Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Few Good Knit Mags

Hi Knitters,
Have you seen this new-ish knit magazine? It is of special interest to me because it is a Madison-based production and it is quite impressive. Knit Circus is now in its 5th issue, which is the one pictured above. I love the cover, I'm assuming it is shot in Madison because where else do people eat and enjoy ice cream like that in the dead of winter? The sweater is called the Kate Cardigan and it is designed by Elizabeth Morrison. It's very cute.
Elizabeth also designed this vest. There is a good mix of patterns offered in Knitcircus, something for just about everyone, along with product reviews, book reviews and even a couple of recipes for ham sandwiches and blonde brownies. I think the recipes are kind of fun.
There are accessory patterns, too. These beautiful handwarmers are designed by Jaala Spiro, who is the publisher and editor in chief of Knitcircus. She also had a clever pattern in Knitty recently, take a look at Tatiana. Those are some pretty cool mitts.
These sweet Baby Janes are a cute baby gift.
There are lots of hat patterns. I like all of these patterns and I think I might make a couple of these sometime soon. The upper left hat has one big cable and is made in Malabrigo. This one is first on my list.

Knitcircus is a great small-sized magazine that is packed with loads of patterns and information. Plus it is fun to see all of the local advertising.
Vogue Knitting's latest cover simply takes my breath away. I think it is stunning. The bulky weight wrap is designed by Tanis Gray and the yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas bulky. What a perfect combination, pattern and yarn. Gorgeous. This one pattern makes the issue. I will make some form of the cover wrap.
Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine has a new issue out. It is a wonderful magazine, big and beautiful. The patterns are really good. There is a section on white with many household accessories included. I love seeing loads of white. It always looks fresh and clean.
There is a red, white and blue section that includes this little stripey dress. This is one of my favorite patterns in the magazine. The best part is the red piping around the edges. It is perfect Debbie Bliss and there is so much more.
Here are three good mags with lots to offer. I am happy there are magazines to have and to hold these days. It would be a sad day without print copies of knitting magazines, I think. It seems like I keep hearing about various magazines folding and it makes me worry. One of our local newspapers went out of daily print as of late and now our other daily paper has shrunk the size of the pages so they are skinnier. It feels and looks strange but it is clearly a sign of the times. 

Print media is so important to me and maybe to you, too.

Have a good Thursday, Knitters.
best, susie


Kristina said...

My, there's certainly a lot of beautiful stuff out there, isn't there? I've always said knitting is the one domestic art I've yet to master. Maybe someday.

Sweetfern Handmade

MaryLou said...

Love them all, especially the little Debbie Bliss baby dress. Thanks for sharing, ---MaryLou

Sarah Dedmon said...

When I was 10 my father told me that someday they wouldn't have books, and I was indignant! Since then I've been an AVID collector, (not of fancy books, just books I love). My husband's back can attest to the girth fo the collection, through oh-so-many moves.

I work in technology, and in so many technical ways my husband and I are early-adopters. But I will never be a Digital Reader, no kindles here until my sons can buy their own :).

Off to dream of a trip to Barnes and Noble...


Suzette said...

If Knit Circus is published in Madison, they are missing one of the best local designers. They must feature you in there sometime. Who should I write to?

Randy, Ally, and Wes said...

Ooh, I love those patterns from Knitcircus. Really cute. Is it exclusive to Madison, or does it sell around the country? I would like to pick up a copy . . .

Sarah said...

I bought the Debbie Bliss one for my mom a few weeks ago and am now knitting the pillow slipcover from it--but not in white. I'm afraid a white pillow cover in my house would end up beige!! It's a beautiful magazine, and you're right--that baby dress is adorable!!

Have a happy weekend!

Kristin Nicholas said...

We've got to support those mags, don't we? Hope you are well and thanks so much to linking to my blog this week! Good weekend Susan!

Kate said...

Thanks for introducing me to Knit Circus - I hadn't seen it here in the Twin Cities yet, so I think I'll have to order the latest issue on-line.

btw - had a laugh with your comment on eating (and enjoying) an ice cream cone in the dead of winter - we do that in St Paul too!

mrspelton said...

I got the Debbie Bliss,too, and am in LOVE with the lace-yoke sweater. I can't wait to have the time (and patience) to make myself a sweater (for once)!!

Kris said...

If you haven't already, check out the Verena Knitting magazine ( They have so many beautiful patterns I don't know where to start. I haven't knit any yet so I'm not sure how well they are written. They also shoot their models at some gorgeous locations so the photos are great. I just wish it came out more than 4 times a year!

Yvonne said...

I totally agree with you about Knit Circus, it's a great magazine, I subscribed to it from Issue 3 and have been very pleased with each copy and the speedy delivery to me in the UK.

Good customer service as well when I had queries about substituting yarnetc.

emy said...

Knitcircus sounds like an interesting mag!

Thank god for all the regular print mags we get!

emy said...

The baby dress is so cute!