In the early mornings when I was the only one awake I would sip on hot coffee, sit in this red chair and knit. I started reading the book, Coop by Michael Perry and I listened to Amy Grant read her entire book, Mosaic. Both authors are interesting and vibrant story tellers. Yes to both on my behalf.
There wasn't internet access or phone reception or many tv channels. The Collector brought her DVD set of the Brady Bunch series that the kids watched early in the morning. You can see Alice sprawled out on the Brady astroturf on the screen. That crazy Alice.

I loved every lamp, rug, wall color. Guess what? There was Filmy Green on the walls all over the house. That gave me a thrill.
The house was very open. It was loft-like but still with doors and walls. There were three of these windows that overlooked the main room. They weren't really closed off due to open space around the leaf etched glass. They swiveled open at by pushing either side of the window which the kids loved. It was something like Laugh In with all of the featured players replaced by my kids. They would open up the windows and sing or say something silly or ask a question. It made me laugh every time.
Sleepy boys.
The Collector in her signature pose with Mr. Brady in the background. Whenever I tell The Collector I am taking a picture this is the pose she strikes. It shows her zest for life that she feels this stance represents her mood so often.

Long and lonely beaches without another soul in sight were only steps from our front door.
Look familiar?
I have such a thing for trees and branches.  I couldn't resist these huge tall vases with barren branches stuck in. (The taller vase was only knocked over once:)
The textiles sprinkled throughout the house were exquisitely selected, every couch, pillow, comforter and rug.
There was wonderful texture everywhere your eyes would fall.
More yes.
A big huge yes! The Collector and I jumped up and down and clapped at the sight of this bathroom mirror. I want one, please.
Do you see the Laugh In windows? Under the stairway was my little reading and knitting nook.
We enjoyed eating together around a big table again. My 15-year-old cooked two meals completely on his own for us. As a younger boy he cooked all of the time and gathered quite a collection of cookbooks. He always said he wanted to be a chef when he grew up and I thought that it really might happen. In recent years he has been busy with sports and studies so he hasn't cooked very much. Suddenly he has been interested again. He made a deluxe taco bar one night that required lots of chopping and organizing and coordinating. He warmed the shells in the oven and served with a towel over them to keep the warmth. The other night he made chicken carbonara that featured sauteed red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and onions. Yum. The other kids helped out a little but he was the definitely the head chef. It was excellent. 5 stars from mom.
There were so many quiet, peaceful spots tucked about the house. It made you sigh and long for time.
I love the metal wall sculpture and the barn red highlights sprinkled throughout the house. Note to self: deep red and shades of green and khaki and gray and black and white = one good color mix.
The wall colors were all soothing. These closet doors slid open on the exposed black tracks above the doors. They were smooth as silk.
I enjoyed this comfy spot over looking the pathways in the front yard. In front of this chaise there is a fireplace. Could you imagine sitting here with a good book on a cold fall or winter day with a fire burning? Yes.
The counter tops were all concrete, which is the best. I love concrete inside and out of homes, anytime. This one is flecked with green bits. The kitchen counter tops are concrete as well.
The Collector still wears her adorned flip flops I made a couple of years ago. I can't believe they still fit. Here is how you make some fun loopy flip flops for your little girl. The rug is awesome, the best colors and shapes.
Perfect paths for running races were naturally cleared all around the house.
This book sat on the large bulky wood coffee table in the main room.
I skimmed through it and found the Eco House as a featured house. It was interesting reading about the Chicago based architect, Nathan Kipnis, and all of the thought and detail that went into his design.
The stair railing had these heavy wire strings that of course the kids (and my husband) plucked like guitar strings. They actually sounded like a bass guitar. Funny.
The pendent lights were green but the scrambled eggs my husband made were not.
Four seats, four kids.
The kitchen was spectacular with every appliance being top notch.
I have that same red tea pot at home. The stones on the wall were our favorite. In fact, we loved the pebble tile on the backsplash so much we are considering doing the same for our kitchen. I have a pebble tile sample in my hands right now. It was so full of earthiness and nature and interest and texture. Love it. I am still considering options for tile right now. This is a strong contender.
Door County, Wisconsin is full of beauty and rich natural settings and skinny country roads.
But the best part of Door County and staying at the Eco House for me was spending time with this lovable bunch. Who could ask for more than that? 

Thanks for looking at my photo album with me today.
best, susie


Sandra Sallin said...

What a fabulous house and gorgeous setting! Glad you had this kind of unique opportunity for fun and relaxation.

Sandee said...

I feel like I have just had a mini vacation looking at your photos. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

What a spectacular home!

Frauntene McLarney said...

Beautiful indeed! And I enjoyed seeing pics of all the kids! I am sure the older ones are not in one place long enough to snap pics at home!! the Bird Mirror....on my list now too!! that is a must have!!!

Toni said...

