Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hi Knitters,
Today I am swirling around in the aftermath of a busy, busy friend and family-filled weekend. The laundry is out of control, the kitchen is beyond repair, the house is in disarray from lots of family and friends passing through all weekend. This is all a minor precursor to what the summers are like around here. With the kids getting older there is just more of everything, in and out, friends, cars, bikes on the lawn, wet towels from swimming, work schedules, eating, eating and more eating... 

Even with the craziness, it just gets better and better every year with these kids. They are funnier, more independent, busier and more interesting as time goes by. It is more work now than when they were babies for sure. You think when your kids are babies that things will get easier but let me warn you, there is no reprieve. It is simply different and often more worry-filled. Things aren't so simple any longer. I am on my toes!

On to knitting business, all 3 of the winners of the Spud and Chloe yarn and Sweet Pea Hat pattern have contacted me. The yarn and patterns will go out in the mail this week. Congratulations again and thanks to everyone who participated.
I finished up my hat for the first Hat Swap in the Itty-Bitty Knits group on Ravelry. This one has already been sent off to Canada where my swap partner lives.
I threw in the rest of the yarn and a little ornament string of candy in the package. All of the yarn was brand-new and wound just for this project so she could get a couple more striped hats out of the lot. I hope she enjoys it. I received my hat from Washington late last week. It is a wonderful version of the Rainbow Marley hat, quite different looking. I love it and will take a photo to share when I get a chance. My swap partner also sent me a knitted potholder to boot. It's so sweet. What a fun experience this has been.

I have already signed up to participate in the next hat swap. The group is using the Ribbons hat from Itty-Bitty Hats as the next pattern (the pattern for the Rainbow Marley hat is in this book, too). I can't wait to see the variety of hats people come up with. Please join in if you are interested, it's easy and fun. Here is the link!
I have to share one of The Collector's recent art pieces that she made at school in art class. This is so cool. She took a brown paper grocery sack and wrinkled it up until the paper became soft. Next she ironed the paper flat. She used crayons to color the picture and pressed really hard with the crayons while coloring. The color is so vibrant. She outlined her drawing with a black marker. I love the leathery looking background against the bright red cardinal and leaves. This one's a keeper.
The Collector also had a square of fleece and had used part of it to sew a little purse. She kept asking if we could make a bunting out of the leftovers for one of her baby dolls. In fact, for a couple of days she kept holding up her baby to me while she whispered, "Bunting. Bunting. Bunting." It was pretty funny and she was relentless. Eventually, I found a minute to help her cause.

I have learned to use my sewing machine over the last couple of weeks thanks to my sister. I will share my sewing accomplishments so far later in the week. I pulled out my pins and scissors and used the baby to measure the fabric. I whipped up the easiest baby bunting ever within a matter of minutes.
The results? Baby in a Bunting. That's what we're calling this design.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. I have to get this week going right now. It has to happen but I am dragging.
best, susie


Sarah said...

So much to comment on in this post!
1. I loved making the Ribbons hat; I might need to get in on this swap! Your Marley is super-cute.
2. Don't tell me that about kids growing up! Mine are so much work now, knowing they'll be more work later on makes me want to pull the covers over my head.
3. The baby bunting is adorable--I think Addie might need something like that!
4. I've already pre-ordered your new book and CAN'T WAIT for it to arrive!! So excited for you that your books are doing so well--yay!
5. What is it about Monday holidays? They mess up the entire week, but I love them anyway!!

That's it. (Book-length, I know). I hope you a good week!!

skeinsherway said...

Your great outlook on motherhood and your kids is so sweet! Your kids are blessed to have you!

So glad you had a great weekend, here's hoping the rest of your week is filled with joy and happiness, and maybe a little productivity thrown in there.

Happy knitting-

Anonymous said...

From the Marley hat to the cardinals and bunting, I love the creations you shared today! The hat is so inspiring... I have just finished my first baby sock (click on my name if you want to see it on my blog complete with baby attached!) and am working on my next one. I MUST make a Marley in those delicious colors!

Arlene said...

I love the Marley!! I'm waiting anxiously for the Spud and Cloe to come out so I can do one for my granddaughter!! You have so many cute to the max hats, but I gotta start with that one.

twistedinstitches said...

The bunting, the bunting! SOO darling. Little girls are too much fun. They grow up to be mommies some day, it's so precious to see them spreading their wings, isn't it?

Marley is just knarley. (that's means awesome now, or so MY kids tell me)

LOVE it!