Monday, March 30, 2009

My Baby's Baby Doll

Hi Knitters,
Good Monday morning to you all. I have had some requests to see the Baby Slouch on a baby. Unfortunately, I don't have a real baby around to be my model. I wish. I do have a neighbor with a 6 month old baby and I'll see if I can get a quick photo with the hat on her at some point. In the meantime, The Collector has this very realistic newborn baby doll. I don't usually like it when people photo their hats on dolls but this one actually looked pretty cute so I thought I'd share.
I made my hat in the 0-6 month size and it it a generous hat on this teeny tiny newborn-sized head. It would easily fit for many months to come on a real baby. It's even cuter on a baby head than I had imagined.
The Collector is a baby lover extraordinaire. She simply loves babies and everything about babies. She has quite a collection of baby dolls. This one is particularly cute. The doll's name is Madison and she is looking pretty hip in the ol' slouch hat.
So there you go, there's the slouch hat on an "actual baby."
This is The Collector's fourth completed hat. She went to a knitting club on Saturday at the church by our house. I didn't know she was doing this but she took her other 3 hats and donated them to the group which then distributes hats and blankets to various charities and hospitals in the area. I thought that was so great, she just quietly took her work and gave it away. I only wish I had taken a few pictures of her first knitted baby hat ever before it was gone. Oh, well.

This hat was knit in the round on US size 8 sixteen inch circulars and then I did a quick 3-needle bind off across the top for her. She used the pom-tree to make the tassels. The yarn is Encore Colorspun and she thinks it looks like a sunset.

Okay, Knitters, let's all have a great week! I'll be back soon with a bunch of fun links to share with you.
best, susie


Inspired Tokens said...

I love the 'BabySlouch' and it looks so cute on 'The Collector's' doll! She did a fantastic job on the Encore hat and what a huge heart. To donate what she has done to such a worthy cause! Bravo for her! and...Bravo to you for raising such a beautiful person!

EditorMom said...

V. cute hat, and I can't believe that baby is a doll. You weren't kidding about it being "realistic-looking." !

Kate said...

What a sweet daughter you have - and what a great knitter she is too!

Love the baby slouch - now I know I definitely need that pattern!

Dianne said...

I loved baby dolls best of all when I was growing up---no Barbie's for me! That doll is so realistic! What a sweet and generous nature your girl has!

Chris said...

It must be so fun, and satisfying, to see your daughter loving knitting too. I have all boys and though they can be crafty, no one's interested in knitting with me around here! Love the colors of that hat.

Oiyi said...

That is so cute. The baby looks so real.

Sarah said...

I used your photos of the baby doll to April fool's my son--he completely fell for it :)

The baby slouch hat is so cute!

Knitterella said...

That Baby Slouch is so darn cute! I went right away to Revelry and put the pattern in my favs. I need to buy it and knit for sure! BUT I'm on strict rules to finish at least 3 of my numerous baby projects before casting on for another :) I really think this hat would be so cute for the photoshoot that I have scheduled once my baby arrives!