Thursday, August 13, 2009

Filmy Green

Hi Knitters,
Picking a wall color is trying sometimes. I studied tons of paint color cards and went back and forth to the paint store several times to pick up sample paint to swatch on the wall. Many of the colors were just too light or too dark. The color I ended up with is called, Filmy Green by Sherwin-Williams (is that a national company?). It is a light-ish gray-green, heavier on the green with more of a hint of gray. It is a warm shade. Green is always good in my book. I love the tint of gray as we are getting gray countertops with chunky black and white specks. It isn't representing itself very well in my photo but when I walk into the painted room and see the color on the walls it makes me so happy. It is refreshing and soothing and beautiful. Perfection.

The hardwood floors are going in today. You can see the planks stacked on the floor. We are doing tons of work in our basement, too. That is going to be loud today. Then some finishing and sanding of the floors and refinishing of the floors in other sections of the house are taking place. Dusty, dusty. Plus we have to move our ramshackle excuse of a kitchen out of the living room. Where the "kitchen" will go? Who knows. Oy.

Okay, enough about that. On to another type of film, I went to see Julie & Julia and looooved it. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? That's a big yes from me. My husband and I snuck out a couple of nights ago to see the movie. My favorite scene in the entire movie goes something like this:

Julia (Meryl) and her goofy, adorable sister get all dolled up in a fancy way for a social evening. Before the evening starts they stand close to each other to gather one last look at themselves in the mirror. Julia and her sister smile and peer into the mirror. Julia says, "Pretty good. (pause) But not great!" The two sisters joyously burst out laughing as only sisters can do with each other. My husband and I quietly laughed so hard and well into the next scene at this honest, lovable, humorous self-evaluation. The. Best.

That's exactly how I feel when I look in the mirror most days:)

Have a good Thursday, sweet and kind Knitters.
best, susie
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Becky said...

I saw the movie as well; and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a good thing I ate before hand because all the talk about food, seeing the food would've made me hungry.

Kate said...

Your kitchen looks like its taking shape! I like the color you chose for the walls - sounds like it will be perfect with the tile and countertops. Love Sherwin Williams - we have one in the neighborhood and that's where I buy all my paint. Paint is fantastic, and we have a helpful friendly staff at our shop.

allison saunders said...

I love the color! I find green very soothing - the perfect color for kitchen walls where there is so much activity. It will be worth all of the disruption!

BeyondStiches said...

Your kitchen is going to look great! That's the same color I have in my kitchen. I also have bamboo shades in a darker green that goes so perfect with it.

Jessica said...

I saw the movie this weekend also!!!! I loved that part! Pretty good, but not true!

Sarah said...

I love the green! It looks similar to what was in my bedroom in my last house--it's very soothing! And that kitchen window is terrific!

I'm going to see J & J tonight with my two sister-like friends--I can't wait!!

Dianne MacDonald said...

And didn't you just love the story of Paul and Julia's relationship? So heartwarming.Great movie.

rockchalkfiebach said...

I love that color! Our master bedroom and dressing room are painted that color (and the ceiling in the dressing rm). My parents, my in-laws, and my sister-in law all saw the color and added it to their respective homes as well! Sometimes it can even take on a bluish tint. Very calming. We consider ourselves "paint snobs" and will only use Sherwin-Williams paint. We've never been disappointed! Enjoy your new kitchen...looks great so far! :)

rockchalkfiebach said...
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Kekumukula said...

We have that paint company here in SF also so it must be national. I'm a big fan of green and it's great the color you chose makes you happy as the kitchen is often the heart of the house.

Renee said...

We have Sherwin Williams here in Ontario, must be international.

Love the gray/green. I just painted my office almost the same colour from another paint company and love it.

Can't wait to see your reno all done. :)

Amy said...

I'm with you, Susan. I just saw Julie and Julia and loved it, too. I liked Meryl as Julia Child almost as much as I loved the real Julia.

Love the paint color. All the mess is worth the prize at the end...we've done three house renovations...I said "never again," but you never know :)


peaknits said...

I may have to see that too - most of my days sound like that too!