What a wonderful house and location. Glad you went and then shared your pictures with us.

sher and james said...

I love that house too!! I think that it is very inspiring. Thanks so much for all the pictures.

Stefanie said...

Fantastic! What a beautiful getaway and a wonderful place to stay in.

allison saunders said...

What a beautiful setting and family. Looks like a sweet get-away.

Sandy Peterson said...

Consider pebble tile products from Solistone, which are available at Home Depot

Aubra said...


Those are great pics. I have visited Door County in fall of 2001. I loved it. My mom, Aunt, and I visited a lot of towns, and went to eat a fancy dinner at the White Gull Inn. Mom's favorite place. My family is from Milwaukee and i was born in LaCrosse. I have very fond memories of it all.

paws said...

I want to go! Thanks for sharing with us.

Renee said...

Wow!! Wonderful! thank you for sharing. :)

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I have a strong desire to move into that house RIGHT NOW! (how did you ever leave?)

We used to go to Door County every summer when I was a little kid. We always stayed in this old-fashioned log cabin with a loft for the bedrooms and a fantastic long dining room table with half-timber benches. To this day, I want a table and bench set just like that for my house.

Lindy and Paul said...

Definitely NOT too many pics, thanks for sharing! I would love to stay there, too. Glad you had such great family time.

Jaime said...

Ah-Mazing house! Thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE it! Welcome home, sweet Susie! :)

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

This is fantastic!! I was riveted looking through all of these wonderful photos. What an amazing place, and yay for you getting to enjoy it!

BTW - We're doing our kitchen backsplash in that same design! I have been gathering beach stones for what seems like an eternity. When I finally get it all finished I'm doing the shower. :D

Thanks for sharing this, I felt like I had a mini vacation just reading this.

Carol said...

Truly a delight all the way! Do not ever hold back those photos. I loved each an every one and am so into all the colors and textures of nature. This house is truly a work of art. LOVE IT! Welcome home....

Anonymous said...


Zenitude said...

I loved this virtual visit of the house. I also want that bird mirror for my bathroom!

Chris said...

I can tell why you wanted to share so many photos - what a fantastic house! I loved looking at each of them. Door Co. is a great place - we went there on our honeymoon; stayed in Egg Harbor. I've always thought that was a great name for a town! Glad you had such a great time with your marvelous family.

B said...

What a beautiful house! Loved seeing how it was deocrated since we have 24 ft ceilings in two great rooms on the main floor.

Funny, my walls are green and kitchen is red. I have dark brown furniture mixed with pine trim and doors.

thanks for sharing.

Knitterella said...

WOW I want to stay there! Loved the post - thanks!

kgr-ranch said...

Congratulations to the Collector on a beautiful little pumpkin hat being donated to a wonderful cause!

And I found your vacation getaway stories and pictures truly relaxing and inspirational. A getaway with the kids to just get away - how amazing!

We share in your joy!

Merf said...

Great pictures! Looks like a beautiful place to stay.. glad you had a great time. You have a beautiful family!

Unknown said...

What an awesome house. We just arrived back in Paducah, KY last Saturday after a week at Sister Bay. We had a great time and Door County is so beautiful....FABULOUS Butter Pecan Custard at "Not Licked Yet" in
Fish Creek and a WONDERFUL yarn shop "Spin" in Sturgeon Bay. I wish I was eating Custard at Spin NOW!
Enjoy your vacation!

Vickie said...

What a gorgeous place to vacation. You did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the place with your clever framing of your photos. I was on vacation last week in a more-than-rustic cabin that was a walk back to 1950 - literally. Same lamps, same prints on the walls as when the place was built. It was cute and clean and worked great for a Minnesota fishing vacation but I'm now ready for a trip to Sturgeon Bay!

peaknits said...

Wow, wow, wow! I love every bit of this post - and your family sounds pretty awesome! I love that back splash and will be curious to see what you finally decide!

knitserland said...

Beautiful house! My husband and I grew up in Sturgeon Bay and have gone back several times for little get-aways but never with the kids. I need to look this place up when we get around to going with the entire family. It's so gorgeous in every detail. There can never be too many pictures!

KnittySue said...

Thanks for the tour...I lived in Sturgeon Bay in Door County for 3 years and it is so beautiful and peaceful, my youngest was born there and her dad and his family are all still there....glad you enjoyed yourself.

California Girl said...

What a warm house by the beach - close to nature, tranquil and very stylish! This thing reminds me a lot of a piano artist I admire so much, her home is pretty much similar to this and she claimed she owe her artistry to the kind of of place she has! Great post!

Alison Breath said...

I love the mirror - really artistic.

Kant said...

I can't wait to design one for myself.

Mayre Press said...

I'm acquainted with Nate Kipnis and a huge fan of his work. Thanks for lovingly describing your stay at this vacation retreat he designed.