Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Spring Chickens!

Hi Knitters,
From my chickens to your chickens, have a good and springy week! I am taking a break from it all next week for some good old family time. I guess that's called a vacation, right?
Let's talk on Monday, April 13th or there abouts.
best, susie


CT said...

hey Susan! have a great Vacation! happy Easter!

MaryLou said...

Enjoy your precious family time and happy Easter!

MaryLou said...

Susan, enjoy your precious family time and happy Easter! (The chicks look like they're ready for springtime too...)

Carol said...

Oh, I love these Spring Chickens and eggs. I am currently working on the knitted chickens. I'll have to get the pattern for these.

I found your post a while back while researching the pom pom maker. It has been so helpful and encouraging. You have inspired me back into an old love...Knitting!

I just moved up north after being in south Texas for 27 years. These long winters got me thinking about knitting again.

Have a wonderful relaxing time with your family!

Indiana Family of Four said...

I think it might be unhealthy that I miss your blog so much.. :)

Hope you are having a lovely time with your family!!

Happy Easter!


Charles said...

Oh, Susan. The dvd your family made for you choked me up! That is so special. Sounds like you had some well-deserved family time.

thea said...

Oh My goodness!!! These are so fabulous!! Listening to you on craftsanity right now :)