Friday, February 27, 2009

Itty Bitty Podcast #3

Hi Knitters,
I am excited to say that I uploaded my third installment in the Itty Bitty Podcast. For this episode I bring you along as I open my Addi Turbo Click needle set for the first time.

The link for the podcast is here where you can listen on your computer or download to your ipod or what have you. It will pop up some time very soon on itunes under the title Itty Bitty Podcast. Episode #3 is about 25 minutes long.
You can hear me describe how incredibly simple this lovely set of needles is to set up for the very first time. I think I am in love with this system so far. I'll keep you posted as I start to knit with the needles.
Then I briefly talk about 3 new yarns I recently picked up and my plans for knitting with these luscious yarns. From left to right:
Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks #1689 Butter Blue
Rowan Colourscape Chunky by Kaffe Fassett #435 Ghost
Mountain Colors River Twist #021845 Firehole River

Everything in this podcast and post, needle set and yarn, was purchased at the beautiful Madison knit shop, Lakeside Fibers.
Now off on a brief tangent, my sons' swim team won the state swim title last weekend and it was so much fun to watch. This group of boys worked so hard to achieve their title, it was inspiring to see. At the beginning of the season they were thought to be the underdogs, not expecting to win at all. During the state meet they only won one individual event but still came up with enough points to win the meet due to the depth of their small group. 

I know this isn't a great shot but the swimmers were honored last night at the high school basketball game and I am proud of all of them. My son is the third bald-headed swimmer in the line, you have a pretty clear picture of his ear. Anyway, this is part of the reason it has been so busy around here but now the swim season is over. It was a thrill and an honor for our family to be a teeny-tiny part of this good-hearted group of boys. I think high school kids are incredible.
I'm going to leave you with this amazingly colorful shot that a Michigan blog reader sent me. Her name is Wendy Taylor. She recently went on a trip to Guatemala. She said this was the local version of a yarn shop. Muy Bien! Thanks for sharing this shot with us, Wendy, I feel like diving in.

Okay, off into the weekend, sweet Knitters. I hope you are well and that your needles are treating you with kindness.
best, susie


Kathleen said...

Susan, I couldn't agree with you more about high school kids. I direct the theater program at my kids' high school and I just LOVE those guys. In addition to that, my kids all play (and or played as now I have two in college) in sports in high school and I got the pleasure of hosting several team dinners in my home. I miss those friends of my older daughter (now a junior at USNA) that used to come over all the time, and now I have another daughter who is a freshman in high school, and I am so excited to be around her fun, giggly, sweet, sassy, talented and sporty friends. (Yes, she plays basketball, volleyball and lacrosse!)

Unknown said...

I was all excited when you said "Michigan knitter" and then was disappointed that the shot wasn't in MI. That does look like a lovely pile of fiber!

Laura said...

I'm posting to agree with you and Kathleen--and to add, good for you for praising your teenagers. I teach high school and far too often, you hear parents complain about their teenage kids. It's so refreshing to hear parents be positive. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Susan...I love having a bunch of teenage boys around. My son is doing his first swim champs in college as I write, and he played basketball and water polo as well. My daughter thinks it's pathetic, but we still go to the h.s. games once in a while! It goes by much too fast.

Margie said...

Hi Susan, great post, love the kniting, colours in Guatamala and the family inclusion too. I think if you show your children respect you will receive it too. hugs Margie.

Jersey Shore Deb said...

Hi Susan,
I'm able to subscribe to your Podcast via iTunes but it doesn't seem to be downloading properly. Is there something else I should be doing to get it properly on iTunes?
Deb (

Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh! Addi has a needle set??? I'm hyperventilating over here. Holy Cow. Thanks so much for posting this!!!